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Six Guardians stand at the opening of the King’s Fall raid in Destiny 2

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Destiny 2: King’s Fall raid walkthrough

An encounter-by-encounter breakdown, from Warpriest to Oryx

Image: Bungie
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King’s Fall is a returning raid in Destiny 2, resurrected from the original Destiny for Season of Plunder. It sees players assault Oryx’s Dreadnaught from The Taken King expansion, hunt down the titular monarch, and commit regicide.

In this Destiny 2 King’s Fall guide, we’ll break down each of the raid’s encounters and show your squad how to take on Oryx with screenshots and examples. We’ve also linked some helpful video guides below, which we highly recommend using in conjunction with this text.

Table of Contents

The Court of Oryx
Tomb Ships
The Totems (Basilica)
Golgoroth’s Maze
The Dick Wall
Daughters of Oryx
Oryx, The Taken King

The Court of Oryx

A Guardian runs up to a statue of Thrall while holding a relic in Destiny 2’s King’s Fall raid Image: Bungie via Polygon

You can find the King’s Fall raid node in the Legends tab up by Strikes, Gambit, and Crucible. When you select the node and load the activity, you’ll pop in in the Court of Oryx, which the game also refers to as the Hall of Souls.

You’ll find yourself in a triangle-shaped room, with a long hallway lined with statues in front of you, and doorways to your right and left. Before the hallway, you’ll see two lanterns, each with a Relic sitting on top.

Have two players each grab a Relic and carry it forward. A group of enemies will spawn and a Taken door will appear. Shoot the Blight to open the door and kill the enemies. Have each Relic holder dunk their Relic in the glowing Thrall statue on the right. The Guardians must do this within five seconds of each other. If done correctly, the statue will hum with light and you’ll get a notification that two new Relics have spawned.

This is where this encounter gets a tad more complex. Split your team up into three groups of two:

  • Two Guardians to defend the room you’re currently in
  • Two Guardians to go right
  • Two Guardians to go left

The remaining, defending Guardians have an easy job. All they need to do is kill enemies and shoot the Taken Blights that cover the statue hallway, and the right and left doors.

The right and left Guardians are responsible for collecting more Relics. Have each team go through their doorways and start hunting. Only one Relic will spawn per side at a time, so it’s best to have a designated Relic carrier and escort in each duo.

When both carriers on both sides are ready, have them count down from three and grab the Relic at the same time. This will cause a horde of Taken to spawn, which the escort will need to kill for the Relic carrier. The escort will also need to shoot out the Taken Blights blocking the doorway back to the Thrall statue hallway, allowing their Relic carrier to pass.

With the help of the escorts and the middle Guardians, both Relic carriers need to return to the Thrall hallway statue with their Relic and dunk within five seconds of one another. The kicker is that as soon as one Guardian picks up a Relic, a timer will start ticking down to zero. If the timer expires, the Relics will respawn and Guardians will need to do the run again.

Bring six sets of Relics (including the first two) to the six Thrall statues to open the King’s Fall raid. Once the encounter ends, a few enemies will spawn near the portal in front of you. Kill them, jump in the portal, and grab your first taste of King’s Fall loot.

Tomb Ships

A Guardian holds a boney scout rifle and looks at a Tomb Ship in Destiny 2’s King’s Fall raid Image: Bungie via Polygon

The Tomb Ships, aka the greatest jumping puzzle in Destiny history. We’re going to quickly go over how to get through it.

From the chest, jump over the swinging urns and continue forward. When you reach some enemies and the ship, wait for your allies to catch up. When everyone is ready, have the entire group jump on the Tomb Ship together.

Ride the ship forward until you’re able to jump on the ship to your immediate right, which will come at you diagonally. From there, orient yourself facing the direction that the ship is moving and jump to the following Tomb Ships:

  • Right
  • Forward

Then jump onto the platform to get a checkpoint. From here, jump onto the Tomb Ship that spawns to your right and jump in the following order:

  • Forward
  • Skip the next Tomb Ship and hang left to avoid it
  • Forward
  • Forward
  • Forward
  • Forward (this ship doesn’t spawn until the last second, but don’t panic)

Jump off onto the final platform with the enemies to finish this section. Continue around the corner to find another ship. This time, leave two players behind to stand on the plates on the left and right side of the platform. The rest of the players can then ride across safely. On the other side, there will be two more plates. Stand on those to lower the barrier and send the remaining two players back over to join the team.

