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Destiny 2 Lightfall Legendary campaign rewards, solo difficulty explained

More challenge, better rewards

Three Guardians stand before Lightfall adversaries The Witness and Calus in Destiny 2 Image: Bungie

Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion sees the return of a Legendary campaign.

As well as an additional challenge, you’ll receive extra rewards for your trouble — including a Power level boost to give you a welcome leg up as you enter the endgame, as well as a unique Triumph and Emblem.

Be Brave or Become Legend choice and how to change campaign difficulty

When you first start the Lightfall campaign, you’ll be asked whether you want to “Be Brave” or “Become Legend.”

This is asking what difficulty you want to play the campaign on — either Classic or Legendary.

Image: Bungie via Matthew Reynolds/Polygon

Know this choice isn’t final. If you change your mind — whether that’s increasing or decreasing the difficulty mid-campaign, or once it’s wrapped — to change difficulty in the Lightfall campaign, find the campaign node on Neomuna’s director screen and select the drop-down in the lower right corner.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Legendary campaign rewards

By completing the Legendary Lightfall campaign, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Gear set fixed at 1770 Power level (20 above the soft cap, 30 below the Powerful gear cap)
  • Lightfall Exotic armor (TBC — usually reserved for solo Legend/Master Lost Sectors)
  • 300 Strand Meditations
  • 8 Upgrade Modules
  • Unique Triumph (which will likely be factored into Moments of Triumph for Year 6) and Emblem (TBC)

As well as the above, like The Witch Queen, it’s also likely you’ll receive a second chest after each major campaign encounter, which will grant you additional loot to help get you to the soft cap faster.

In summary, by completing the Legendary campaign will give you a healthy Power level advantage, both from bonus rewards earned during each mission and a fixed Power level set once the credits have rolled.

Can you play the Destiny 2 Lightfall Legendary solo?

The Legendary campaign is designed to scale with your Fireteam — meaning the difficulty will adjust to the number of players.

“Incoming damage, damage required to stagger an enemy, enemy health, and amount of revives are a few of the things that scale on Legendary for each additional member of your fireteam,” Bungie has said, adding: “We reduced the health scalar on combatants to better balance solo and fireteam play when compared to last year’s Legendary campaign.”

This means if you were put off by the solo experience with The Witch Queen campaign, the difficulty should be better adjusted. That said, it’s worth coming prepared — for Hunters, for example, it’s perhaps worth considering running equipment and mods with plenty of opportunities for invisibility so you can hide from enemies to recover your shields.

For returning Destiny 2 players, it’s likely you’ll also have a range of crafted or god roll weapons and high stat gear to give you the upper hand. For new players, the challenge will be more significant without a decent loadout — and if you cannot join other players who can help “carry” you through the campaign, it’s worth considering doing a Legendary run at a later time.

Finally, regardless of whether you are solo or in a Fireteam, know there will be a Power level requirement to campaign missions. Ideally, you’ll want to be at the mission’s Power level in order to make the challenge fairer. If you are under and are struggling with the mission, then playing other activities until your Power level matches the campaign is highly recommended.

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