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Destiny 2: Crown of Sorrow - Kingdom of Sorrow infiltrated (Second Encounter)

Conquer this jumping puzzle before taking on the final bosses

Bungie via Polygon

Infiltrating the Kingdom of Sorrow is one of the easiest jumping puzzles Bungie has ever made for Destiny 2.

You and your Fireteam will start at the bottom of a dark pit, and you’ll need to climb up to the top to reach Calus’ treasure room. Your team must balance the Witch’s Blessing buff and get close and personal with the purple crystals.

This guide will teach you how to conquer the Crown of Sorrow’s jumping puzzles and get on with the rest of the raid.

If you need a refresher on how the Witch’s Blessing and Witch’s Vessel works in Crown of Sorrow, check out our guide to the first encounter of the raid.


Bungie via Polygon

Like the first encounter, split your team up into three groups of two, and have three players stand in the green pool at the edge of the platform. This will grant those players Witch’s Blessing and start the encounter.

After players get Blessed, a crystal spawns in front of where the green pool sat. Like last time, a Blessed and Normal player need to simultaneously attack the crystal. The difference is this crystal has a shield around it. To take this one down, the two players need to stand inside the bubble and then attack the crystal.

When the shielded crystal goes down, three shielded crystals will spawn in the air. Coordinate each group to shoot one of the crystals, or players can just shoot each one individually — they don’t need to die at the same time.

When the crystals are down, it’s time to start jumping.


Bungie via Polygon

After players destroy the crystals, pistons will rise from the darkness below. Shielded crystals will spawn on a few of the pistons. Blessed and Normal players should travel in their group, jumping carefully to the shielded crystals. Once both a Normal and Blessed player are in range of the shielded crystal, they should attack and destroy it. More free-floating crystals will spawn, so take them out and move on to another round of shielded crystals.

Ever few rounds, a checkpoint will pop up. This checkpoint has a Witch’s Vessel in the middle of it. When your Fireteam arrives at the checkpoint, have them stand around the Vessel so players can swap their Witch’s Blessing buff.

When the players swap their Blessing, they can go back start the process over with a new section of pistons and crystals. If all players with the buff die, a new green pool will spawn on the last checkpoint your team reached.

Repeat this entire process until you reach the other side of the chasm. You’ll find a chest with raid loot in it — although the loot doesn’t drop as a powerful reward. Now on to face Gahlran’s Deception.

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