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Destiny 2: The Menagerie guide (Season of Opulence)

How to survive in the Leviathan

a Hunter and Titan in Destiny 2: Season of Opulence Bungie
Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

The Menagerie is Destiny 2: Season of Opulence’s newest mode. It pairs light raid mechanics with wave-based gameplay, and is more reminiscent of Diablo 3’s Greater Rifts than anything Destiny’s had before.

Combined with your Chalice of Opulence, you can use the Menagerie to craft weapons and armor pieces to your exact specifications. This guide will teach you how to get through the Menagerie on Calus’ Leviathan.

How to start the Menagerie

You’ll need to be 690 Power if you want to play the Menagerie. But that’s no problem. The Invitation quest from Calus’ robot duo — Benedict and Werner 99-40 — will boost your Power to 690. As part of quest, they’ll teach you how to use you Chalice of Opulence in the Menagerie to get the gear you want. Complete the quest and come back.

The Rooms

The Menagerie is a hall of various activities for players to tackle. And each activity earns your Fireteam some progress toward the final boss — depending on how well your team does. You’ll only have a limited time to complete each encounter, but there isn’t a fail state currently. Doing poorly will just cause the process to take longer.

When you enter room, you’ll see a meter you need to earn before the time is up. If you do great and fill the meter, the room will stop and you can move onto the next. If you run out of time, the room will also stop and you’ll move onto a different room. The punishing factor here is how many rooms you need to get to the end.

Lamp Lighting

A wave of enemies will spawn. After you kill a handful of them, a boss will spawn in the middle of the room. Kill the boss and it will drop two lamp orbs. Have two Fireteam members grab the orbs and place them on the unlit pyres. After you’ve done that three times and all six lamps are lit, you can move on.

Tip: For an easy Triumph and some Imperials, have each player light only one lamp.

The Hunt

The Hunt is straightforward and hectic. You’re in a room with four corner chambers and a middle chamber — each chamber with its own plate. But the walls are tight and the ceilings are low. The hallways are even more constrained. You’ll need to stand on plates around The Hunt as they gain energy — standing with allies makes it go faster.

While you’re standing on the plates and when you’re moving between the rooms, Thrall and Cursed Thrall flood the chambers. Bosses like giant, axe-wielding Knights will also spawn. Killing Knights and holding plates progresses this room. Two plates spawn at once, so spread out if you can.

The Gauntlet

Season of Opulence Bungie

You’ll start by killing a boss in the middle of the room. The moment the boss is dead, all living players teleport into the arena’s outer ring. This acts as the Gauntlet’s race track. After a short countdown, a barrier will go down and the race is off. You’ll need to run around the track and go through green checkpoints until you reach the finish line.

You and your allies all have a ticking debuff while you’re running. If you don’t hit a checkpoint you’ll die. There are also hazards like pits that will kill you. You get power for each player that crosses the finish line. After that, you’ll kill a boss and run again. This time and the time after, there are flame jets on the course. Touching a jet will light you on fire and kill you a few seconds later.

Strike that balance of going slow and not bumping your allies off the course without letting your debuff run out.

Tip: Successfully completing a run with six players gives a Triumph and some Imperials. Completing all three runs without anyone dying also gives a Triumph and some Imperials.

The Crystals

When the fight starts, spread out and look for Vex Harpies. Killing them drops a Vex Cranium for someone to pick up. The Cranium shoots a beam and is the only weapon that can destroy the crystals embedded in the wall. If you grab a Cranium, find a crystal and shoot it. But don’t waste your ammo. In our experience, you can do about two crystals with a single Cranium if you’re accurate.

After all the crystals in a wave go down, a boss will spawn in the middle of the room. Kill the boss. You can use any leftover craniums to deal a lot of damage. After the boss goes down, the game will spawn another round of crystals. Repeat this process.

The Riposte

When you start the Riposte, Hive Knights and Thrall will come pouring out of the doors. Focus on the Knights first. They have a lot of health and large shields. When you kill a Knight, it’ll drop its sword. Pick it up. Now that you have a sword, you can use your light, heavy, and Super attacks to take down the shields of the even bigger Knights.

