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How to farm and get Spectral Pages in Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2023

Here are the best Spectral Pages farming methods

Three Guardians in their Halloween costumes mug for the camera Image: Bungie
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You’ll need to collect Spectral Pages as part of Destiny 2’s fabulously silly, annual Halloween event, Festival of the Lost.

Everyone’s favorite space grandma, Eva Levante, tasks you with collecting Spectral Pages, transforming them into Manifested Pages, and adding them to the Book of the Forgotten. This event has gone more-or-less unchanged for the past two years, and it’s seen some very minor changes this year. The name of the game has always been “how can I get as many Spectral Pages as possible as fast as possible?”

In this Destiny 2 guide, we’ll show you how to get Spectral Pages and teach you how to farm Spectral Pages as efficiently as possible.

How to get Spectral Pages

A Guardian’s packed inventory showing the Manifested Pages inside Image: Bungie via Polygon

Spectral Pages are what we like to call the “go play Destiny 2” currency for Festival of the Lost. The entire point of the currency is to get you out there playing the same stuff you play every week and every season: Strikes, Crucible, raids, what have you. Different activities award different amounts of pages (usually based on difficulty and length).

The only real caveat to collecting these is that you must be wearing the Masquerading Helm festival mask in order to get Spectral Pages from activities. The type of character mask you equip to the Masquerading Helm is purely aesthetic and won’t boost your page numbers or anything like that.

Once you have an inventory full of pages, you can take them into the Haunted Lost Sectors activity in the Tower. Kill as many Headless Ones as you can (up to 15 per Lost Sector), as that will determine how many Spectral Pages you transform in a single go.

You’ll need a whopping 126 Manifested Pages in order to fully complete the Book of the Forgotten this year.

How to farm Spectral Pages

Cheese Forever (an infamous Guardian who always finds new ways to break the game on YouTube), put up a quick guide explaining how to do First Contact checkpoint farming, which nets you nine to 10 Spectral Pages every few minutes.

This exploit has been in the game for a bit, but the general idea is that you load up the mission, get the checkpoint (either by trading it with a friend or just completing the mission), reload and do it again. Instead of having to redo the entire mission, you’ll only have to do a portion and get tons of rewards very quickly.

This is the most common community method for just farming pages, and Kackis even mentions a slightly different method in his guide below. It’s very tedious, but far and away the most efficient method there is.

For those that want to farm entirely solo or don’t want to use an exploit, your best bet here is to farm Heroic Public Events, like Kackis mentions in his video above. Most Public Events allow you to quickly reload the area and do them again if you’re fast enough, which lets you “double-dip” pages for very little effort.

Public Events are only your best option if you’re already done with Season of the Witch, however. If you have Strikes to do for the new seasonal weapon or Crucible ranks to grind, killing two birds with one stone (while wearing a mask) is going to be the best use of your time here.

Basically just determine what you need to do in the game before the next season and do that thing. As long as you’re wearing a mask, you’ll get some Spectral Pages out of it. But if the answer to that initial question is just “finish Festival of the Lost,” hit up the First Contact exploit or run a mind-numbing amount of Heroic Public Events instead.

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