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Destiny 2 Prestige Raid Lair guide, July 24-30

SMGs, auto rifles and rocket launchers


The new prestige system for the Destiny 2 raid lairs challenges players in brand new way. Instead of adding new mechanics to each fight, players will need to adjust their loadout in very specific, unique ways. But the rewards are great: an exclusive 400 power raid weapon.

Each week, our guides will take you through the prestige affixes and loadout requirements. We’ll also offer suggestions on weapons you may want to take with you into battle.

The loadout

Kinetic: Submachine gun

The submachine gun isn’t going to give you very much range, unfortunately. However, there are quite a few good submachine guns out there for your kinetic slot. Most of this guns will rip through enemies up close, which will be pretty useful for add clear in either of the final boss fights. Just don’t expect to ever hit the boss with your SMG.

We recommend: Huckleberry Exotic, Antiope-D, or The Conqueror 2

Energy: Auto rifle

Like your SMG, your auto rifle won’t give you much range. But you should do fine from most of the engagement distances in the raid lair. Auto rifles used to be all the rage in Destiny 2 raids, and they’re still pretty good in most fights. While you should hopefully be a bit more focused on your power weapon for boss damage, the auto rifle will make for a good backup in most situations.

We recommend: Kibou AR3, Uriel’s Gift, The Number, or Hallow Earth

Power: Rocket launcher

The rocket launcher is going to be your go-to weapon for boss and causing major damage. Rockets are pretty straightforward and common for any of these encounters, so not much will change with this loadout option.

We recommend - Eater of Worlds: The Wardcliff Coil Exotic, Sins of the Past, or Curtain Call

The affix


This week’s affix should help you get a bit more damage onto the boss. Gladiator has multiple uses, but it’s fairly simple to understand. Melee kills buff your weapon damage, and weapon kills buff your melee damage.

If you want to really hit hard with either your punches or your weapons, you’ll need to be jumping between punch and shoot for the entire fight. This means it may actually be worth it to turn around and punch an add before you turn your attention to the boss.

This week’s strategy

Argos, Eater of Worlds

There is almost nothing different about this fight with this loadout and affix, and taking down the boss should be relatively easy and achievable for most teams this week. Because of Gladiator, you may want to drop your skull and punch a Goblin to death before it’s boss time. This should help ensure that you get maximum damage.

If you need help with Argos, check out our guide.

Val Ca’uor, Spire of Stars

Val Ca’uor is the more difficult of the two fights, but it should still be much easier than last week. The major difficulty here is going to be the add clear. If you want to take down the enemies in a reasonable time, you’ll need to get up close and personal with them. However, damaging Ca’uor should be very easy. When it comes time to run into the safe room, punch a Cabal to get the buff and then use a rally barricade or a Lunafaction rift to lay into the boss. Then simply repeat the fight as you normally would.

If you need help with Val Ca’uor, check out our guide.

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