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Destiny 2 guide: Iron Banner: Season 9 quest

Here’s how to unlock Iron Banner weapons and armor this season

Destiny: Rise of Iron - Lord Saladin / wolves Bungie/Activision
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Like always, Lord Saladin is back in Destiny 2’s Tower for Season of Dawn. This time, Iron Banner’s host has a new questline to earn Iron Banner items. If you’re in a competitive spirit, this quest is the best way to earn rewards from the monthly Crucible event.

Keep in mind that some of Destiny 2’s best weapons, like the Swarm of the Raven grenade launcher, only come from Iron Banner. If you want to turn in your Iron Banner tokens, you need to complete the quest first. Saladin won’t let you claim any of his engrams until you beat the season 9 Iron Banner quest.

Season of Dawn calendar Bungie

Here’s how to complete the Iron Banner: Season 9 quest in Season of Dawn, thanks to a thankful info graphic from Reddit user jp1800.

Step 1: Light the Fires

To get this quest, you need to talk to Saladin in the Tower during the Season of Dawn.

The steps for this section are very easy, and you need to complete them all in Iron Banner matches. You keep your progress from match to match.

Here are the steps for Light the Fires:

  • Capture 10 Iron Banner zones
  • Kill 30 enemy Guardians
  • Get 3 kills with your Super

Reward: Iron Banner weapon

Step 2: Iron Sights

When you finish Light the Fires, you’ll immediately move onto Iron Sights — no need to visit Saladin. Some of objectives for these quests aren’t linear, meaning that you’ll likely have already completed certain objectives before you get to them. However, specific weapon type kills only count once you’re on that step.

Here are the steps for Iron Sights:

  • Complete 6 Iron Banner matches
  • Capture 20 Iron Banner Zones
  • Kill 25 Guardians with scout rifles

Reward: Iron Banner armor

Step 3: Pump Iron

Iron Banner quest
The full objectives list for Iron Banner: Season 9.
Reddit user jp1800

Pump Iron continues the formula:

  • Kill 100 Guardians
  • Capture 30 Iron Banner zones
  • Kill 20 Guardians with a shotgun

Reward: Iron Banner armor

Step 4: Death Metal

Death Metal continues the formula:

  • Defeat 15 enemies with Super kills
  • Capture 40 Iron Banner zones
  • Kill 15 Guardians with hand cannons

Reward: Unknown

Step 5: Iron Rain

Iron Rain continues the formula:

  • Complete 15 matches
  • Capture 50 Iron Banner zones
  • Defeat 10 Guardians with rocket launchers

Reward: Iron Banner armor

Note: If you’re having trouble getting all the rocket launcher kills you need, try using Truth. Truth comes from a quick quest from Season of Opulence. When you pick up a heavy brick, you can load multiple shots of the rocket at once. The rockets also track very aggressively, making Truth easy to use.

Step 6: Iron Cast

You’re done with Iron Banner for now. Return to Lord Saladin for your final reward. Congratulations, now you can turn in all of those Iron Banner tokens you earned for even more loot.

Why can’t I find the new Point of the Stag Iron Banner bow?

Season of Dawn calendar Bungie

If you were paying attention to the Season of Dawn calendar from earlier this year, you may have noticed a new bow associated with Iron Banner. It’s called Point of the Stag, and looks to be a kind of Ritual Weapon for Iron Banner.

In a recent Bungie blog post, the studio said the weapon isn’t ready yet, and apologized to hopeful fans. The bow will appear next season instead.

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