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Destiny 2: Total Victory bounty guide for Crown of Sorrow

Five shield breaks are required

Bungie via Polygon

Once your Destiny 2 clan hits level four, Hawthorne will offer an exclusive bounty called “Total Victory” for the Crown of Sorrow raid. If you want some extra loot or the “Shadow” title, you’ll need to take on these challenges.

The second challenge is for Gahlran’s Deception, which is the third encounter, after the jumping puzzle. It’s called Total Victory, and it’s pretty annoying.

How to complete the Total Victory bounty

To complete this challenge, your team needs to kill Gahlran’s Deception after five shield breaks: no more, no less.

Dealing damage

After a few weeks of farming the raid, taking down Gahlran’s Deception in a single phase is pretty common. But now you have to complete the fight in a very specific window. Your best bet is to take grenade launchers with the Spike Grenade perk into the fight.

These deal a lot of damage to the boss. So much that you’ll likely need to stop damaging Gahlran’s Deception to keep from killing him before the fifth break. Bringing at least one player with Tractor Cannon to buff allied damage isn’t a bad idea either. Just be careful not to knock the boss off the ledge — it makes it difficult to break his next shield.

Popping the shield

This is the easy part. Make sure you have one team member with the Exotic grenade launcher Anarchy. Coordinate your team so that player enters the final damage phase with the Witch’s Blessing buff.

All buffed and non-buffed players (except for the Anarchy wielder) should punch the boss to start the damage phase. This will remove the Witch’s Blessing from all players except the one with Anarchy. As soon as Gahlran’s Deception’s shield is off, the Anarchy player should shoot two grenades on the boss and walk far away from Gahlran’s Deception.

When the shield comes back up, a non-buffed player still needs to punch Gahlran, but as long as the Anarchy player’s grenades are still ticking and they still have the buff, the shield will come down.

Each time the team pops the shield, the Anarchy player needs to re-apply the grenades. As long as they have enough ammo, they should try to refresh their grenades every five to 10 seconds.

After you’ve broken the shield for the fifth time, kill the boss.

The moment of truth comes when you open the chest. If you succeeded, you’ll earn the Triumph and complete the challenge Hawthorne gave you. If not, you’ll see challenge failed pop up on your screen.

You’ll have to do the entire raid over again if you want another shot. However, you can also get one friend to jump in with a second character, start the fight, and have them leave. This will give that player the Gahlran’s Deception checkpoint so you and your team can keep running it by joining that player and having them leave.

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