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Destiny 2 Xur location and items, Sept. 6-9

Head to the EDZ for some Exotics

Destiny 2 Xur

If you played Destiny, you may be familiar with Xur, the weekly Exotic item merchant. In Destiny 2, he’s back, and he now appears all over the map. This week, you can find Xur in the EDZ, hanging out on a bluff overlooking the Winding Cove.

A map of Xur’s location in the EDZ in Destiny 2 Image: Bungie via Polygon

Xur’s inventory this week consists of the following:

  • Lord of Wolves, shotgun: 29 Legendary Shards
  • Gemini Jester, Hunter legs: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Lion Rampant, Titan legs: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Sunbracers, Warlock gloves: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Isochronal Engram: 97 Legendary Shards
  • Invitation quest: 9 Legendary Shards

Xur’s inventory caps out at 731 if you’re 750. He also offers specific rolls on each armor piece each week, giving out different perks for the same pieces.

Lord of Wolves

Lord of Wolves is a Forsaken shotgun, usually coming from Spider bounties. Its Exotic perk is Shrapnel Launcher, causing the weapon to fire a burst of flaming shrapnel in a line. Its secondary perk is Release the Wolves. Holding the reload button activates an alternate fire mode for Lord of Wolves that fires double the ammunition with every trigger pull and deals bonus damage.

Lord of Wolves is a great shotgun in both PvE and PvP. After a recent update, it was so powerful that Bungie awarded an emblem to players who had to deal with it in PvP. Bungie has since nerfed the gun, but it’s still an interesting weapon to use in multiplayer or PvE. If you haven’t gotten it to drop from one of Spider’s bounties, make sure to pick up Lord of Wolves.

Gemini Jester

Gemini Jester is one of the new exotics added in Curse of Osiris. Its main exotic perk is Misdirection. If you dodge near an enemy, you’ll disorient them, removing their radar if they’re a human player. This is a decent PvP exotic if you’re sick of running the classics. Just beware that you need to be close to be effective.

This week’s roll:

Slot 1: Outreach, Power Dexterity, Machine Gun Dexterity

Slot 2: Primary Ammo Finder, Special Ammo Finder

Lion Rampant

Lion Rampant is a great exotic to have in specific situations. Its main perk is Jump Jets, which provides additional aerial mobility and now gives more accurate hipfire while in the air. That may not sound like much (and it isn’t, in most cases), but some players swear by these in PvP and some jumping activities like the Gauntlet or the Reactor Room. Pick these up and keep them around, you’ll never know how when you’ll need a more accurate jump.

This week’s roll:

Slot 1: Bomber, Dynamo, Oversize Weapon Dexterity

Slot 2: Pulse Rifle Scavenger, Scout Rifle Scavenger


Sunbracers are powerful Warlock exotics for the Solar subclasses. Their exotic perk is Helium Spirals, which increases the duration of solar grenades. Melee kills also grant unlimited solar grenades for a brief time. These gauntlets are extremely fun to use and can be pretty powerful in wave-based modes like Escalation Protocol — when grinding for Hive or solar kills — or the weekly Nightfall.

This week’s roll:

Slot 1: Scout Rifle Loader, Fastball, Momentum Transfer

Slot 2: Sniper Rifle Scavenger, Heavy Ammo Finder


If you haven’t completed the Invitation quest yet, Xur is still offering it for nine Legendary Shards.

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