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Destiny 2 guide: Gambit Prime armor perks list

Here are all the perks you can earn as Collector, Invader, Reaper, and Sentry

Reaper Destiny 2 Gambit Prime Bungie
Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

Destiny 2’s Season of the Drifter offers a new mode: Gambit Prime. Its matches, combined with bounties from the Drifter, will earn you consumable items called Synths for one of Gambit Prime’s four new roles: Collector, Invader, Reaper, and Sentry.

To understand how Synths work, you’ll first need to learn the new armor system for Gambit Prime. Gambit Prime armor pieces bestow points for a specific role when you wear them. Wearing Tier 1 Invader arms will give you +1 Invader points. These points apply a buff on the right side of your character screen. You unlock perks based on reaching a point threshold.

Synths have two functions:

  1. The first is to grant points based on a specific Gambit Prime role. Perks for that role can be unlocked when reaching specific point thresholds, and Synths offer a boost to get over a desired threshold. These boosts are temporary, though.
  2. Synths are also wagered in the new Reckoning PvE mode. If you win, The Nine will give you a piece of Gambit Prime armor based on the Synth you wagered.

So what kind of perks do these armor sets give you? We’ve listed all four of the classes and their sets below.


Collector Gambit Prime armor set Bungie via Polygon

The Collector’s job is to pick up and safely deliver Motes back to their bank.

Inheritance: +3 perk

You drop a percentage of your Motes on the ground when you die.

Umbral Armor: +6 perk

Picking up five Motes in quick succession gives you an overshield.

Cashback: +10 perk

Generate Kinetic and Energy ammo when you bank Motes.

High-yield Savings: +15 perk

You can carry up to 20 Motes instead of 15. Depositing 20 Motes at once sends a Giant Blocker to the enemy arena.


Invader Gambit Prime armor set Bungie via Polygon

The Invader’s job is to invade the enemy team’s arena, kill opposing Guardians, and heal the enemy Primeval.

Assassin’s Munitions: +3 perk

Regenerate Kinetic and Energy ammo while invading.

Lethal Defense: +6 perk

Invasion shield is more powerful.

Killmonger: +10 perk

After killing an enemy Guardian, gain a damage boost once you return home. Stacks based on how many Guardians you take out during an invasion.

Bank Robber: +15 perk

You’ll lock down the enemy bank when you invade. Standing near the bank will drain Motes for your own team.


Reaper Gambit Prime armor set Bungie via Polygon

The Reaper’s job is to run around the arena and clear the field of enemies.

High-value Tracker: +3 perk

Damaging a non-Primeval yellow-bar enemy — like the High-value Target — marks and weakens them for you and your allies.

Pinata of Death: +6 perk

Killing multiple enemies quickly drops special ammo for allies.

Long-lasting Flavor: +10 perk

Motes that drop from enemies you kill last longer before expiring.

Major Rewards: +15 perk

Killing powerful enemies quickly recharges your grenade.


Sentry Gambit Prime armor set Bungie via Polygon

Sentries defend the bank from Blockers and Invaders.

Umbral Strike: +3 perk

Killing multiple enemies quickly buffs your damage against Taken enemies. Stacks up to five times, but you’ll lose it after damaging a Taken enemy.

Safe and Sound: +6 perk

Standing near the bank heals you.

Invader Tracker: +10 perk

Damaging the Invader marks them for allies.

Light of the Defender: +15 perk

Standing in the Well of Light during the Primeval phase boosts stats for you and your allies.