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How to complete the ‘Winter Night’ quest and earn The Dawning Memento in Destiny 2

Get the exclusive Dawning Memento before the Dawning ends in early 2024

The Dawning Memento applied to the Battler pulse rifle in Destiny 2 Image: Bungie via Polygon
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The “Winter Night” quest and its Dawning Memento reward are two new additions to Destiny 2 with 2023’s iteration of the annual The Dawning holiday event.

To complete “Winter Night” and earn the new, event-only Memento — similar to the recent Festival of the Lost Memento — you’ll need to get into quite a few Snowball fights and bake some cookies for everyone’s favorite space grandma, Eva Levante.

In this Destiny 2 guide, we’ll walk you through how to complete “Winter Night” quick, how you can get the Dawning Memento, and how it works.

‘Winter Night’ quest steps and walkthrough in Destiny 2

The Winter Night quest in Destiny 2’s 2023 Dawning event Image: Bungie via Polygon

Once you’ve started the “Cookie Delivery Helper” quest with Eva Levante, you can return to her to pick up the “Winter Night” quest. To complete “Winter Night,” you’ll need to do three things:

  • Get 75 Snowball final blows
  • Get 25 upgraded Snowball final blows
  • Deliver a Classic Butter Cookie to Eva

Start out by baking Eva her favorite cookies using the Classic Butter Cookie recipe in your Eva’s Holiday Oven. Deliver the cookies to Eva and you’ll tick that box.

The other two objectives take a bit more work. You can find Snowballs everywhere in Destiny 2 during The Dawning. All you need to do to spawn one is score a weapon kill on an enemy. They then have a chance to drop a Snowball. Keep picking up Snowballs and chucking them at other enemies to rack up your 75 required kills.

These snowballs do start out pretty weak, however, so getting actual kills with them will be slow going at the start. To up your Snowball potency, you’ll need to spend Dawning Spirit on upgrades at Eva. Coincidentally, this is also how you’ll be able to earn upgraded Snowball final blows for the quest.

Collect 60 Dawning Spirit by turning in bounties and delivering cookies. (Eva’s Weekly bounties give 10 Dawning Spirit each, which is especially good if you have multiple characters.) Then return to Eva and purchase three Snowball upgrades: Long Winter, Longer Winter, and Stay Frosty. You need all three of these upgrades in order to progress the final step of the quest.

With your Snowballs upgraded, continue getting kills (the Stay Frosty Stasis Mine really helps take down groups) by launching Snowballs at groups of enemies. The best way to do this is to just go to your favorite location like Nessus or the Dreaming City and throw Snowballs at packs of enemies as they spawn.

Once you finish the first step of “Winter Night,” return to Eva and she’ll hand over the Dawning Memento.

How to apply the Dawning Memento in Destiny 2

The Dawning Memento’s unique Rime Keepsake shader applied to the Rufus’s Fury (Adept) auto rifle in Destiny 2 Image: Bungie via Polygon

You can apply the Dawning Memento to any of your crafted weapons by visiting The Enclave. Once you attach the Memento to your gun, you’ll be able to track how many Snowballs you create with it starting at weapon level 1. At level 20, your gun will get the Winter Night title, and at level 30 you’ll unlock the Rime Keepsake Shader, which is only available to use on weapons that have the Dawning Memento applied. You can see the unique shader on the Root of Nightmares weapon Rufus’s Fury (Adept) in the image above!

How to get more Dawning Mementos in Destiny 2

If you love the special Dawning Memento shader and title, you’ll need more Dawning Mementos to apply to your gun. To get more, the game says you’ll need to open Gifts in Return, which you get from characters when you deliver cookies to them during The Dawning. Unfortunately, additional Dawning Mementos do seem pretty rare, and we’ve been unable to confirm for ourselves if they’re dropping properly. However, according to YouTuber and Destiny secret hunter Skarrow9, additional Mementos are dropping from Gifts in Return.

If you’re trying to get multiple Dawning Mementos this holiday season, keep in mind that you can only hold one in your inventory at a time.

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