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Destiny 2: Black Armory Scourge of the Past raid challenge guide: All for One, One for All

An easy but deeply obnoxious challenge


Activating Insurrection Prime and clearing the vault encounter in Destiny 2: Black Armory’s Scourge of the Past raid is easy enough on its own. Fortunately, the challenge from Hawthorne doesn’t add much difficulty to the experience. What it does add, however, is time. Get ready for the long haul with this challenge, because it’s going to take you all three cycles to finish it.


Your goal in the All for One, One for All challenge is simple: Each player must dunk one of each symbol during the fight. If you know how this encounter works, this might sound really annoying. Well, it is! Thankfully, it’s also really easy.

The first thing you need to do is set up an order. Break your team into two groups of three. We did this by having the three raiders that usually stay up top go down bottom first — that way if they messed things up, it was easy to restart and give them more experience.

Once you break up the teams, just do the fight like you normally would.

Execute like normal

Have the first team of three go down into the hole and grab a buff. Once all three players have a buff, call for the aboveground team to kill the Servitor and unleash the buff holders. The buff holders will dunk in their respective receptacles — circle top, square left, triangle right — and then go back down to grab another buff. Repeat this process until you spawn a tank.

It’s crucial that each member remembers which buff they have and haven’t gotten. If anyone forgets, you need to help them remember or you’ll fail the challenge. Failure with this one is steep, since you won’t know you lost until the fight is over. A second try means an entire run through the raid again.

It’s also important that you don’t kill the boss too quickly. You’ll need the boss to be above half health after the first wave.

Once your first team has shot the boss with tanks, they’ll enter the underground one more time. This time, they should be grabbing the only symbol they haven’t gotten yet. If anyone ends up going back to the same location, someone has done something wrong. Get the third symbol, and dunk it to charge the tanks halfway.

Now that team one has dunked each symbol at least once, it’s time for the swap. The first group will now be staying up top, and the bottom group — hopefully your grizzled, underground veterans — will start going for symbols.

Repeat this same process until each player dunks all three symbols and three tanks have spawned. Kill the boss to finish the challenge and claim your reward.

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