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Destiny 2: Saint-14 quest guide - Where to find Vex Transformers (An Impossible Task)

Reacquire the Perfect Paradox shotgun, start an adventure into the Infinite Forest

Saint-14 running in Destiny 2: Season of Dawn Image: Bungie
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Destiny 2: Season of Dawn is all about saving the legendary Titan, Saint-14. Saint got lost in time, and we’ll need to use Osiris’ Sundial to save the hero. The quest is long and occasionally pretty complicated. But it’s worth the effort for a new version of the amazing Perfect Paradox shotgun. And saving Saint-14 should be pretty cool too.

Here’s how to complete the first part of the quest to save Saint-14.

Recovering the past

When you first start the Season of Dawn questline, link up the Tangled Shore Obelisk, play the Sundial, and speak to Osiris to earn your Lantern of Osiris Artifact for the season.

Eventually, Osiris will offer you three new quests, and one of them will lead to the rescue of Saint-14. Grab the Recovering the Past quest from Osiris.

Defeat bosses to earn Energy Patterns

For this section of the quest, you need to kill three bosses anywhere in the system. Since one of the other quests from Osiris takes you to Mars to restart that Obelisk, we recommend you clear out three Mars Lost Sector bosses to gather the Energy Patterns you need.

When you’re done, go back and speak to Osiris.

Vex data collection

For this next section, you’ll need a shotgun you like and a subclass with a repeatable melee ability — middle tree Sunbreaker for Titans, bottom tree Gunslinger for Hunters, and bottom tree Stormcaller for Warlocks (with the Claws of Ahamkara Exotic if possible, since this subclass only increases melee recovery speed).

Continue completing Osiris’ other quests while you get 100 shotgun kills and 25 melee ability kills. You can also just go to somewhere populated like the EDZ to complete this step quickly. If you’re running out of special ammo, we recommend using the Special Finisher class item mod to generate ammo after your finisher moves.

Finishing touches

Perfect Paradox shotgun Destiny 2
The Perfect Paradox you get from Osiris
Image: Bungie via Polygon

When you’re done with the shotgun and melee kills, you need to run the Pyramidion Strike on Io. This isn’t a special version of the Strike, and you’ll just need to launch the node from the Io menu.

You also need to earn five Weapon Enhancers. You’ll get one of these each time you complete a Crucible or Gambit match, or when you finish a Strike. Choose whichever activity you like best and play until you have all five Weapon Enhancers.

Return to Osiris and he’ll give you a new version of the beloved Perfect Paradox shotgun. He will also hand you a white Perfect Paradox that you can’t equip or see in your inventory called Saint-14’s Perfect Paradox. Ignore this for now, you’ll need to use it later.

An Impossible Task

Once you have Perfect Paradox, Osiris will send you on a big hunt through the system to take on some Vex and find Vex Transformers.

Gather Vex Parts

To repair the Sundial and find Saint, Osiris needs you to find 15 Vex Transformers — five on Mercury, Nessus, and Io.

Since you’re already here, start on Mercury. Go to Nessus next, and Io after that.

Mercury 1

Go behind Mercury’s Lighthouse and look up to find the Vex Transformer. Shoot it.

Mercury 2

Stand on the far left of Mercury’s map and look to the tower. Pull out a sniper rifle to see the Vex Transformer. Shoot it.

Mercury 3

On the far left of Mercury’s map, turn right to cross the small lake of Radiolarian Fluid, and look for a hidden passage behind the wall. Find the Vex Transformer. Shoot it.

Mercury 4

Near the entrance of the Infinite Forest, to the north of the map, pull out a sniper rifle and aim at the top of the giant doorway. You’ll see the Vex Transformer. Shoot it.

Mercury 5

On the far right of Mercury’s map, to the northeast, drop off the ground and onto a small lip. Look right and you’ll see the Vex Transformer poking out from behind the wall. Shoot it.

Nessus 1

Travel to the Exodus Black, and go into the tunnel of the Chamber of Sky. Look up and you’ll see the Vex Transformer. Shoot it.

