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Destiny 2 guide: Tips for Festival of the Lost and Haunted Forest candy grinding

Here’s how you can earn Candy during the Festival of the Lost

The 2019 Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost tree Bungie via Polygon

Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost has returned for another year and this time around it’s all about collecting Candy and Chocolate Strange Coins. If you collect enough throughout the festival, the new Braytech Werewolf auto rifle will be yours.

Just like last year, the Haunted Forest makes its return to Destiny 2 and it’s gotten a few changes, including a new and surprising ending and a unkillable enemy that stalks around while you make your way through the Forest.

This year we’ve got a few tips for how to keep yourself safe in the Forest and how to make sure you get everything you need to unlock your shiny Halloween-themed auto rifle.

Get the Masquerader’s Cowl and keep it on during the festival

The first thing you should do when you get to the Tower for Festival of the Lost is head to Eva, who’s waiting at the bottom of the festival tree. After a brief chat she’ll give you a quest and let you buy items and challenges from her. One of the items you can buy is the Masquerader’s Cowl. Buy it and equip it, you won’t be able to get Candy otherwise. The Cowl only costs 100 Glimmer and you can buy it in any element type you want.

Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost shop keeper and host Bungie via Polygon

Climb the tree on the Tower for some extra rewards

Once you’ve talked to Eva you can set your sights on the tree that she’s standing under. Move to the opposite side from Eva and you’ll see a few platforms around the tree. Jump on these platforms and collect the Candy that’s sitting on them. If you can make it all the way to the top of the tree you’ll find some Chocolate Strange Coins to get your Festival of the Lost collection started.

Get the Master of Disguise Triumph and don’t forget to buy your Braytech Werewolf

The most exiting thing that Eva is selling this Festival of the Lost is the Braytech Werewolf, an auto rifle that comes 950 light by default. Before you can buy the rifle you’ll need to get the Master of Disguise Triumph requires all 5 of the 2019 Festival of the Lost masks. You can buy all of the masks from Eva, but to do that you’ll need 150 Chocolate Strange Coins.

Once you’ve got the Triumph you can buy the Braytech Werewolf for 1,000 Candy. If you aren’t happy with the roll you got on the weapon’s perks, or you just want them to be a little bit better, you can also buy a random version of the gun after you’ve bought it the first time. This random version costs 250 Candy, 5,000 Glimmer, and 5 Legendary Shards.

The Haunted Forest is a good way to get Candy and Chocolate Strange Coins, but it isn’t the only way

The Festival of the Lost is all about earning Chocolate Strange Coins and Candy and there are plenty of ways to go about it. For the Strange coins you should make sure that you’re always completing Eva’s bounties. The weekly bounties give five Chocolate Strange Coins as a reward for completion, while the daily bounties give two.

Another great option for earning either of these things is the Haunted Forest. Just head into the matchmade event, which you can launch from the Tower map, and in 15 minutes you’ll earn somewhere around 100 Candy and a few Chocolate Strange Coins. If the Haunted Forest isn’t your favorite event you can also head to just about any mode, like Crucible, and earn the Festival’s currency there as well.

A giant enemy from Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost that cannot be killed
The Unyielding Terror
Bungie via Polygon

You can’t kill The Unyielding Terror so you should run instead

Speaking of the Haunted Forest, there’s a terrifying enemy patrolling its halls: The Unyielding Terror. This giant enemy doesn’t spawn with each new Forest, but when he does your best bet is to keep far away from him. He’ll slowly stalk you throughout the level, but you can’t deal damage to him. He’s immune to everything. If you find yourself trapped inside a small room with the Terror you should look for a hidden way out along the walls. He may be invisible but he can’t fit into small spaces.

Destiny 2’s 2019 Festival of the Lost should keep you hunting for Candy and Strange Coins for the next couple of weeks, but that isn’t all that’s going on during the festival. There’s also a new dungeon to check out, a new Exotic quest for the Xenophage machine gun to track down, and a new Crucible mode called Momentum. With all these things and the Haunted Forest you should have no trouble unlocking your very own Braytech Werewolf in no time.

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