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Destiny 2: Completing an Impossible Task quest guide (Vex Transponders, Saint’s Ghost)

Bring Saint back to the world of the living

Saint-14 Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Image: Bungie
Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

The legendary Titan, Saint-14, is back in Destiny 2 for Season of Dawn. In the first week of the new season, you saved Saint-14’s past self from the Fallen in the An Impossible Task quest. Now it’s time to save him for real, and return him to Destiny’s current timeline.

Pick up the new quest from Osiris on Mercury — called Completing an Impossible Task. Here’s how you rescue Saint-14 for good.

Open a Gateway — Vex Transponders planted

Head to Nessus. There are six new Vex Transponders you need to place if you want to find Saint-14’s ghost. Like the last quest, you can see the rough location of the Vex Transponders on your map. But they’re a bit harder to find than you might think.

Exodus Black

Spawn into the Exodus Black. Look up and to your right from the landing zone. Jump up to the platform across from the Nessus Obelisk. Look toward the Exodus Black, and you’ll see the circle on the ground. Interact with it.


Travel to the Hallow. In the northeast part of the area, climb up a large group of rocks. The Transponder goes on top. If you’re having trouble locating it, orient yourself so you’re looking into the center of the Public Event arena.

Watcher’s Grave

Travel to the Watcher’s Grave area. Go left and down the ramp, into the Public Event area. Stick left, near where the Radiolarian pools are. You’ll see the Transponder circle sitting on the ground, near a group of Vex.

Chamber of Water

In the Watcher’s Grave area, keep right and enter the giant portal. You’re now in the Chamber of Water. Follow the small dungeon to the end and clear out the Vex. The Transponder circle is on the edge of the final room.

The Tangle

This is one of the tougher Transponders to find on your own. Go into The Tangle, and drop down into the giant gorge, near The Fissure on the map — note the entrance is far from the icon for this Transponder on the map. Enter the large, orange cave in the side of the gorge. If you see a pop-up saying you’re in The Mists, you’ve found it.

Follow the path until you reach the giant room with a pit in the middle. Jump across the pit and turn right toward nothingness, rather than left toward the exit. The Transponder circle is in the far right of the area.

The Cistern

Travel to the Cistern. Ride your Sparrow onto the Pools of Luminescence. Drive to the middle of the lake and look left. There is a small island on the edge of the Radiolarian waterfall. Drive over to the island. The Transponder circle is on the rock.

Find Saint’s ghost

Once you’ve dropped all the Transponders, you need to find Saint-14’s ghost on Nessus. If you know where to look this part is very easy, but the map icon isn’t helpful in telling you where to go.

When you land at The Cistern, immediately turn right when you hit the first wall, instead of moving left into the Pools of Luminescence. You’re looking for a thin, metal hallway in the side of a mountain. When you find it, go inside and follow the path — the game will tell you you’re in the Pools of Luminescence, even though you’re far away from that location on the map. Interact with the Vex node to spawn a new portal. Jump in the portal and pry Saint’s ghost from the hands of a dead Vex Goblin.

With Saint’s ghost in hand, return to Osiris.

Recharging the Sundial

After you hand him Saint-14’s ghost, Osiris has one more fetch quest for you. You need to charge the Sundial by collecting 25 Orbs of Light, killing 25 enemies with your Super, and defeating 25 Guardians.

For the Guardian kills, drop into any Crucible playlist and play until you earn the kills — it should only take a few matches of Control or the weekly rotating playlist.

For the Orbs of Light, equip a Masterworked weapon in each of your three slots. Now get enemy multikills with your weapons to spawn Orbs of Light. Pick them up until you have 25.

For the Super kills, drop on the EDZ and look for upcoming Public Events on the map. Rally to the flag to get your Super, kill all the enemies you can find with said Super, travel to a new area, and do it again. After a few rallies, you’ll have all 25 kills.

Return to Osiris when you finish the quest, and prepare to start the Corridors of Time Part 2 quest to rescue Saint-14.

Back to the Past - Corridors of Time Part 2

Save Saint-14
Save Saint-14 in the Corridors of Time part 2
Image: Bungie via Polygon

The first section of Corridors of Time Part 2 is very similar to the first mission. Battle through the white arenas until you pop into a dark Mercury. You’ll run into Saint. After a quick chat, a giant Hobgoblin will imprison him. Get ready for a very long fight.

You need to take down Agioktis, the Martyr Mind. Agioktis has a health bar with four segments. Each time you lower the bar a pip, Agioktis will teleport away and summon a giant Vex Minotaur to attack you. You need to kill each Minotaur and deliver the battery they drop to glowing receptacles in the arena.

Repeat this process — also dodging the legion of Vex troopers Agioktis sends after you — until the boss has one fourth of its health left. Agioktis will capture you like it did Saint, and a small in-game cutscene will show Saint-14 breaking free and finishing off the boss for you. When Saint teleports you back to the Sundial, go through the door and clear the enemies to free Saint for good.

After you’ve freed Saint-14, he won’t show up anywhere in the world. For his new Dawning treat, it says you can find him in the Tower — although he’s currently not there. It appears there may be more to this questline coming soon.