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Destiny 2 guide: Faction Rallies 2.0 beginners guide

How not to waste your time in Destiny 2’s recently updated mode

June 2018 Faction Rallies weapons - Destiny 2 Bungie/Activision
Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

Faction Rallies is back in Destiny 2 after an extended hiatus, and this time it’s offering some rewards that players actually want. With these new pursuits comes added difficulty. If you want the exotic catalyst for your favorite gun, you’ll need to farm for it the way Bungie intended; no Lost Sector cheesing this time.

After playing Faction Rallies 2.0 for a bit, we’ve collected a few tips to make your first few hours even more successful than our own.

Don’t ever fast travel with Renown

Like all Destiny 2 events, each day will come with a new daily quest to boost your gains. While you should absolutely do these quests every day, you need to be careful how you do them.

If the daily quest asks you to loot a Lost Sector in the EDZ, you need to have acquired that Renown in the EDZ. If you ever fast travel with Renown — even to different drop zones on the same planet — you’ll lose every stack you have.

Plan out the Lost Sectors you need to visit in advance so you don’t lose all your Renown like we did.

Wear your faction armor

If you’ve participated in any Faction Rallies before, you probably have close to a full set of armor for your chosen faction. Make sure to put it on in its entirety before heading out to hunt. When wearing all the pieces of a given set, your Renown gains will greatly increase, letting you get tokens even faster.

With the buff to Renown that the full set of armor gives you, you can max out your Renown with a single heroic public event and a patrol.

If you don’t have your faction’s armor yet, don’t sweat. Each engram you get from your faction will have a chance to give you an armor piece. Once you’ve assembled a full set, farming will get even easier.

Move slowly

Once you’ve started gaining Renown, you’re going to be much easier to kill. You’ll also do less damage and your health won’t regenerate. Your goal is to move from your Renown stacking activities into a Lost Sector so you can beat the boss and loot the chest.

If you die from any source along the way, you’ll lose some Renown. You’ll either need to farm more to replace the lost Renown or get fewer tokens out of the next Lost Sector chest you open. Some of the Lost Sectors can be tough without regeneration and with the increased damage coming in.

Take each Lost Sector seriously and move slowly through them, careful to clear out enemies before pushing forward. Use your Super and heavy weapons on the boss to take them down quickly. But killing the boss will not turn in your Renown. You have to grab the chest first. Once the boss is down, be very careful not to die on your way to the chest.

Use health regenerating items

One great way to mitigate the health regeneration problem is with abilities and weapons that do it for you. Crimson is a perfect weapon to wield this week, as every kill will return some health to you. While not quite as reliable, Suros Regime is also pretty handy for similar reasons.

If you’re a Warlock, make sure you turn on Healing Rift to use whenever you can. Hunters should use Nightstalker invisibility to sneak around the battlefield and pick up the health orbs that enemies will start dropping once you have Renown. Titans should use exotic armor pieces that give them overshields or the Crest of Alpha Lupi for its healing properties.

In the spirit of staying alive, it’s worth remembering that Supers give you defensive benefits. It may be worth wasting your Super if it’ll keep you alive.

Accept the Destiny jank

If you’ve played Destiny or Destiny 2, you’ve been killed by The Architects — Bungie’s fun way to describe a physics bug that resulted in your death. Normally, this is a pretty easy to deal with annoyance. But when you have Renown on the line, it’s easy to get frustrated.

There will come a time where The Architects will kill you, and you will absolutely lose Renown for it. It’s OK. Just turn in the Renown you have — each stack only counts for two tokens. Pick yourself back up and keep farming.