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How to boost your Destiny 2 power level in Season of the Drifter

Here’s a quick way to hit 640

A screenshot of Cayde-6 in Destiny 2 Bungie/Activision
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Destiny 2’s new expansion, Season of the Drifter, gives players a new way to boost their power level up to 640. This power level boost comes from the Drifer’s bounties. Completing all of these bounties should take just an hour or two.

Once you load into the game with Season of the Drifter installed, head to the Tower. In The Annex, you’ll find The Drifter hanging out in his new headquarters. He’ll have four new challenges called Power Surge Bounties. Each of these requires completing two specific (and easy) tasks. In return, you’ll receive two pieces of 640 gear.

List of Bounties

Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter bounties
Bungie via Polygon

Here’s a rundown of each of the bounties. The tasks are relatively straightforward.

Inner Systems Tour
  • Complete 2 Public Events
  • Complete 3 Destination Bounties. You can find these at planetary vendors, like Devrim on Earth.
Fireteam Up
  • Defeat 50 enemies in a Strike
  • Complete a Strike
I’ll Make You Rich(er)
  • Send 5 Blockers in Gambit
  • Complete a Gambit match
Tactical Refresher
  • Kill 10 Guardians
  • Complete a Crucible match

The bounties are easy to complete. Each one is doable in one match of whatever game type the bounty calls for. While there is no power level requirement for these bounties, you must be level 50 the accept them.

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