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Destiny 2 guide: Xur reputation and treasure room

How to get the Dares of Eternity weapons, equipment, and armor ornaments in Destiny 2

A Gjallarhorn-themed Sparrow Image: Bungie via Polygon

The Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack inside of Destiny 2 added a new six-person activity called Dares of Eternity. You can also visit a new zone called Xur’s Treasure Room where you can buy fabulous prizes using Treasure Keys, which you earn from the Dares of Eternity.

In this Destiny 2 guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about Xur’s Treasure Room, as well as where you can get rewards and bounties from Xur and the eternal equine, Starhorse.

Table of contents

Getting Xur reputation and Treasure Keys
Xur’s Treasure Room

Getting Xur reputation and Treasure Keys

Xur’s reputation track in his Treasure Room Image: Bungie via Jacob VanderVat

Xur has a reputation track that’s very similar to the Vanguard and Crucible ranks. With Xur, you get rank points for completing runs of Dares of Eternity, and you’ll get more points for being on a streak.

Xur streak bonuses

If you’re unfamiliar with the streak bonus system, you’ll get bonus points (up to 125 on normal, up to 165 on Legend, and if you get a Platinum score on Legend you can get an additional 20 reputation for a total of 185) if you play Dares of Eternity back-to-back without launching any other activities in between. You can go back to the Tower, and you can log out and log back in.

But the system is a little unreliable — it might reset on a new day, or it might not. Getting to certain Xur ranks is how you unlock the ability to buy some of the cosmetics (more on that below), and how you earn the Forerunner Exotic and its Catalyst.

Treasure Keys

You can get Treasure Keys — for picking up some sweet loot from Xur or unlocking some special anniversary cosmetics — from a handful of places.

The first and most simple one is from the chest at the end of a Dares of Eternity run. This chest will always give one Treasure Key, one Strange Coin, and one piece of Legendary gear from the world loot pool.

Additional keys can drop inside of Dares of Eternity in the lightning round, which is a random bonus encounter occasionally tacked onto the end of Dares of Eternity. You can also get bonus keys from the Treasurer, another random event replacing the second encounter boss with a special Taken Ogre.

Starhorse Treasure Keys

Keys also come directly from the Starhorse in Xur’s Treasure Room, and you can buy them for 10 Strange Coins.

But for only seven Strange Coins, you can purchase a Paraversal Haul. Paraversal Hauls are a little bit like loot boxes: You open them and get a random set of rewards. These rewards can include up to three Treasure Keys, Strange Coins, Legendary gear, and even sometimes an Exotic. Since it’s three fewer Strange Coins, and because you can get multiple Treasure Keys, we suggest buying these Hauls when possible. You can also earn these packages through the Starhorse Bounties.

Finally, Starhorse sells one Legendary engram for three Strange Coins, and you can buy 5,000 Glimmer for five Strange Coins.

Xur and Starhorse bounties

Starhorse’s bounty menu in Destiny 2 Bungie via Jacob VanderVat

Xur bounties

Xur bounties are also similar to the bounties from Vanguard and Crucible in that they grant XP rather than reputation. These bounties are easy to complete, and most take no additional work, so they’re worth picking up before a play session.

Starhorse bounties

Starhorse bounties, on the other hand, are very different. The biggest difference is that you can only hold one bounty at a time, meaning you will have to revisit Starhorse after every run where you complete a bounty. All Starhorse bounties require you to complete them in a single run, and their progress to zero if you don’t meet all of the requirements.

Starhorse has three daily bounties and three weekly bounties.

Starhorse daily bounties

The daily bounties are per character, meaning you can do them up to three times each per day — as long as you have three different Guardians. They cost three Strange Coins to buy. They each require a score of 160,000 points or more (easily achievable with a random group, even on the normal difficulty) as well as one additional task that involves getting kills with a particular type of weapon, like Pulse Rifles. For most of the weapon tasks, you can also complete them by getting multi-kills – using Gjallarhorn can make these bounties light work.

Starhorse weekly bounties

The Destiny 2 hotfix applied on Jan. 11, 2022 fixed a problem where the Starhorse weekly bounties could only be done once per account. They are now like daily bounties and can be done per character.

The first two weekly bounties cost five Strange Coins. These bounties require a score of 180,000 points or more, as well as two other tasks. These vary based on the bounty but include objectives like killing enemies with an arc sword and getting multi-kills.

The final weekly bounty costs seven Strange Coins, and forces you to complete a Legendary difficulty Dares of Eternity run. This bounty requires a score of at least 300,000 points, as well as two other tasks. These additional objectives might include getting ability kills and getting kills with an energy or heavy weapon.

More difficult bounties give more Paraversal Hauls. The dailies grant one, while the mid-level weeklies grant two, and the large weekly grants three.

Xur’s Treasure Room

The celebration weapon mode cache in Destiny 2 Image: Bungie via Jacob VanderVat

Xur’s Treasure Room loot pool and chests

Xur’s Treasure Room is where Xur and the Starhorse reside, but it’s also where you can spend your Treasure Keys. You can use the primary chest to purchase a random weapon from the Dares of Eternity loot pool, which costs one Treasure Key. The loot pool includes:

The Other Half Void sword appears to have a different, lower drop rate than the rest of the weapons. It appears to be very rare for some people, so if you’re still looking for it, know that you’re not alone.

The second chest is directly under the first, and for one Treasure Key, you can get a copy of the Sweaty Confetti weapon mod. When slotted into a gun, precision kills create a burst of confetti. These sidle-use mods slot into Legendary weapons. You’ll need lots if you want to enhance multiple weapons.

For the remainder of the chests, you can only open each one once. These contain special armor ornaments, as well as equipment items, such as a Ghost, Sparrow, and the ship. These are also only for players that own the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack. Each chest requires a specific Xur rank and a specific number of Keys, shown below.

Each class has its own set of chests, so you’ll need to open each five armor chests per Guardian. You’ll need 84 Treasure Keys to unlock every piece of equipment and armor ornament in Xur’s Treasure Room.

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