Progress forward to reach King’s Fall’s first real encounter: Totems (Basilica)

The Totems (Basilica)

A Guardian looks out at the Totem encounter room in Destiny 2’s King’s Fall raid Image: Bungie via Polygon

The Totems is a classic Destiny clockwork raid encounter, where every player gets to do every job.

The room this encounter starts in features stairs that lead down to a large plate, which sits in front of a massive door that has runes running along the side. The door is flanked by two balconies.

To complete Totems, you’ll need to deposit a buff called “Deathsinger’s Power” in the center plate, charging up the runes on the door, eventually opening it.

To open the door to Warpriest, split your team up into two groups of three: team left and team right. Then assign each Guardian a position:

  1. Brand Holder
  2. Plate Defender
  3. Brand Claimer

But these are just starting positions, and Guardians will rotate through each job. Brand Holders will become Plate Defenders, then Brand Claimer, then Brand Holders again. Brand Claimer will become Brand Holders and then Plate Defenders, and so on.

Each player will need to perform each job as their allies on their side are completing their jobs. When everyone is working together, it looks like a well-oiled machine.

Let’s break down each job, starting with Brand Holder.

Brand Holder

A Guardian kills enemies to gain Deathsinger’s Power in Destiny 2’s King’s Fall raid Image: Bungie via Polygon

At the start of the fight, move to the edge of the left or right rooms, depending on your side. Here you’ll find a Brand to pick up. Both you and the other Brand Holder should count down and grab the Brand at the same time, which will start the fight. (Shooting the enemies will also start the fight, but that’s not ideal).

With the Brand in hand, run into the poison and stand on the Annihilator Totem plate at the end of your room. If someone isn’t standing on an Annihilator Totem for more than a few seconds, everyone will die. And players without the brand will take poison damage while in the Annihilator Totem rooms.

Once in position, you’ll need to kill as many enemies as possible in this room. Each kill will give stacks of Deathsinger’s Power. However, there is a time limit here, as the Brand will eventually expire, killing the Guardian who holds it.

As the Brand Holder, kill as many enemies as you can (we recommend a machine gun like Thunderlord) before your Brand Claimer friend is ready to take the buff from you, saving your life.

Note: You have enough time to meet your Brand Claimer mid-way as long as they book it to the Totem.

Once the Brand Claimer takes your buff, head back to the middle of the room to stand on the big plate.

Plate Defender

A Guardian deposits power in the central plate of the Totems encounter in Destiny 2’s King’s Fall raid Image: Bungie via Polygon

If you start the fight as a Plate Defender, you won’t really have much to do other than kill enemies (which we actually recommend against, as the enemies usually funnel toward the Brand Holder, increasing potential Deathsinger’s Power). If you can, it’s courteous to help your Brand Claimers by killing the Wizard and Knights that spawn on the balcony.

However, all other Plate Defenders aside from the first will have a very important job: depositing Deathsinger’s Power. Once you’ve been the Brand Holder and killed enemies, you’ll have plenty of Deathsinger’s Power on you. Run to the middle plate and stand on it until all of your Deathsinger’s Power is transferred from you to the giant door.

Once you’re empty, feel free to jump onto the balcony and help out the Brand Claimer.

Note: An Unstoppable Ogre spawns in front of the middle plate, so be prepared with anti-Champion mods and weapons.

Brand Claimer

A Guardian slays a Blightguard Knight to claim the Brand Claimer buff in Destiny 2’s King’s Fall raid Image: Bungie via Polygon

The Brand Claimer’s job is to jump up on the right or left balcony (depending on what team they’re on) and kill the Hive Wizard that occasionally spawns. Kill the Wizard to summon a Taken Blightguard Knight in the middle of the platform, which you’ll also need to kill.

Once the Knight is dead, a power-up will spawn in the middle of the balcony (not on the Knight’s body). Pick it up (it’s called Brand Claimer) and run to your Brand Holder, who should be standing on your Annihilator Totem. While inside the Brand Holder’s bubble, hold the interact button to steal the Brand for yourself, resetting the timer.

Now it’s your turn to kill enemies and be the Brand Holder.

Once you’ve deposited enough Deathsinger’s Power by going through multiple cycles of this, the Warpriest will deem you worthy and beckon you forth. Make sure to grab your loot from the middle plate and then prepare to face the raid’s first real boss.


