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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep guide: The Garden of Salvation raid

Here’s how to take down the Consecrated And Sanctified Mind

Garden of Salvation raid Bungie
Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

The Garden of Salvation raid takes you inside the Black Garden of Destiny 2 — a familiar location for old-school fans. You’ll face down two bosses over four encounters in the Garden of Salvation: the Consecrated Mind and the Sanctified Mind.

The Garden of Salvation is the first fully Vex raid since the original Destiny’s Vault of Glass. It’s time to delve back inside the Black Garden and discover the origins of the mysterious Relic from Destiny 2: Shadowkeep’s campaign.

Encounter 1: Evade the Consecrated Mind

To open the door and start the fight, you need to learn the new tether mechanic (not to be confused with the Hunter’s tether ability). There’s a small cube in the opening area and a black star on the door. Using fellow Guardians, you need to stand in a line and turn on the cube. The cube will send out a beam to the nearest Guardian, tethering to them. The tethered Guardian will then tether with their nearest Guardian and so on. Tether until a Guardian connects to the door.

In this fight, you’ll need to play leap frog with your teammates. Separate your Fireteam into two teams. One team to follow the boss and absorb his cube attack, and the other to fight ahead, clear enemies, and open doors. You’ll swap these teams each time the boss moves to a new area. Players need to reach the end of an open field to finish the fight.

For a full walkthrough. Check out FalloutPlays easy to follow YouTube tutorial above.

Encounter 2: Summon the Consecrated Mind

After the jumping puzzle, it’s time to summon the Consecrated Mind.

This new arena is basically a baseball diamond, with home plate placed where you start the fight. You need to station one player at each of the bases. The other two players are floaters, and use portals to jump between bases. Players simply need to defend bases until the fight ends.

Most of the enemies in this encounter have Enlightened shields around them. Players need to have the Enlightened buff to damage them. To gain the Enlightened buff, players need to stand in a line and make a connection between a box and black star near their base. Basically they’ll be using the tether mechanic, like in the first fight. You need at least two players to pull this off. That’s what the floater players are good for — jumping between players to give the buffs.

For a full breakdown of the fight, check out Datto’s video above. This encounter starts at 8:15 in his video.

Encounter 3: Defeat the Consecrated Mind

Once you’ve summoned the Consecrated Mind, you’ll need to take it down for good.

Once again you need to break your party into two separate teams. The first team needs to follow the boss around as it travels from location to location. It’ll drop the square debuff like in the first encounter, but it’ll imprison the player that picks it up this time. The imprisoned player needs to pay attention to the Consecrated Mind’s eyes — only they can see which ones are lit up and which aren’t. All players need to shoot all three of the lit up eyes the imprisoned player sees.

The second team is Mote focused. Players need to defeat large Minotaurs in the area — they drop five Motes each. One of the Mote team members need to collect the Motes and run them to the lit up base, looking to the sky to see the light. They’ll then deposit the Motes and defend the area from Vex until another Mote collector makes the run

The Fireteam needs repeat this process until the pylon has 30 motes, which will draw the boss for the damage phase.

For a more in-depth guide, check out Datto’s video above. This encounter starts at the 11:50 mark in his video.

Encounter 4: Defeat the Sanctified Mind

The Sanctified Mind is the final boss in the Garden of Salvation.

You and your Fireteam start the fight in a giant arena surrounded by Vex Radiolarian Fluid. When the boss fight begins, two pylons with boxes will spawn on either side of the arena — one orange and one blue. Break your team up into three groups of two: Portal 1, Portal 2, and Builders.

Break the boss’ weakpoint on its leg to spawn a blue portal. Send the first team inside to collect 15 Motes from enemies. Break the weakpoint again to return the first team and send in the second portal team to do the same. The first portal team should deposit their motes and defend the relays. The second team should do the same after they return, while the first portal team destroys the boss’ shoulder weak point and jumps into the orange portal.

Builders need to stay behind and clear adds. Whenever the portal teams destroy a weak point on the boss to spawn a portal, the Sanctified Mind breaks a piece of the arena. Aside from clearing adds, Builders need to use their bodies to link boxes and black stars around the arena to rebuild broken sections — like in every other encounter in the Garden of Salvation.

After both pylons have 30 Motes, you can start the damage phase by linking to a blue or orange plus symbol near the boss — you must use the matching colored pylon. To extend the damage phase, the other team needs to link to another plus symbol shortly after.

For a more complete guide on how to take out the final boss of the Garden of Salvation, check out Datto’s video above.

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