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Destiny 2: Black Armory guide: The Draw quest and The Last Word hand cannon

Here’s how to get one of Destiny’s most famous guns: The Last Word

Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

The Draw is a lengthy quest in Destiny 2: Black Armory. However, the reward is worth all the hassle, as players will earn the famous The Last Word hand cannon for themselves when they finish it.

For players who never tried out the first Destiny, The Last Word is a short-to-medium range hand cannon with automatic fire. Best shot from the hip, this was a fan favorite gun in Destiny’s Crucible, and has finally made it into Destiny 2.

Due to its Crucible focus, The Last Word quest does require a bit of PvP to earn, but it should be doable, even below-average players. That said, the grind will take significantly longer the worse you perform.

Here’s everything you need to know to earn The Last Word hand cannon for yourself.

1. Tainted Artifact

To start The Last Word quest, you’ll need to go talk to The Drifter. He’ll give you a Hive artifact that needs some cleansing. Naturally, you’ll have to kill some Hive to get started.

2. The Cleansing

The Cleansing artifact for The Drifter — the first step toward The Last Word

To cleanse the artifact, you’ll need items dropped from Hive, solar kills against Hive, and to kill three Hive bosses. The easiest way to do this is to go to Mars and start playing some Escalation Protocol. Equip a solar subclass, a solar energy weapon, and a solar heavy. Play the mode until you complete the quest. As long as you’re killing quickly and finishing rounds to get those boss kills, it shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes.

3. A Cleansed Artifact

The Drifter wants to check up on his investment. Head back to him to get the next leg of the quest.

4. The Temptation

This section of Crucible play should be fairly achievable for most players. All you’ll need to do is get more kills than you do deaths. Kills and assists grant one percent, with kills subtracting one percent. Streaks seem to increase percentage as well.

Keep fighting and play safe. Use a pulse rifle and stay back instead of rushing in with a shotgun.

Alternatively, play Mayhem (if it’s active) and unload supers whenever possible. Blade Barrage hunters will have an especially successful time here.

5. The Damnation

After you get your Crucible kills, head over to Titan to take on some serious Hive enemies.

Your mission will take you into the Cargo Bay 3 Lost Sector to take out a special Hive Acolyte. This mission is pretty standard. The boss will have a shield until all their Guardian Wizards are taken care of. Kill the Wizards, attack the boss, repeat when their shield comes back up.

Once the room has been cleared, you’ll need to head back to The Drifter.

It sounds like this step will take you to Titan to complete a mission there for the Drifter.

6. A New Jagged Purpose

Take the helmet — pierced by the mysterious bullet — back to The Drifter. Have a chat with him, and he’ll send you on a much longer quest than the last few.

7. Sullied Light

The Hive weapon master is creating new Weapons of Sorrow. You need to stop it. Gather powerful objects to sully your Light and complete the ritual.

  • Collect Etched Crystals from Lost Sector wanted escapees.
  • Earn multiple “Best served cold” and “Blood for blood” medals in the crucible.
  • Defeat Hive with precision damage to collect larvae.
  • Sacrifice Hive bosses summoned in witches’ rituals.

This is where things get a bit tougher for players who don’t love to PvP in Destiny 2. You’ll need to earn several medals in PvP multiple times: Blood for Blood and Best Served Cold.

You’ll earn Blood for Blood when you avenge an ally by killing an enemy that just killed your buddy. You’ll earn Best Served Cold from killing someone who recently killed you. You’ll need to earn 25 medals total.

To get this done, jump into team modes in Crucible and play with these goals in mind. While you could be a jerk and let your allies die to earn Blood for Blood, we recommend just playing to win each time. You’ll eventually get it.

If you don’t want to think too hard and Mayhem is active, you’ll nab a bunch of these medals just by raining down supers on your foes.

There are also PvE elements to this step. You’ll need to venture into Lost Sectors and kill some Hive bosses. You’ll also need to kill Hive with headshots, so go to Titan or Mars, as well as the Hive areas of the Tangled Shore or Dreaming City. You can kill two birds with one stone by running the Core Terminus Lost Sector on Mars or Cargo Bay 3 on Titan.

We found Cargo Bay 3 to be by far the fastest, but both will work nicely.

Completing the “Summoning Ritual” event is also required. Jump into these Public Events whenever they show up, and be sure to check on them regularly. They’re rare and only appear on Titan and Mars. We recommend doing all the other stuff here and checking to see if a Summoning Ritual is coming up between every activity or Crucible match.

8. Sorrow’s Road

When you finally finish that last step, you’ll need to head back to The Drifter. He’ll send you to hunt down Enkaar in one final quest.

Dueling Enkaar

9. The Conversation

Make your way to the mission start in the Tangled Shore. Once it starts, stay back, as the Suppressed Light perk is on and you’ll only be able to regain health by picking up wells from defeated enemies.

Defeat the wave of enemies until a big Ogre appears. Kill it, and quickly carry the worm to the blocked door — if you take too long, it’ll explode. Walk into the big room with the crystal, and kill all three of the Wizards. If you have Jotunn, it does some serious work on their shields and blinds them. Destroy the crystal when they’re all dead.

Jump down the hole and stand on the plate. Wait for it to charge up until you see the prompt “Draw!” Grab The Last Word with “Draw!” and wait for Enkaar to lift its weapon. Use The Last Word to shoot the gun out of the Hive’s hand. It’ll teleport away. Make your way to forward.

You’ll need to clear all the enemies before the next plate will activate. When you start preparing to draw again, two copies of Enkaar will appear. Watch the order they spawn in. Use “Draw!” and watch for Enkaar like last time. They’ll ready their aim in the order they appeared. Shoot the gun out of both hands quickly, or you’ll have to start over from the beginning.

Move up to the third plate just like last time and clear enemies as you go. This time, three will spawn. Shoot them in the order they appear like last time, and you’ll defeat Enkaar and claim The Last Word for yourself.

10. A Darker Path

Go show off The Last Word to The Drifter, and he’ll reprimand you playfully. He’ll also pass along some lore for the weapon you just earned.

Congratulations Guardian. Now go slay some Guardians with your new toy.

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