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Destiny 2 guide: How to trigger Heroic on the Contact Public Event

Chase down all the Blooms on Io and Titan

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Destiny 2 Contact public event
A Warlock holding the Bloom
Image: Bungie
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The primary activity for Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals is the new Public Event on Io and Titan, called Contact. In Contact, you need to kill enemies and bank Motes — like Gambit but without the PvP. But like all Public Events in Destiny 2, there is a secret way to make Contact Heroic.

Here’s how to complete the Contact Public Event and make it Heroic.

Triggering Heroic on the Contact Public Event

To start Contact, rally at the flag and run up under one of the small Pyramid ships floating above Titan or Io. Interact with the small circle to drop a transmat beacon. The Drifter will teleport a bank to your location, and the Public event will start.

Enemies will start moving in on your bank. Killing these enemies drops Motes. You need to pick up the Motes and interact with the bank to deposit them. If you die with Motes on your person, they will disappear. But if you can manage to deposit 15 Motes at once, you’ll spawn a heavy ammo crate for your team.

While you’re playing Contact, a message will pop up on the left side of your screen: “Concentrated Darkness coalesces nearby.” You’ll also hear a sound effect we can best describe as metal screaming, and see a tractor beam emanate from somewhere on the pyramid ship, connecting it to the ground. This denotes the location of a Bloom, which you’ll need to make the event Heroic.

Every time The Darkness spawns a Bloom, follow the tractor beam to where it points on the ground so you can pick it up. When you arrive, you’ll find two high-health enemies guarding the Bloom, as well as a Champion from their same faction. If you have the new Falling Guillotine Legendary sword, we recommend using its heavy attack to easily kill the Champions. When you defeat the three enemies guarding the Bloom, it will unlock, and you can pick it up.

The Blooms seem to spawn based on time, rather than automatically spawning a certain number of them each wave. The longer you take to deposit Motes, the more Blooms you need to grab.

Grab the Bloom and carry it back to the bank — you won’t be able to use any weapons while holding it. Dunk it into the bank for a huge Mote deposit.

Keep banking Motes and Blooms to advance the waves. With each new wave, the enemies become more powerful, so make sure you stick with your group. During each round, Champions who reach your bank can lock it down, preventing anymore deposits. Make sure you keep an eye on incoming Champions.

In between rounds, The Darkness will send Taken enemies to attack the bank. Defeat them to move on to the next wave.

To make the Contact event Heroic, you need to dunk all Blooms that appear on your way to the boss. You’ll know it worked when you summon the final boss and the event becomes Heroic. Defeat the challenging boss and you’ll complete the Heroic Public Event.

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