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Destiny 2 Prestige Raid Lair guide, July 17-23

Pulse Rifles, SMGs, and Grenade Launchers


The new prestige system for the Destiny 2 raid lairs challenges players in brand new way. Instead of adding new mechanics to each fight, players will need to adjust their loadout in very specific, unique ways. But the rewards are great: an exclusive 400 power raid weapon.

Each week, our guides will take you through the prestige affixes and loadout requirements. We’ll also offer suggestions on weapons you may want to take with you into battle.

The loadout

Kinetic: Pulse Rifle

The pulse rifle is going to give you a solid medium to long range in almost any fight. It’s the perfect midpoint between an auto rifle and a scout rifle. However, most pulse rifles aren’t exactly known for their boss damage. This is where this gets challenging. In most encounters, you can move flexibly between short and long range fights, but you probably want to rely more on your abilities and power ammo for boss damage.

We recommend: Nightshade, Timeworn Spire, or Machina Dei 4

Energy: Submachine gun

SMGs are perfect for clearing big waves of adds, especially when they have shields. Thankfully, both raid lairs offer ample opportunity to do this. However, all SMGs have very limited range, making them essentially useless against anything you want to stay the hell away from — like the bosses you’re trying to fight. Stay close and pair an SMG with some kind of melee or health regeneration focused armor and you can’t go wrong here.

We recommend: Ikelos_SMG_V1.01, Stochastic Variable, or Hero’s Burden

Power: Grenade Launcher

Grenade launchers have fairly flexible range. Sure they can launch at close range, but you can also arc them high in the sky when facing a distant target. While this makes them great for boss damage in theory, the launchers don’t really do exceptional damage in single target scenarios. However, there are a few options here that could make this weapon choice viable.

We recommend: The Prospector. If you don’t have this exotic yet, consider Wicked Sister or Play of the Game.

The affix


This week’s affix is the brand new and very bizarre Arsenal. Weapons don’t have reserve ammo when Arsenal is active. Instead, emptying one weapon will completely fill the magazine of the next. Kinetic fills energy, energy fills power, and power restarts the cycle. This forces you to rotate equally between each of your weapons.

Depending on the week’s loadout, that could be great. But most weeks it’ll be more of a pain than anything. The goal should be to switch through as much as possible. If you’re stuck on your kinetic and boss damage is coming up, try shooting at nothing until you rotate back to your power ammo.

This week’s strategy

Argos, Eater of Worlds

Luckily, the Arsenal affix and our current loadout doesn’t really change much about Argos. When done correctly, a good portion of his HP should be dealt with the Vex Craniums left over. The rest can be tackled with well timed Golden Guns, Titan hammer, and Nova Bombs. Supers are king here, as are damage over time grenades. If you get the chance to use your power ammo, that’s great too. But depending on your team’s power level, it may not be needed at all.

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