Use this process — kill knight, take sword, kill bosses — until the encounter ends. Keep in mind that not everyone should have a sword, since sword players need help against Hive Shriekers and other enemies.

The Mockery

There are three Havens around the room in The Mockery. If you stand outside the Havens for more than a few seconds, you’ll start to burn and eventually die. When the fight starts, spread your team out around the room.

The goal is to kill Wizards and use the energy balls they drop to revitalize the slowly shrinking Havens. If a Haven shrinks too much, it could disappear for the rest of the encounter. Keep feeding the Haven orbs and defeating bosses as they come up.

The Arcborn

When you start the Arcborn encounter, look for glowing pillars of green light. In this fight, you need to run through these pillars of light and collect them — you can hold three at a time. Once you’re full, find the nearest receptacle (there should be a grey square marking them, or a thin green beacon of light) and dump it.

When your team deposits enough light, a boss will spawn. Kill the boss and start collecting again.

The bosses

Image of the Menagerie in Destiny 2 Bungie

When you fill your energy bar, you’ll get a prompt to head into the boss room. Follow the path like normal.

Hasapiko, Beloved by Calus

Hasapiko is a giant Vex Minotaur. When the fight starts, it’ll spawn on the front of the stage. Hasapiko has an immunity shield, so you’ll need to take that down first. Find a Harpy on the left, right, or middle area of the fight. Kill it, and it’ll drop a pool that you can stand in. While standing in the pool, shoot Hasapiko until its shield drops.

After its shield is down, you and your team can start trying to kill Hasapiko. But while you’re trying to kill it, he’ll send a wall of energy down one of three lanes. If it hits you, you’ll die. Hop around the room avoiding walls and repeat this process until Hasapiko is dead.

Divided We Conquer - Secret Triumph: You’ll need a coordinated group to get this Triumph done. When the Harpies come out, have most of your teammates stick back by the throne. Kill the Harpy and have only one player enter the pool and drop the bosses shield with a heavy weapon. You’ll get the Triumph if no two Guardians ever share the same Harpy pool.

Arunak, Beloved by Calus

Arunak is a big Ogre in a small room. When the fight starts, he’ll envelop himself in a shield. To break the shield, you’ll need some special Hive orbs, which only drop from the Cursed Thrall on either side of the boss. Spread your team, kill the Cursed Thrall, and start chucking the orbs at the boss.

Eventually, his shield will go down. Now you just need to kill him using power weapons, Well of Radiance, or whatever else your team has available to them. If you don’t kill him after a few seconds, his shield will come back on. You’ll need to throw orbs at him again to drop it. Repeat this cycle until he’s dead.

Eyes Only for You - Secret Triumph: To earn this Triumph, you need to kill Arunak without killing any of the Hive Knights he spawns. But he only spawns these enemies on the second round, so it’s likely you’ll get this Triumph by accident if you kill him quick enough. If you don’t one-phase the boss, just be careful where you stand and ignore the Knights as much as you can.

Pagouri, Beloved by Calus

Pagouri is a giant Vex Hydra. When the fight starts, the boss will lock itself behind a shield. There are three Vex plate locations in the room — one in the middle and one on either side of the arena. Find the active plate and stand on it until the meter fills. This will deactivate the boss’ shield, and lure the Hydra to you. Lay into the boss with all you’ve got before it teleports back to safety.

When the boss is back under the shield, start channeling the other Vex plates. For every run past your first, you’ll need to channel an additional plate. Repeat this process until you kill the boss.

Come Out and Play - Secret Triumph: To get this Triumph, you can’t ever summon Pagouri back to the same plate. This is very easy to do as long as you can kill the boss in three phases or less. The last plate you channel is where the boss will spawn. So just make sure you’re moving around the room and channeling the plates in a specific order.

When the boss dies, a chest will spawn behind it. Use your Chalice fitted with runes to open it for an excellent reward. Currently, there’s a bug with Menagerie where you can run to another part of the ship and return to the chest to refresh it.

After you open your chest the first time, re-slot your Chalice and run out the door until your see the title of a new location pop up. Then return to the chest. You can repeat this numerous times thanks to the 300 second timer.