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Destiny 2 Revelry guide: How to farm Reveler’s Tonic in the Verdant Forest

We’ll walk you through the basics of the rewards you can get from The Revelry

Revelry spring event Destiny 2 Bungie

The Revelry is the first ever spring event in Destiny 2. It’s a celebration of life in the world of Destiny, and Bungie’s filled the Tower with flowers. Eva Levante, the event vendor, is also back with a new activity: the Verdant Forest.

The Verdant Forest is similar to the Haunted Forest from Festival of the Lost last year, but Bungie has changed some of the rules around. For your trouble, you can earn Arbalest, a new Exotic Kinetic linear fusion rifle — the first of its kind.

The Revelry runs from April 16 until May 7.

What is The Revelry?


The Revelry centers around the Verdant Forest, a brighter, happier version of the Haunted Forest from last October.

However, the Verdant Forest works differently than the Haunted Forest in a few ways. Instead of jumping into a boss fight after killing a certain number of enemies, you and your fireteam will travel back and forth through the Verdant Forest indefinitely.

You start with four minutes, and gain time for every enemy kill. When you run out of time, you’ll face five bosses in a row. For every boss you manage to kill, you’ll get a chest. You determine how much time you have to complete the boss rush. For every area you move to in the Verdant Forest, you’ll gain time for the bosses.

As you clear waves of enemies in the Verdant Forest, they get harder. Resurrecting takes you back to the start of the area, and it could take some time to return to where you were before you died.

There are also special branches that spawn a chest instead of moving you to a new branch. These chests give you extra time for every player that grabs the treasure and Reveler's Essence, which you can use to buy items from Eva.

Where do I start The Revelry?

The first thing you need to do in the Tower is talk to Eva Levante, standing over by Ikora in The Bazaar. She’ll set you up with Reveler’s Tonic and 50 Reveler’s Essence. Accessing the Tonic in your menu gives you a choice: For 50 Essence, you can drastically decrease the recharge timer on your melee, grenade, or class ability. We recommend picking the grenade boost. This buff lasts for one hour and works in all activities — including the Crucible.

After you select a buff, talk to Eva again and she’ll give you a bounty to take on the new Verdant Forest. After you complete her bounty, you’ll open up her full inventory of weekly and daily bounties.

What can I earn in The Revelry?

Bungie via Polygon

As usual, there are a host of cosmetic items for you to grab from Tess at the Eververse shop. There are also new armor sets — one from Eva and one from Tess — which improve the effectiveness of your tonics.

The biggest reward to chase is Arbalest, the new Exotic Kinetic linear fusion rifle., Eva’s final reward. It’ll cost you 300 Reveler’s Essence and require you to complete seven of 10 Revelry Triumphs. For completing all ten Triumphs, you’ll earn a unique player emblem.

Aside from Arbalest, the main reward from Revelry is the Inaugural Revelry armor set. For each piece you wear, you’ll increase the potency of your Tonic (to some unknown extent). Some of the Triumphs for The Revelry do require you to wear at least four pieces of armor while completing an activity.

Completing activities during The Revelry will earn you Reveler’s Essence. You’ll need 50 Essence every time you want to apply a Tonic buff. For 75 Essence, Eva will sell you a gift called a Reveler’s Assortments.

According to Bungie, Reveler’s Assortments can drop a selection of items like Enhancement Cores and special ornaments for the Revelry helmet. In our box, we earned a chest piece from The Revelry.

For a guide on how to grind Reveler’s Essence, check out our Arbalest guide.

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