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Destiny 2: Scourge of the Past raid guide: The sewer maze, Servitor run and the secret chest

Out of the city square into the fryer

Bungie/Activision via Polygon

After your rooftop brawl in Destiny 2: Black Armory’s Scourge of the Past raid, you’ll be dropping into the remarkably clean sewers to really explore the Last City in all its splendor. The next two encounters aren’t boss fights as much as they’re obstacles. Nonetheless, they may give you a bit of trouble. And you’d probably be pretty sad if you missed the hidden chest.

We’re here to help you through all of that as you enter and then attempt to escape the Last City’s sewer system.

Making your way through the maze

Depending on where you finish the first fight, you’ll drop into the sewer maze in a different location. Your ghost should provide you some light — although there is an unfortunate bug that removes that — which you’ll definitely need to navigate down here. Due to the complex nature of the maze, it’s difficult to give you an exact step-by-step guide on how to get out.

Thankfully, an awesome redditor on the Destiny the Game subreddit made this map (thanks u/MrEezeh).

1 is Schnell, 2 is Billboards, 3 is Kremlin, 4 is Radio
Reddit user MrEezeh

One of the most recognizable landmarks in here is that craggy path on the number 4 route. It can be easy to miss that turn in the wall, but it’ll always take you right to where you want to go.

Make your exit through the wall (pictured below) and drop into the lower sewers. Things are about to get hot down here, so hop on your Sparrow and get everyone together in the tiny room at the end of the tunnel.

Bungie/Activision via Polygon

Escaping the flaming Servitor

Once everyone is in the room, the doors will lock. There are two doors in this room: the one you came in, and the one you’ll be driving out of in just a moment. There is also a grate on the back wall, with two consoles next to it. Walk up to the console — one player on each — and melee the holographic hands at the same time. This will activate the flaming Servitor in front of you, so get on your bikes and ride!

Jump on your Sparrow and ride out the door, taking the ramps and sliding through the rotating holes in the wall. The drive is long but fairly straightforward. Keep going until you reach the very end — keeping in mind that if your Sparrow gets damaged, you can hop off and quickly pull a new one out. (We advise using instant summon Sparrows here for this reason.)

Once you and an ally have reached the end, you’ll need to run up to two consoles — similar to the ones you punched earlier — and melee them again. If you do it in time, the Servitor will be locked behind the door, and you’ll be safe.

Climb up the pipes in the new pillar room and go out the hole in the right side. Stick left through the entire tunnel, and you’ll reach the final boss encounter.

The secret chest

If you want the chest from the flaming Servitor, you’ll need to be a bit more cunning and coordinated. There are eight checkpoints during the escape run. You and your team will need to hit all eight to elongate the run and earn a chest.

Check out this video from PostMaloy to find all eight checkpoints.

This chest can drop an Exotic Sparrow, so it’s definitely worth going for each time you run through this encounter.

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