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Your ghost in Destiny 2 will help you find lore items

Let your Ghost lead the way

A Ghost in Destiny 2 scans an object
When you’re near a scannable object, it’s obvious
Bungie / Activision

In Destiny 2, lore is handled a bit differently than it was in its predecessor. Gone are the days of collecting grimoire cards that you’ll never read. Instead, the game leans on its penchant for hiding objects in the game’s world to help tell the story. Since most of these objects look like the game’s normal set dressing, it’s often hard to know what these objects are. Thankfully, you can use your Ghost to find them.

Throughout the game world — both combat areas and social hubs — are scannable objects for your Ghost. When you encounter one, a prompt that reads “Investigate” will come up on screen. Investigating objects will cause your Ghost to scan it and deliver a bit of lore or its own personal thoughts on what it found.

Destiny 2 player looking for an object
To find scannable objects, sometimes you have to really explore the landscape
Image: Bungie / Activision

Finding these objects is easier than it sounds if you know what to keep an eye out for.

When you’re in the vicinity of an object, a large Ghost icon will appear on the top right of the screen. If you call up your Ghost while this prompt is on screen, your Ghost will actually look toward the direction of the object. In addition, you’ll have a reticle that appears which will help you identify the object.

As long as you keep your Ghost out and follow its gaze, you’ll stumble upon the investigation object. You’ll know when you’re staring at the right object when your reticle shows a square in the center and the object glows.

In combat areas, scannable objects are easy enough to come by and are not really off the beaten path. In the social hubs, you’ll need to do a little investigating, often requiring some fancy footwork and well-timed jumps on scaffolding, rock faces and more.

It isn’t clear what scanning all these objects does outside of delivering the game’s lore, but it’s a good change of pace. The grimoire cards were a nice way to expand your understanding of the world in the first Destiny, but they required you to leave the game to read them. In Destiny 2, these scannable object will give you bite-sized chunks of lore as you explore the landscape on missions or as you wander around social hubs.