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All three secret chests in the Destiny 2: King’s Fall raid

Here’s how to unlock the King’s Ransom Triumph and get the Ancient Wisdom shader

Image: Bungie

Destiny 2’s version of the King’s Fall raid — which just entered the game in Season of Plunder — is filled with secrets. Like Vow of the Disciple, there’s a guaranteed red border Deepsight Resonance chest you can earn via a puzzle. The infamous basketball court returns as an exciting quest for the Touch of Malice Catalyst. And like most raids before it, there are three hidden chests where you can easily pick up extra loot each week.

In this Destiny 2 guide, we’re going to show you how to get all three hidden chests inside the King’s Fall raid, which will net you some extra loot and the King’s Ransom Triumph.

Note: To keep this guide breezy, we’re going to assume that you can get to the encounters that house these chests on your own. If you need help with the King’s Fall raid, check out our complete guide.

Chest 1 — The Tomb Ships

A Guardian holding a big machine gun walks toward a wall with a hole in it
See that doorway in the distance? On the far wall? That’s where you’re going for this chest
Image: Bungie via Polygon

After clearing the first encounter, you’ll come upon the devious Tomb Ships jumping puzzle. Make your way across the first chasm, until you find yourself on the middle pillar of the giant room — not the checkpoint during the first section of Tomb Ships, but the area just after, where a group of Hive spawns to intercept you.

Leave two teammates on the plates, as usual, and have the rest of the raid jump on the Tomb Ship for the second half of the jumping puzzle. However, before you get to the wall that normally is blocked by the barrier — the one your friends are currently disabling — look to the left of your ship. You’ll see a spine jutting out of the wall. Jump off the ship and carefully land on the spine. It’s slanted, so be cautious, as it can be very easy to slide off.

A Guardian holding a big machine gun sidles along a thing wall Image: Bungie via Polygon

Once you’ve landed safely, look forward to the wall ahead of you. You’ll see an outcropping on the wall that leads up and to the left. Jump over to it and slowly walk up the side until you reach a doorway. As long as your friends are still on the two plates, the door will be open and you’ll be able to pass through the wall.

Grab the secret chest ahead of you and then make your way down to the doorway on your right. Stand on the two plates here and wait for your allies to follow the same path you did and grab the secret chest for themselves.

Chest 2 — Golgoroth’s Maze

A Guardian holding a pulse rifle stands on a plate as it glows green Image: Bungie via Polygon

Golgoroth’s Maze houses a secret chest as well, and it’s very easy to get as long as you know the layout.

There are five plates in this room, and you’ll need to stand on each in a specific order. For the location of the plates, check out the diagram from the YouTuber Fallout Plays below. If you need more visual assistance for this chest — or any of the chests discussed in this guide — we recommend Fallout’s video as well.

A basic map of Golgoroth’s maze in the King’s Fall raid, with the order the Guardians need to stand on the plates labeled Screenshot: Fallout Plays via YouTube

Send your team into the maze and position one of your members at each plate. Once everyone’s in position, have each player jump on their plates in this order, orienting yourself with the bottom being the entrance to the maze and the top being the exit:

  1. Bottom right
  2. Top left
  3. Bottom left
  4. Middle left
  5. Top right

Each plate that you hit in the correct order will create a giant thudding sound that echoes throughout the maze. If you stand on all five plates in the correct order, you’ll get a notification that a chest has appeared. Go to the middle of the maze to claim your treasure.

Chest 3 — The Dick Wall

A Guardian jumps out and onto several hidden platforms while holding a pulse rifle Image: Bungie via Polygon

The Dick Wall after Golgoroth houses the final chest, and it involves a bit of tricky platforming.

Start by making your way through the puzzle until you reach the first plate, which spawns two platforms. Instead of standing on the plate, look to your right, toward the direction where you entered The Dick Wall puzzle. You’ll see a column with two very small platforms jutting out — one above and one below.

A Guardian uses their Ghost to scan for hidden platforms that float in the air in front of them Image; Bungie via Polygon

Jump over to the top of these platforms and pull out your Ghost. Turn around and you’ll see the outline of a platform. Jump to it and it will become corporeal. Follow the platform to the right, and pull your Ghost out again. Jump to the next platform and then turn around, toward Oryx’s chamber. Higher up on the same pillar as before — and on the opposite side — you’ll see another platform. Jump up to it, and then jump up to another small platform jutting out of the wall opposite the pistons.

Move toward Oryx’s chamber slowly, and pull out your Ghost one more time. Jump to another group of hidden platforms and then turn around. You’ll see a big doorway. Jump into it and run inside. Around the corner, you’ll see the third and final hidden chest. Grab your loot — and the King’s Ransom Triumph — before continuing forward to face Oryx, the Taken King.

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