A Guardian stares out at the Warpriest arena in Destiny 2’s King’s Fall raid Image: Bungie via Polygon

After the Totem encounter, you’ll walk into the Warpriest’s cramped arena, which features three giant pillars with runes on them and their corresponding plates, as well as the massive stage at the front of the room. The boss will eventually spawn on that stage and attack, and the pillars and plates will play a major role in the Warpriest fight.

Before starting the fight, you’ll need to assign jobs to your team. You’ll need three Plate Holders (for the right, middle, and left plates), two Knight Slayers, and one general enemy clear person. Once you have everyone assigned, send the Plate Holders to their assigned plate, and then pair them up with one of the non-Plate Holder players so they can work together to kill enemies in the opening phase of the fight.

To start the fight, each Plate Holder should step on their plate simultaneously.

When the fight starts, you and your team will need to clear the room of several waves of Hive. Eventually, a Major Knight will spawn in each of the three quadrants. When you’ve killed all three Knights, the Glyph Reading Sequence will start.

Plate Holders

A Guardian watched another Guardian be a plate reader in Destiny 2’s King’s Fall raid Image: Bungie via Polygon

When the Glyph Reading Sequence begins, make sure to clear the voice comms before having the middle Plate Holder step onto their plate. While on the plate, the middle Plate Holder will see one of the totems glow (if they can’t see one glowing, it’s probably the mid pillar). The glowing pillar denotes who will start the Glyph Sequence. Have the middle Plate Holder call out which pillar they saw and then step off their plate — even if they saw middle.

Once off the plate, the called Plate Holder needs to step on their plate and stay on it until the sequence is complete. They’ll then see another glowing pillar, which they should call out. The next called Plate Holder will then need to step on and activate their plate. Finally, the third Plate Holder will need to hop onto their plate. Once all three players are on their plate in the correct order, you’ll complete the Glyph Sequence, and the third Plate Holder will acquire the Brand of the Initiate.

Note: While it may sound counter-intuitive, the middle player must always step off their plate after doing the initial reading, even if the middle plate is glowing. In that instance, the middle player will hop on, do the read, hop off, and then hop back on again.

Once you’ve acquired the Brand of the Initiate, everyone should group up under the lip of the raised platform on the right, between the right and middle pillar. Start shooting the Warpriest with precision weapons like Linear Fusion Rifles and Divinity. Supers like Gathering Storm and Nova Bomb are great here as well.

You’ll be able to do damage to the Warpriest as long as your team has the Brand of the Initiate. However, you’re going to run into a problem pretty quickly. The Brand of the Initiate only lasts 15 seconds, which — unless your team is really cooking — isn’t enough to finish off the Warpriest. And to make matters worse, if the Brand of the Initiate expires on your Plate Holder, it will kill them instantly.

To fix this, you’ll need your Knight Slayers to do some work.

Knight Slayers

A Guardian slays a Blightguard Knight in Destiny 2’s King’s Fall raid Image: Bungie via Polygon

Once your team has the Brand of the Initiate, choose one of your two Knight Slayers to go first, while the other joins the team to deal damage.

The first Knight Slayer will need to quickly seek out a Taken Knight (similar to the last encounter) on either the right, middle, or left section of the map. The Knights only spawn in the first and second Plate Holder quadrants. So, for example, if the middle Plate Holder got on their plate third, the Taken Knights will spawn right or left.

Once your first Slayer has killed the Knight, they’ll need to grab the Brand Claimer buff again and run back to their teammates. Have the Brand of the Initiate holder count down their remaining time on the Brand, and when it gets to one, hold the interact button to steal it for yourself. This will save your friend’s life and continue the damage phase.

Before the first Slayer steals the Brand — about five seconds out — the second Slayer should leave the group and seek out the other Knight. Follow the same process as the first Slayer and wait until the Brand just has a second or two left. Steal it when it’s low to continue the damage phase even further and save your first Slayer.

After two extensions, the Brand of the Initiate will fall off your second Knight Slayer without dealing lethal damage.

When the damage phase ends — either by reaching the third brand or if a Slayer doesn’t make it back in time — the Warpriest will call on the giant Taken Blight behind him to kill everyone in the room. To protect your team, gather everyone behind one of the pillars in the arena. This will disintegrate the pillar, but save your team.

