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Destiny 2: Season of the Risen Grandmaster Nightfall schedule

What’s new this week in the rotation?

Destiny 2 weapons Duty Bound (left) and Silicon Neuroma (right) Image: Bungie

Starting on April 5, 2022, one of Destiny 2’s most challenging activities becomes available: Grandmaster Nightfalls.

In this Destiny 2: Season of the Risen guide, we’ll explain Grandmaster Nightfalls, tell you what’s new this week in the rotation, and show you the loot you can expect to earn from them.

Update (April 12): This week, there are no bonuses and the weapon is the Duty Bound auto rifle.

Grandmaster Nightfalls, explained

Destiny 2’s menu showing the Grandmaster Nightfall in Season of the Risen Image: Bungie via Polygon

Set at 1,600 power level, players will need to be at least 1,575 power to start a Grandmaster Nightfalls. Each will challenge fireteams to complete versions of beloved Strikes with more enemies, more Champions, and limited revives.

Those who complete Grandmaster Nightfalls will earn a large amount of loot, including Ascendant Shards and Exotics as well as Adept versions of the weekly Nightfall weapons.

Catchup Node

For those players who are looking to guild their Conquerer title, the catchup node will be available starting April 5. This node allows your Fireteam leader to select any Grandmaster Nightfall that they haven’t completed yet this season. It doesn’t matter if the other Fireteam members have completed it or not. This change makes it so that players can guild their Conquerer title once Grandmasters become available.

Grandmaster Nightfall schedule

Date Nightfall Reward Bonus Reputation Double Loot
Date Nightfall Reward Bonus Reputation Double Loot
4/5/2022 The Scarlet Keep Palindrome and PLUG ONE.1 Yes No
4/12/2022 The Arms Dealer Duty Bound No No
4/19/2022 The Glassway Silicon Neuroma No Yes
4/26/2022 The Lightblade The Comedian No No
5/3/2022 Fallen S.A.B.E.R. The Hothead No No
5/10/2022 Birthplace of the Vile Duty Bound No No
5/17/2022 The Scarlet Keep Palindrome and PLUG ONE.1 Yes No

Unlike previous Grandmaster Nightfall weapon rotations, this season’s rotation isn’t set in stone. We’ll update the calendar as we know more about the Grandmasters this season.

New Adept Nightfall weapons

Below, we break down the two new Nightfall weapons introduced in the Season of the Risen. Through Grandmaster Nightfalls, you can earn an Adept version of the weapons, which drop with two perks in the final slot and can use Adept weapons mods like Adept Reload or Adept Range. When you fully Masterwork these weapons, you also gain a slight stat bump in the other stats that are not the primary Masterwork.

Duty Bound

Destiny 2 Duty Bound weapon Image: Bungie via Polygon

Duty Bound is a Legendary 600 RPM Adaptive Frame auto rifle. It deals Kinetic damage and uses primary ammo.


Silicon Neuroma

Destiny 2 Silicon Neuroma Image: Bungie via Polygon

Silicon Neuroma is a Legendary 72 RPM Aggressive Frame sniper rifle. It deals Kinetic damage and uses special ammo.


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