Nessus 2

Go to the Glade of Echoes. Make your way to the center of the map. Look to your right for a debris pile and a metal walkway. Walk under them and look left for the Vex Transformer. Shoot it.

Nessus 3

In the Hallows, look for a small nook in the north walls. You’ll see the Vex Transformer. Shoot it.

Nessus 4

Travel to Artifact’s Edge, but don’t jump off the tower. Turn around and look at the giant stone blocks with the red vines on them. Equip a sniper rifle and zoom in to see the Vex Transformer. Shoot it.

Nessus 5

Go to the middle of The Tangle, where the two giant trees are. Underneath the second tree, hidden by vines and plants, you’ll see a Vex Transformer. Shoot it.

Io 1

Land in The Rupture on Io. Run forward, scale the metal cliffs and look toward the upper levels of the Pyramidion. You’ll see a Vex Transformer. Shoot it.

Io 2

Go into the Sanctum of Bones Lost Sector. When you reach your first Taken enemies, look left and up to see a small cave entrance. Climb up using the small pillar and enter the cave to find the Vex Transformer. Shoot it.

Io 3

In the Lost Oasis, under the giant tree, there’s a floating Vex Transformer. Shoot it.

Io 4

Head up to Terrabase Charon. On your way from Lost Oasis, you’ll enter a destroyed Cabal base. Look at the walkway in front of you to see a Vex Transformer. Shoot it.

Io 5

Near Giant’s Scar, in Excavation Site 2, go inside the left tunnel and follow the path until you reach the top of the ramp. Turn right and look for a destroyed doorway. Crouch to walk inside and you’ll see the Vex Transformer. Shoot it.

Big Vex Hunting

After your big hunt, go back to Nessus and land in Artifact’s Edge. You need to defeat 25 powerful Vex — one with an orange or yellow health bar — and kill 50 Vex with precision shots.

Head into The Orrery Lost Sector to complete both of these steps. When you run out of Vex, travel back to Artifact’s Edge and do it all over again.

When you finish killing off the Vex, return to Osiris.

Corridors of Time, part one

Corridors of Time Destiny 2
Walk through the light to save Saint
Image: Bungie via Polygon

Osiris will send you to the Sundial’s main panel to start the hunt for Saint-14. This is a story mission, and it’s fairly straightforward until the final fight. Enter the Corridors of Time and fight your way through a few identical arenas. Kill all the enemies and a new doorway will open, follow the path and do it again. When you reach Saint-14 in the past timeline, get ready for a fight.

You need to fight off a lot of Fallen here, and they won’t stop coming until you defeat a giant Servitor and Walker. You’ll need to take out the Servitor first, since it’s shielding the Walker from damage. This fight is hard and long, especially if you’re playing this part solo. But this arena isn’t a Darkness Zone, meaning you can respawn as many times as you need.

Corridors of Time Destiny 2
Stay inside Saint’s bubble to stay safe
Image: Bungie via Polygon

When you reach him, Saint-14 is maintaining a Titan Ward of Dawn, protecting himself. You can and should use this to your advantage. The bubble will shield you from harm, and give you the Weapons of Light damage boost. It’s also safe from any incoming Fallen, as Saint-14’s helmet blinds targets who walk into his bubble — just like it does when you wear it.

Weave in and out of the bubble, taking out Fallen and focusing your Special and Heavy ammo on the bosses. When you finally kill them both, the other Fallen will disappear, and you’ll be alone with Saint-14.

Corridors of Time Destiny 2
Return the Perfect Paradox to Saint-14
Image: Bungie via Polygon

Walk up to him and give him Saint-14’s Perfect Paradox by interacting with Saint. In our experience doing this, the prompt was very hard to find. Stand to the Titan’s right and aim down toward his knees to find the prompt.

After Saint takes his gun and Ghost shows him the future, you’ll get teleported out of the Sundial and back to Orbit. Head back down to Mercury and talk to Osiris. He’ll tell you you need to wait for the Sundial to recharge. Come back next week to save Saint-14 for good.

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