A Guardian hides behind a Warpriest pillar in Destiny 2’s King’s Fall raid Image: Bungie via Polygon

Note: You want to make sure all six players gather together, as the Warpriest will destroy any pillar with a player behind it. It’s important to only destroy one pillar at a time to extend the fight as long as possible.

Repeat this entire process — starting with the enemy spawns — over until you either kill the Warpriest or run out of pillars to save yourself. You can take up to four damage phases to kill Warpriest as long as you use one pillar per phase.

Once the Warpriest is dead, collect your loot, head through the portal behind the boss, and enter Golgoroth’s maze.

Golgoroth’s maze

A Guardian runs through a maze in Destiny 2’s King’s Fall raid Image: Bungie via Polygon

Golgoroth’s maze is dark and easy to get lost in if you don’t know where you’re going. However, the path is actually very simple.

From the giant lantern-thing that you’ll find after going through the Warpriest’s portal, move forward and follow these directions for each turn:

  • Right
  • Left
  • Left
  • Right
  • Forward

You’ll eventually meet two big Knights and a large door. Kill the Knights and gather your party at the door, which will cause it to open.


A Guardian looks out at Golgoroth’s arena in Destiny 2’s King’s Fall raid Image: Bungie via Polygon

Golgoroth is a speedy encounter, but it requires a lot of focus to complete. Break your team up into four Damage Dealers and two Tanks. When you’re ready to start the fight, spread the team around the arena and shoot the little ball hanging over the pit. When the ball breaks, you’ll spawn Golgoroth, the super gross Ogre with spider arms coming out of his back.

Just like Warpriest, run around the room and kill all the enemies.

Damage Dealers

A Guardian shoots at Golgoroth’s chest in Destiny 2’s King’s Fall raid Image: Bungie via Polygon

Return to the entrance to Golgoroth’s chamber and wait for your first Tank player to take Golgoroth's Gaze. Shoot down the bubble on the left side of the pit as quickly as you can. Once the bubble drops, have all of the Damage Dealers jump into the glowing white spot it leaves after it hits the ground. All players should see the Pool of Reclaimed Light buff on their screen.

While in the Pool of Reclaimed Light, you’ll be able to shoot Golgoroth in his stomach, but not his head. (Linear Fusion Rifles are great here, just like with Warpriest.) Keep damaging him until your second Tank player takes Golgoroth’s Gaze. When this happens, look right and up. You’ll see another bubble hanging from the ceiling. Shoot it down and move to the Pool of Reclaimed Light it leaves behind.

Repeat this process each time your Tanks swap Golgoroth’s Gaze. The bubbles spawn in a zigzag or shoelace pattern, so you’ll go left, right, left, right, left, right. After the sixth bubble, jump out of the pit. A pretty simple job!

However, there is one other mechanic you’ll need to deal with as a Damage Dealer. Each Pool of Reclaimed Light will select one player to get a debuff called Unstable Light. After a countdown, the player will explode in an area around them, killing any Guardians nearby. Funnily enough, this doesn’t actually harm the Unstable Light player, meaning everyone will know who killed the entire team.

If you get Unstable Light (your screen will get a green hue around it), wait for the countdown timer to get low and leave the Pool of Reclaimed Light so you can safely explode away from your friends. While it’s critical to protect the raid, you can actually use Unstable Light as a damage opportunity. Getting close to Golgoroth when you explode will deal a huge chunk of damage. Use this effect to speed up your kills.


A Guardian holds Golgoroth’s gaze in Destiny 2’s King’s Fall raid Image: Bungie via Polygon

While everyone else is having fun shooting the boss, you have the most important job: keeping Golgoroth distracted. Choose which Tank of the two of you will go first and make sure you have a fast firing weapon, like a submachine gun or a machine gun.

When the rest of the team returns to the entrance, the first Tank should take position on one of the walkway platforms in the middle of the room (you can take the gaze from anywhere, but the platforms are typically the easiest place to hit him). To get Golgoroth’s Gaze and enable your team to start the damage phase, you need to shoot Golgoroth with a high damage weapon (a sniper or linear fusion rifle work best) in the pulsating tumor on the back of his head. If he’s not looking at you, this is easy. If, however, he’s eye-beaming you, get your friends to shoot him in the backside, which usually is enough to get its attention. Just make sure they don’t accidentally hit the tumor.

Take the boss’ gaze and signal your Damage Dealers to break their bubble. Quickly run around the arena until your Damager Dealers are between you and Golgoroth, so that they have a nice shot at his belly. All you need to do now is shoot the Axiom Darts that he’ll send your way and count down how much time is left on your Golgoroth’s Gaze debuff.

