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Destiny 2 guide: What Gambit Prime role is for you?

How to pick a role in Gambit Prime, and what the perks do

Destiny 2 season of the Drifter Gambit Prime Reaper Bungie
Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

Gambit Prime is Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter’s newest offering. It takes the classic Gambit mode and adds more strategy. It’s a snappier game mode that promotes team play.

Gambit Prime’s role system enhances that strategy. Wearing armor pieces will give you role points. Reaching differing point thresholds will activate new set bonusperks.

Getting these armor pieces takes some serious investment in both Prime and the new Reckoning game mode. . Have a set in mind before you start farming.

All four of these roles have their place in Gambit Prime. You need to coordinate with your allies about who is doing what if you want to create the ultimate team for Gambit Prime.

This guide will teach you what each role does in Gambit Prime, so you can make a more informed decision of the pieces you need to collect.


The Collector’s job is to pick up as many Motes as possible. If everyone is playing their role, the Collector should be the first to gather any Motes on the field.

Being the Collector is less about combat and more about traversal. Rescue Motes and bring them to the bank as quickly as you can. If you love to run, jump, and sprint through impossible odds in Destiny 2, Collector is a good set for you.

Collector perks

When you’re wearing this set, you gain bonuses when you collect and bank Motes.

  1. The first perk gives you Mote protection when you’re killed. Instead of losing all Motes when you die, you’ll drop a percentage on the ground for allies to gather.
  2. The second perk gives you an overshield when you collect five Motes or more in quick succession.
  3. Perk three refills some of your ammo when you bank Motes.
  4. Perk four allows you to hold 20 Motes instead of 15. Depositing 20 in the bank summons a giant Blocker on the enemy team.


The Invader is the most defined role in classic Gambit. You take the portal and kill the enemy team. You make them drop their Motes, or hide in fear and get nothing done. You occupy their time while your allies keep banking.

With your Invader loadout, you won’t be much use to your allies at home. But abroad, you can ruin the enemy team’s game. If you’re a good shot and can find creative routes to engage enemies, Invader may be the right role for you.

Invader Perks

  1. The first Invader perk slowly regenerates Kinetic and Energy ammo while you’re on the other side. If you’re sniping abroad, you’ll replenish your shots as you go. If you’re more focused on killing with Heavy, then you’ll take some Energy home with you to help your allies.
  2. The second perk improves your Invader shield. This makes you harder to kill.
  3. Perk three gives you a damage bonus when you get home. It’s based off how many Guardians you kill on the enemy team and stacks up to four times. Use this to help kill the Primeval or clear powerful Blockers from your bank.
  4. The fourth perk locks the enemy bank when you invade. This stops them from banking Motes. If a team is hiding from you, stand next to the bank to start draining Motes for your allies instead.
Invader Gambit Prime season of the Drifter Destiny 2 Bungie


Reaper and Collector share similar DNA. But while the Collector picks up and banks, the Reaper is the one creating the Motes. Reaper players are all about killing fast.

The Reaper isn’t complicated, but it’s crucial to success. If you’re good at killing enemies in Destiny, Reaper is perfect for you.

Reaper perks

  1. Perk one marks yellow health enemies — excluding the Primeval — and weakens them for the team. This’ll help you and your allies keep track of dangerous threats and kill them quickly.
  2. Killing a group of enemies guarantees Special ammo for your allies, thanks to perk two.
  3. Perk three makes the Motes you generate last longer on the field. This’ll help your Collector allies gather them and cut down on expiring Motes. It’ll allow your team to shift their focus to the Invader even if Motes are on the field.
  4. Perk four regenerates your grenade when you kill a powerful enemy.


The Sentry’s job is to stand near the bank and protect it against Blockers. Sentrys have to strike a good balance between venturing out to help gather and staying close enough to the bank to protect it. When the enemy team sends a large group of Blockers, you have to be ready to take them down alone.

The Sentry’s life is one of isolation. If you can handle the constant back and forth between helping your allies and dropping everything to clear the bank, this is the perfect role for you.

Sentry perks

  1. Perk one helps with Blockers. Every enemy you kill grants a buff to Taken and stacks up to five times. After you damage a Taken, it goes away. This plays out best with shotguns and fusion rifles as they offer high damage from a single shot already.
  2. Perk two assists with taking out Blockers alone by allowing the bank to heal you as you stand by it.
  3. The third perk lets you mark Invaders if you deal enough damage to them. You won’t get a bonus to help you kill them, but you’ll warn your allies of incoming attacks.
  4. The fourth perk is only for the Primeval phase. When you and your team are standing in the Well of Light, everyone will have their defensive stats boosted to the max. This’ll help you and your allies stay safe from Invaders and the Primeval as you attempt to win.

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