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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep - Deathbringer Exotic guide

Here’s how to find up Destiny 2’s newest Exotic rocket launcher

Deathbringer Destiny 2 Bungie via Polygon
Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

The Deathbringer rocket launcher is a powerful new Exotic in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. If you’re not looking for it, the quest is easy to ignore — it’s not immediately obvious you’ll get a new Exotic. But the Deathbringer is worth getting as soon as possible.

The Deathbringer shares a few things in common with the infamous Gjallarhorn rocket launcher from the original Destiny. You can detonate rockets in mid-air by letting go of the trigger, and the rocket explodes into a small group of orbs that fall to the ground and seek enemy targets on their way.

Here’s how to pick up the Deathbringer for yourself if you own Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.

Complete one of Eris’ old crew gifts

After you finish the Shadowkeep campaign, you can access bounties from Eris Morn. Complete the one called “Lunar Spelunker” and you’ll get a quest item, the fragment of Eris’ former Fireteam member — the Memory of Sai Mota. To cleanse the item for Eris, you need to defeat Nightmares with Arc abilities. Just run Nightmare Hunts until you’ve completed the quest.

Head back to Eris, who isn’t at her usual spot. Take the portal next to where she usually stands and follow the path to her overlook. Wait for her to stop talking, interact with her, and open the chest.

You’ll pick up a new quest called the Symphony of Death.

Head to the Circle of Bones

With the Deathbringer quest in hand, go underground until you reach the main nexus: the Circle of Bones. Start your new Faculties of the Skull quest here.

The mission is very straightforward, so follow the objectives until you finish the quest. You’ll earn the Silent Skull and the Tainted Lullaby quest. Take the skull back to Eris for her to examine it.

Collect the bones

Deathbringer Exotic quest Bungie via Polygon

After you’ve talked to Eris, you’ll get the Marrow’s Elegy quest. All you need to do here is collect three different bones.

Destiny 2 K1 Revelation Lost Sector Bungie via Polygon

For the first, head to the Lost Sector in Sorrow’s Harbor, K1 Revelation (pictured). You’ll find the Ritualistic Bone there by opening the end chest.

For the Festering Bone, you just need to complete a single public event in the area around the Hellmouth.

Deathbringer Exotic quest Bungie via Polygon

The third, the Bone Collector’s Marrow is also easy to find — if you know where to look. We found the Bone Collector as soon as we drove into the Anchor of Light. It’s possible he could appear in more places or have a long cooldown once killed. Just keep an eye out for a Hive with a big, yellow health bar.

Kill High Conductor Sulmakta

Now you need to kill a very specific wizard, High Conductor Sulmakta. This step is easy, unless you’re playing with random people — in which case you need to be on your toes, lest they kill Sulmakta without you hitting them once.

All you need to do is start The Scarlet Keep strike on the Moon. Play through nearly the entire Strike, until you reach the elevator to the top of the top. On the second stop — the floor before the boss — you’ll find Sulmakta. Make sure everyone on your team deals some damage before you kill Sulmakta.

When it’s dead, you’ll get the second-to-last step.

Start killing all types of enemies

Deathbringer Exotic quest Bungie via Polygon

In perhaps Bungie’s most metal quest to date, you need to start collecting the screams of your enemies. What that actually means is you need to kill red bar enemies, yellow bar enemies, and boss enemies.

The yellow bar enemies won’t be a problem. No matter what you do, you’ll finish them all pretty quickly. The bosses and red bar enemies take much longer.

There’s not really a great strategy for this part of the quest, other than to hang out on the Moon and do Public Events or Lost Sectors. If you haven’t finished your weekly Flashpoint yet, you should probably go do that while you’re burning through these enemies.

Once you’re done, you have one more quest to tackle.

Return to the Circle of Bones

After collecting your enemies’ screams, you need to head back to the Circle of Bones. There’s a new quest waiting for you. Start it. You’ll head back into the Catacombs and face enemies that sing 60 second arias at you. We never let it happen, but previous Destiny experience tells us that you’ll die at the end of those 60 seconds. All you need to do to stop the arias is lower their shields by damaging them normally.

When you reach the end, you’ll fight a wizard and complete the skull. This mission is very easy, so don’t worry about its 920 recommended Gear Score.

Return to Eris to pick up your new Deathbringer.

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