When the first Tank’s Gaze timer has about one or two seconds remaining, the second Tank should shoot Golgoroth to take his Gaze. Then, like the first Tank, have them reposition themselves so their team has a clean shot at Golgoroth’s gut.

Trade the Gaze back and forth like this six times, or until your team kills Golgoroth.

Being the Tank here is quite simple, but we do have some key tips to give you:

  • If you don’t have the Gaze, feel free to jump into the Pool of Reclaimed Light with your team to deal some damage. Just don’t get greedy, and make sure to take note of whether you get Unstable Light or not
  • Another good use of your time while you don’t have Gaze is to kill the enemies that spawn, as they can hurt or distract your teammates
  • It’s good form to help your team break the next bubble once the other Tank player takes the Gaze from you
  • The Totem at the back of the room will gain a charge for every bubble your team doesn’t use in a damage phase, so make sure not to miss a Gaze. If the Totem reaches six stacks, it will explode and wipe the raid

Once you’ve dropped six bubbles or lost Golgoroth’s Gaze, start the fight over from the beginning and start killing enemies. Repeat the process until you’ve killed Golgoroth or he kills you.

Once you’ve felled the Ogre and gotten the famous blood splatter on your screen, grab the loot and get ready for Destiny’s most famous jumping puzzle.

The Dick Wall (yes, that’s what everyone actually calls it)

A Guardian jumps through the “Dick Wall” jumping puzzle in Destiny 2’s King’s Fall raid Image: Bungie via Polygon

Now that you’ve felled the spider Ogre, walk through his pit and the next corridors to reach: The Dick Wall jumping puzzle. That’s what people call it, and that’s what we’re going with.

The Dick Wall is so named because there are dozens of phallic pistons that will shoot out of the wall at random, launching your Guardian at mach two across the room and, usually, into the opposite wall. You’ll need to tread carefully if you don’t want to get hit.

When you enter the room, head left and avoid the pistons. Make your way down to a plate. Have someone stand on the plate, which will spawn two platforms leading across the room. Leave one player to stand on the plate and send the rest ahead. On the other side you’ll find another plate, which someone will need to stand on. Follow the path again for another plate (same deal) and then another.

Once you have a player standing on all four plates, the path will solidify, and everyone will be able to catch up.

Now you’ll find yourself on a different part of The Dick Wall. Jump along the edges and up until you make your way to a massive door. When everyone is together, the door will open. Go through, complete the short vertical jumping puzzle, and then stand by yet another door. When this one opens, you’ll be in the final chamber, where you’ll face down Oryx’s daughters and eventually the Taken King himself.

Daughters of Oryx

A Guardian stares out at the Daughter’s of Oryx chamber in Destiny 2’s King’s Fall raid Image: Bungie via Polygon

The Daughters of Oryx are a prelude to the king, and you’ll learn a lot of the mechanics you’ll take into the final boss.

First, let’s establish the room and the roles. When you enter, you’ll find yourself at the back of the room, with Saturn being the front. The room itself is a large rectangle with six raised platforms. Two of those platforms currently house the daughters of Oryx, and you aren’t able to stand on them. The other four — one in each of the rectangular arena’s corners — are crucial to this fight.

A map of the Daughters of Oryx and Oryx encounter with L1, R1, L2, and R2 labeled Image: Reddit user Taux

The first pillar on your left is L1, and the first pillar on your right is R1. If you move past the daughters to the top right and top left pillars, you’ll find L2 and R2. The rally flag is close to L1 and R1 and Saturn is close to L2 and R2. Make sure everyone is on the same page here in terms of callouts, as you’ll need to quickly be able to communicate locations.

Now it’s time to break up your team again. You’ll need four Plate Holders and two Floaters. You should assign each Plate Holder to a plate. As for the Floaters, assign them to the front and back of the room. The front Floater should cover L2 and R2, whereas the back Floater should cover L1 and R1.

When everyone is in position, look at the four plates until you find one with a Knight on top of it. Shoot the Knight to start the fight.

As soon as the fight starts, one of the daughters will immediately begin singing a song called the Dirge of Unraveling, which lasts about two minutes. You’ll need to complete the mechanics below in about a minute and a half if you want to deal damage, and within the two minutes if you just want to survive. If the daughter finishes her song before you’re able to steal one of their immunity bubbles, it will kill the entire raid.

