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How to get Sentry 4 in Destiny 2 for the Scouting Patrol

If you’ve spent enough time on the Farm, Destiny 2’s first social hub, you might’ve run across the fire pit located at the rear of the zone. Curiously, the fire pit informs you that it “Requires Sentry 4.” If you’ve been confused about what this means, we’ll explain how to get it and use it.


To get Sentry 4, you need to perform two simple actions.

First is making your way to the water wheel located near the soccer field on the Farm. From there, stand inside the water wheel so the spokes bring you to the top of the wheel. Once there, jump on the roof of the building connected to the water wheel.

Next, jump onto the top of the water wheel. Once on top, walk slowly across it. Keep doing this until you get Sentry Ranks x2 and a buff that reads Wheel Boost Completed.

Destiny 2 - running on top of water wheel
Keep moving until you get Sentry Ranks x2 and Wheel Boost Completed.

You’ll definitely know you’ve done it once you get a blue glow and a speed boost.

Next, walk across the wire that connects you to the building with the large geodesic dome. From there, safely jump onto the wires that lead to the barn. Move across it until you get the Sentry Ranks x4 and Vertigo completed buff.

Once you have both, head back to the fire pit, and you’ll get a prompt that reads Start Scouting Patrol.


Once you start the Scouting Patrol, you’ll start glowing blue and red and will get a considerable speed and jumping boost. You’ll also notice a large beam of light directly in front of you. Pass through it and the next one will appear.

Destiny 2 - Scouting Patrol Bungie/Activision

You’ve started the Scouting Patrol. It’s a timed run to collect all 10 beams of light. You can find them all at the following places:

  • On a crate next to the fire pit
  • On top of a cliff directly ahead of the first beacon
  • On top of the geodesic dome
  • At the other end of the building with the dome
  • On the building with the water wheel
  • On the bridge near the soccer field
  • Inside the barn
  • At the front of the landing zone
  • At the back of the landing zone
  • At the edge of the pier where the fire pit is

Keep in mind that you can actually die from fall damage, so be careful with your newfound speed. Once you complete the challenge, you get a buff called Scouting Commander, which is a bright blue aura.

Destiny 2 - Scouting Commander glowing blue
Look at me. I’m the Scouting Commander now.

This buff will let you race across the Farm with even more speed and jumping abilities. You can even pass on this buff by standing next to other players. This buff does not stick with you if you leave the Farm and come back, or if you somehow die at the Farm.