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Destiny 2 guide: The Fourth Horseman Exotic shotgun quest steps

Reclaim The Fourth Horseman from the depths of Zavala’s office

The Fourth Horseman Exotic in Destiny 2 Image: Bungie
Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

The Fourth Horseman, one of the weirdest Exotics from the original Destiny, is back in Destiny 2. To earn this weapon, you’ll need to traverse a secret vault in Zavala’s office, help out Ana, and do some work for Benedict 99-40.

According to the datamining website, The Fourth Horseman has some interesting perks. Thunderer causes the shotgun to fire faster than normal shotguns, and in full auto mode. Broadside causes each successive shot to deal more damage than the last. There’s also an Exotic Catalyst in the database that increases reload speed and the magazine size.

Here’s our guide on how to complete the “In Rides a Pale Horse” quest and unlock The Fourth Horseman.

Step 1: Enter the Vault

Talk to Zavala to pick up the quest. He’ll send you to find his office in the tower. Use the gallery above to find it. Drop to the third floor in the tower courtyard and look for an open door (you should be facing the direction of the Tower Bazaar when you walk in).

Follow the path through Zavala’s office — taking a moment to enjoy some of his relics — until you reach the Vault. The door will inform you you don’t have access, so turn back toward the stairs and crawl under them. Follow the path here through the ducts and over the walkways until you drop into the vault.

Go inspect the empty weapon case. Looks like The Fourth Horseman isn’t here.

Step 2: Missing in Action

Now that The Fourth Horseman appears to be missing, head back to Zavala and inform him about his breach in security.

Step 3: Fresh Lead

After talking to Zavala, go talk to Ana Bray on Mars. She’ll set you on a new quest to find intel on the Cabal.

Step 4: On the Hunt

Ana wants you to kill Cabal and complete public events to gain intel on the Cabal. Oblige her.

Step 5: Return to Ana

Take the collected intel back to Ana and see what she can discover. We recommend running Escalation Protocol — you get about 10% per round.

Step 6: In the Shadows

The Fourth Horseman quest Image: Bungie via Polygon

After you finish gathering intel, Ana wants you to kill Psions and open Cabal planetary chests. We recommend running the Ma’adim Subterrane Lost Sector in the Glacial Drift four times. There are tons of Psions in here.

Step 7: Under Our Nose

Once you’ve completed all of Ana’s quests, go back to the Tower and speak to Benedict 99-40 in the Annex.

Step 8: Dirty Work

Benedict relays a message from Emperor Calus. He wants you to eliminate encryption signals in the EDZ. Head to Earth, defeat enemies, run patrols, and complete public events.

Step 9: Rein It In

After you’ve finished “Dirty Work,” head back to the Tower Annex and report to Benedict 99-40.

Step 10: Lost and Found

The Fourth Horseman Destiny 2 Image: Bungie via Polygon

Benedict 99-40 will give you a new quest to complete the Legendary Quarry Lost Sector. If it’s the current Lost Sector, grab some pals and run it. You’ll get The Fourth Horseman from the final chest.

If the Quarry isn’t up today, you’ll need to wait a reset or two. Only one of the three Legendary Lost Sectors are available a day, and they rotate in a set order: Scavenger’s Den, Skydock IV, The Quarry.

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