With the fight started, work with your team to kill the Knight on the plate. When it’s dead, the player who owns the plate the Knight spawned on should jump up on top of it. This will cause one random player on the team (excluding the person currently on their plate) to become Torn Between Dimensions. While Torn Between Dimensions, the Guardian won’t be able to shoot or attack, and will instead need to collect a special item to progress the fight.

The Torn Between Dimensions player should join Plate Holder standing on the Knight plate. Both players on the plate will be able to look into the sky and see a Taken orb floating above one of the other plates in the arena. Call out the plate to the group, and ask that plate’s owner to jump up. If the Torn Between Dimensions player is the owner of the next plate, the Floater assigned to that half of the room should jump up instead.

If you do this correctly, you should have two Plate Holders standing on plates, as well as the player who is Torn Between Dimensions. When everyone is in position and no other players are on incorrect plates, a pathway will appear in the sky that only the Torn Between Dimensions player can interact with.

Send the Torn Between Dimensions player along the path until they reach the Taken Orb. When they run through it, you’ll get a notification that “a piece of the Blightguard has been found.” When that notification pops up, everyone needs to get off their plate immediately. A new Knight will now spawn on a plate, and you’ll need to repeat this process a second and third time.

On the third time, the Torn Between Dimensions player will need to pick up the Brand Claimer buff. With it, the Torn Between Dimensions player can then jump up to one of the daughters — preferably the one that’s shooting at everyone, not the one singing — and interact to steal their protective bubble.

A Guardian shoots one of the daughter’s of Oryx with a rocket launcher in Destiny 2’s King’s Fall raid Image: Bungie via Polygon

After you’ve stolen the Daughter’s Brand, have your team group up on the other Daughter’s platform. Now, you won’t be able to actually stand next to the other boss. Instead, stand with your team on the little step jutting off of the other boss’s pillar. This should give you a clear, diagonal angle of the vulnerable Daughter.

You’ll now have until the singing sister finishes her song to deal damage to the vulnerable one. That means the faster you do the plate platforming, the more time you’ll have to deal damage.

Killing each daughter is extremely easy if your team has access to both the Divinity and Gjallarhorn Exotics. If you have both, put one player on each and the rest of your raid team on a rocket launcher of their choosing. After only a few Gjallarhorn and Divinity empowered rockets, the first daughter will die. If your team doesn’t have access to these Exotics, first equip linear fusion rifles to take care of the daughters, and second, consider getting the Exotics as soon as you finish the raid.

With the first daughter dead (or at half health or so), repeat the entire fight from the beginning, alternating which sister you damage. When both are dead, you’ll finish the fight and move on to their father.

Oryx, the Taken King

Oryx the Taken King stands up against the boss arena in Destiny 2’s King’s Fall raid Image: Bungie via Polygon

The great news about Oryx is you already (mostly) know how to kill him after killing two of his children. Send your teammates to the same positions as before, with four Plate Holders and two Floaters. Walk to the front of the room to summon the king and start the fight.

Surprise! A giant version of Oryx will appear from under the platform and stare you down from the front of the room. Four Taken Knights will also spawn on each plate. Kill all of them to get the fight going.

When the Taken Knights are dead, Oryx will move to one of the four plates around the room, smashing his fist down where he stops. Make sure to steer clear of the plate, as this smash is fatal if you remain under it.

When Oryx removes his fist, the plate will glow green. In this fight, this is the signal that the plate is the starting position for the Torn Between Dimensions jumping section, rather than the Knights. Have the player jump up on the green platform and do the same Torn Between Dimensions sequence that you did with the Daughters.

A Light-Eater Ogre spawns at the R2 plate in Destiny 2’s King’s Fall raid Image: Bungie via Polygon

You’ll need to do this three times again, just like with Daughters, but there are two big changes. We already mentioned needing to look for the green glow to figure out which is the starting plate all three times, but Oryx will also spawn four Light-Eater Ogres in the pools around each plate.

Each Plate Holder will be responsible for killing their Ogre — although Floaters and other Plate Holders should help if they can — and they’ll need to do so immediately after they spawn. Thankfully, they appear in a specific order; the first shows up at the first plate counter-clockwise from where Oryx started his attack. When each Ogre dies, it will drop a giant Taken Blight bomb at its corpse. This will be important later, but all Guardians must stay away from each bomb for now.

