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Destiny 2 Black Armory guide: How to quickly farm Forge weapons

Ada, forge, Ada, repeat


In Destiny 2’s new Black Armory content drop, you’ll probably find yourself grinding for that one perfect gun. Whether you’re looking for that Hammerhead with Surrounded and Rampage or a Kindled Orchid with the same roll, you’ll likely be looking for a fast, efficient way to do it. Well, after some testing we’ve found what we believe to be the best strategy out there — a route that should help you get your new rolls every 30 minutes or less. (If you’re confused what we mean when we say “random rolls” check out our in-depth guide on the subject.)

Here’s the best way to farm multiple weapon frames from Ada-1 each week.

Step 1: Buy your frame from Ada-1

If you’re looking to farm, chances are you’ve already complete the powerful version of the frame that Ada-1 offers. Those are more costly — requiring a Ballistics Log from Ada’s weekly bounties — and much longer. However, to reforge a weapon after the powerful drop, you’ll only need six Modulus Reports to pick up the frame. This will become important later, but if you’re low on Reports, do three Forges or some Ada bounties to get ready.

Choose the frame you want — Ada sells two a week — and get ready to start this magical grind.

Step 2: Prepare the frame

Each frame has a unique quest associated with it, usually asking you to do something with a specific type of weapon. For this guide, we’re going to use the Kindled Orchid Hand Cannon as our example frame.

When you pick up the Kindled Orchid, you’ll need to get 30 precision Hand Cannon kills. This is pretty easy to do almost anywhere, but efficiency is key. After those precision kills, you’ll need to kill powerful enemies and collect 20 Seeds from them. Finding orange and yellow bars just roaming the world is a little tough to do, so it’s best to have a specific location.

There are certain Lost Sectors — like the one in the Strand in the Dreaming City — which’ll give you almost all of these things within five minutes. But strategies like this leave you stuck farming Modulus Reports for hours to replenish your stock after only a few Hand Cannon runs.

So what can we do to kill three birds with one stone? Run the Forges.


Step 3: Run a Forge twice

This step is key for speed because it lets you ready your frame and prepare for your next batch of Hand Cannons all at once.

Pick whatever Forge you want — Cabal are easier headshot targets than Fallen, for example, so we typically run two Volundr Forges first — and jump in to get precision kills. Over the two waves and the boss wave, you should be able to get 30 headshots.

Once the Forge is done, collect your Modulus Reports and run it again. This time, you’ll be earning Seeds from every defeated orange and yellow bar — and there are plenty in the Forge.

After that second Forge, exit the activity and go back to Ada-1.

Step 4: Collect your Forge-ready frame

Stand up and get a drink or something while you load into the Tower. Then talk to Ada-1 to get your ready-to-forge weapon frame. From here, you’ll need to drop into whatever Forge location you’re farming — the Kindled Orchid requires the Gofannon Forge on Nessus, for example.

Step 5: Forge your weapon

Run the Forge like normal and complete your weapon.

Maybe you just get the god roll you’ve been searching your entire life for, or maybe you got trash and need to do this all over again.

Well, great news: Because since you’ve already run three Forges during this process, you’ve earned six Modulus Reports and are ready to start all over again.


Step 6: Repeat

Once you decide to go for another gun, take your six Modulus Reports to Ada-1 and buy another frame. Start over at Step 2 and go all over again!

Note: If — through bounties or absentmindedness — you find yourself with extra Modulus Frames, then you’ll want to switch up your strategy a little bit. Instead of running three Forges, jump into one of the Lost Sectors in the Dreaming City — the Strand one is very good for this — and complete your objectives there by running out to reset the Lost Sector and doing it again. While this method is faster, it’s only efficient if you have Modulus Reports to burn. Otherwise, you should follow the steps above to both farm and replenish as you go.

Good luck, and happy hunting on your god roll!

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