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Destiny 2: Crown of Sorrow raid challenge guide: Limited Blessings

Two bless two be stressed (get it?)

Bungie via Polygon
Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

Once your Destiny 2 clan hits level four, Hawthorne will offer an exclusive raid bounty for the Crown of Sorrow raid. If you want some extra raid loot or the Shadow seal, you’ll need to take on these challenges.

The first challenge is for the Hive Ritual, Crown of Sorrow’s first encounter. It’s called Limited Blessings, and it’s only slightly more difficult than the normal fight.

How to complete Limited Blessings

To complete this challenge, your team can only have two Blessed players at a time. It is as simple as it sounds.

Instead of having a Blessed player on right, left, and middle, leave the middle players out. Middle players also need to stay away from the Vessel so they don’t accidentally get Blessed when the two sides are swapping.

This will change your strategy in two key ways.


This is the easy one. To make sure you don’t miss any crystals, your Blessed players need to destroy the crystals on their side and then converge on the crystal in the middle. Just communicate with your team and this shouldn’t be an issue.

Killing enemies

This is the slightly complicated one. There are some difficult enemies in this encounter that only Blessed players can kill (namely one of the Ogres and Knights).

Killing enemies can get a little hectic if your Blessed players fall behind. To mitigate this as much as you can, non-Blessed players need to kill their enemies quickly and stay out of the Blessed players’ way. Blessed players need to kill tougher enemies like Ogres as quickly as they can so they don’t tear through their allies. We recommend guns like Jotunn or Loaded Question for Blessed players.

Just play it safe around enemies you can’t kill.

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