Each Ogre also has a companion Light-Eater Knight, which spawns when that Ogre dies. These Knights spawn diagonally from their Ogre’s spawning position. For example: when the R2 Ogre dies, the R2 Plate Holder’s Light-Eater Knight will spawn in the front left corner of the rectangular boss arena. Kill these Knights immediately, as they’ll make a beeline for their Ogre’s bomb. If they reach the bomb alive, they will consume it, which is going to become a pain later.

The Ogres and Knights only spawn once per phase. When you’ve done the Torn Between Dimensions puzzle three times, the final afflicted player will receive the Blight Stealer buff. They’ll need to take it from a powerful Knight who spawns when the third player gets Torn Between Dimensions. Steal the buff and kill the Knight.

A Guardian runs toward a Blight bomb in Destiny 2’s King’s Fall raid Image: Bungie via Polygon

While this is happening, all of the Plate Holders should move near their bomb’s aura — meaning the black goop surrounding it, rather than the bomb itself — without going inside. Eventually, you’ll get a notification that Oryx calls upon the Darkness. When this happens, all four Plate Holders need to walk into their bomb simultaneously and wait. Every bomb triggered will cause the player who triggered it to see their name to pop up on the screen.

When you see your name pop up (if you’re triggering a bomb), book it back to the middle of the room, where your Brand holder should be waiting. If anyone is caught outside the immunity Brand when the bombs go off, they’ll be killed. The explosions will cause Oryx to open his chest and become vulnerable. Each bomb increases the length of his stun and your damage phase. As long as one player is able to detonate one bomb, you’ll stun Oryx and prevent a wipe. But you want all four to get a long damage phase.

A group of Guardians shoot at Oryx’s chest in Destiny 2’s King’s Fall raid Image: Bungie via Polygon

With Oryx’s chest open, shoot him with long-range weapons like snipers and linear fusion rifles. Long-range supers like Gathering Storm are also great here. Eventually, he’ll close up his chest and return to the front of the room.

He’ll then do one of two intermission attacks. For one, he’ll send the Guardians into a kind of Thunderdome, where he’ll send a shade of himself after your party. Kill the shade to escape, otherwise you’ll wipe. The other attack is a missile barrage. To escape this, have your teammates either wait it out and run in a circle, or instantly kill the Taken Knights that spawn on the plates.

When intermission is over, repeat the fight again until you reach Oryx’s final stand.

Before we explain how to deal the deathblow, here are some key tips for this fight to keep in mind:

  • The third Torn Between Dimension player will always be the Brand Holder during the Oryx damage section, and they should not leave the middle to get their bomb. Instead, their floater should get the bomb
  • The Brand Holder should stay as close to the middle as possible, as it will give all players an equitable chance of making it back in before the bombs explode. If it looks like someone is going to be late, communicate with the team and move as a unit
  • Once Oryx is stunned and everyone is alive, you can move wherever you want to damage the boss
  • Thrall tend to swarm you while you damage their king. While they can’t hurt you, they do tend to put themselves between your shot and Oryx (in a very “get down Mr. President” way that’s truly obnoxious). Throw a grenade at your feet to kill them. This is especially useful if you have a Titan using Sunspots

When you reach the final fraction of Oryx’s health, he’ll return to the front of the room, and you’ll notice that your Brand Holder still has the buff. Immediately, two Light-Eater Ogres will spawn, first at R2 and then at L2. Have the entire team kill them both, and then select a player (ideally the one with the lowest ammo reserves) to run over to the right bomb but not enter it.

A group of Guardians battle against Oryx in his final stand in Destiny 2’s King’s Fall raid Image: Bungie via Polygon

When Oryx calls upon the Darkness, have the player walk into the bomb. Oryx’s chest will also pop open at this time, opening him up to damage. While your ally channels the bomb, fill Oryx full of lead. Once charged, the bomb player should run back to the safety of the Brand and join in on damage.

The bomb will then explode, stunning Oryx and giving you more time. The bomb player should then repeat this process with the left bomb, giving you one final chance to kill Oryx. If you fail to lower his health to zero after two final stand stuns, he’ll wipe your raid, even through the immunity brand.

However, if you manage to take down that health all the way, The Taken King will fall and slowly float backward toward Saturn. Congratulations, Guardian. Now take a screenshot with his corpse, grab your loot, and start over on your other characters.

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