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Destiny 2 guide: Cayde-6 Io chest locations, Sept. 26 - Oct. 2

Fight through the Taken to find Cayde-6’s chests.

Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

Each week, Cayde-6 will sell you treasure maps for the Flashpoint location. From Sept. 26 - Oct. 2, Cayde-6’s chests are located on Io.

After the weekly reset, run down to the hanger and meet with Cayde-6. Each map will cost you 4,800 glimmer and will appear in your inventory after you purchase it. If you look at the planet in question, you’ll see several spade icons all over the area. Those are the chests.

It’s worth noting that you only want to get two or three chests at once. Getting all five in a row can result in no loot in the final two. Grab three, do something else and come back in about 10 minutes. Time to go exploring, Guardian.


Lost Oasis

Chest 1

“Gotta love the views on Io. I remember watching Jupiter gloat over the horizon, all big and stormy. I left a cache up there, and... fell asleep. Next thing I know, my Ghost’s reviving me at the base of the cliff. Guess I roll around in my sleep.” — Cayde-6

Drop into the Lost Oasis and turn right. Follow the road until you find yourself in a gulch, surrounded by rocks. Continue going forward until you reach a giant chasm in front of you. You should now be on top of the Cayde-6 icon. Look over the edge and jump down to a small lip. Claim your chest.

The Rupture

Chest 2

“Do me a favor and just look into that Pyramidion thing, would you? If the Vex are studying the best of humanity, you know they’ve got stuff on me in there.” — Cayde-6

Land by Asher in the Rupture. Make your way over to the Pyramidion and face the dungeon head on. Run along the left side, following the road. At the end, you’ll find a small alcove. Head into the alcove to find the chest.

Between Lost Oasis and Giant’s Scar

Chest 3

“The lead I got from Asher was some Psion was seen making off with this somewhere in the Echo Mesa. He mumbled something about it being on top of some Cabal checkpoint, before it — well — fell into a pit of Taken. And we all know how that turns out.” — Cayde-6

Drop back into Lost Oasis. Jump on your Sparrow and head toward Giant’s Scar by way of the big gate. After passing through the gate, continue along the path until you reach two small barricades on the left and right sides of the road. Jump off your Sparrow and hop onto the top of the left barricade. Grab the chest.

Excavation Site II

Chest 4

“You ever talk to Banshee much? He’s got this saying: Sometime the deeper you go, the less you’ll ever understand. The Cabal are kind of like that. Why they feel the need to drag my stuff into their damn Io base... beyond me.” — Cayde-6.

Land in Giant’s Scar and make your way forward, into Excavation Site II. Once you’re in the base, walk through the hall into the large room. Ignore the Taken enemies and run up the ramp. Once you reach the top, ignore the enemies yet again and take the second ramp. In this third room, look toward the back and find the window. Sitting next to the window will be Cayde-6’s fourth Io chest.

Terrabase Charon and Wraith Mines

Chest 5

“So word is one of the Cabal’s drill engineers found another one of my caches. I don’t know if I did such a good job sealing it or if those dumb rhino fingers are too fat to pry it open. Anyway, it’s been spotted in some hole near that drill site. I guess Ghaul called them back before they could get into it.” — Cayde-6.

For the final Io chest, land in Lost Oasis and roll north into the Terrabase Charon. Head forward and then jump off of your Sparrow. Jump to the l eft and enter the bunker with the green flag hanging above the door.

Follow the hallways down into the mine. Once you are in the Wraith Mines, look for the giant drill in the center of the room. Run past it and jump up to the scaffolding on the right. Turn around, facing the drill and jump over to more scaffolding in front of you. Jump off of the scaffolding onto the rocks on the right. Here you’ll find the fifth chest.

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