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Destiny: Rise of Iron guide: How to get Gjallarhorn

Your quest for Destiny: Rise of Iron's marquee weapon winds it way through two quests, beginning with "Echoes of the Past" and concluding with "Beauty in Destruction." After you've completed their myriad quest steps, you'll earn a 350-Attack Gjallarhorn. Here's how to do it.

Echoes of the Past Quest

Destiny: Rise of Iron's "Echoes of the Past" is a two-part quest that begins with the main story campaign and concludes with a patrol in the Plaguelands.

1. Await the Call Quest Step

Finish the main story campaign, "Iron Banner," to complete the "Await the Call" quest step.

2. Patrol the Plaguelands Quest Step

"Picking up some odd readings in the Plaguelands. Sending your Ghost the details." — Shiro-4

After completing the "Iron Banner" campaign, you'll unlock the "Patrol the Plaguelands" quest step once you talk to Tyra.

Find a Splicer Key

You'll need to collect a Splicer Key to complete this quest step. While patrolling the Plaguelands, look for a Brood Mother Hive Wizard, which is just a Hive Wizard. They spawn periodically at the opening spawn point of the Plagueland patrol. Defeat a Brood Mother, and there's a high likelihood that it will drop a Splicer Key.

Scan the anomaly in Site 6

In the Archon's Keep area of the Plaguelands, look for a standard patrol mission (it has a ghost symbol) that requires you to complete a scan patrol. This will take you down past Archon's Forge into Site 6. It's there that you'll find a walker. Bring friends to the fight if you can. You can play with a party of three.

The environment to scan is directly behind the walker. If you wish, while two distract the walker, the third can head to Site 6 and scan the area. You can also stun the walker and sneak around him before he wakes up. Of course, you can also defeat the walker, too.

To enter Site 6 and scan the anomaly, you'll need a Splicer Key to pass a laser gate. If you haven't collected one yet, find a Brood Mother Hive Wizard in the area and take it out. They drop Splicer Keys regularly.

Talk to Lord Saladin and Tyra Karn

Return to the Iron Temple and speak with Lord Saladin, who will unlock the "Beauty in Destruction" quest that leads to Gjallarhorn. Talk to Tyra Karn, too. After doing that, it's time to start collecting medallions.

Beauty in Destruction Quest

The tale of a weapon forged for a new Iron Lord

"Beauty in Destruction" is a 10-step quest that culminates when you receive Gjallarhorn.

1. Talk to Saladin

The Gjallarhorn is a message. It is simple enough for even the foolish to understand." — Lord Saladin

If you've completed the campaign and "Echoes of the Past," you'll need to speak to Lord Saladin in the Iron Temple. Don't leave. There's one more thing you've got to do here.

2. Talk to Tyra

You cannot separate the history of the Iron Lords and the history of this weapon. They are one and the same." — Tyra Karn

Speak to Tyra Karnin in the Iron Temple. Once that's finished, head to the Plaguelands to find the Medallions.

3. Collect Iron Medallions Quest Step

"The sight of the Iron Lords striding into battle is a faded memory. They lie dead, and their foes even more so." — Tyra Karn

You'll need to gather seven Medallions to complete this quest. An icon will appear on the screen when you're close enough to a Medallion. Here's where to find them.

Felwinter Peak

This one is right at the Iron Temple. Head right just outside the temple entrance and look up. A marker will appear once you're close. You'll have to do some basic platforming to climb the rocks and get to the top. Pick it up and head to the Plaguelands to find the others.

Lords' Watch Medallion

As soon as you spawn into the Plaguelands, jump off the ledge and turn right. The Lords' Watch Medallion will be inside a small structure in the center of the area.

Bunker Triglav Medallion

After nabbing the Lords' Watch Medallion, turn around and head the other way on your sparrow. This direction is the same as if you turned left from the opening spawn point, and it takes you directly to Bunker Triglav. The Medallion is in a building to the right.

Head inside the roofed area and take the first door on the left. It's the same area where you had to take down the two shield generators in "The Plaguelands" story mission. Hug the left wall as you walk into that area and claim the Bunker Medallion.

Giant's Husk Medallion

This Medallion is in the freight yard area where Hive enemies ambushed you. Turn back around and head back toward the spawn point. Stay on that path until you reach Giant's Husk. It's the area with a bunch of containers littered around.

When you see the rocky cliffs to your right (they will be visible immediately after the words Giant's Husk appear on screen), jump up to climb them. Follow the ground-level containers on the right side. Once you're on the overpass with containers stacked on each other, hug the ground-level containers to your left. The Medallion will be on the ground between two of them.

Archon's Keep Medallion

Jump down and hop back on your sparrow on the main path. Keep heading the direction you were going. Pass the Doomed Sea area and you'll reach Archon's Keep. You're going to travel almost all the way across Archon's Keep until you reach the entrance to Archon's Forge. The Medallion is to the left of that entrance.

Site 6 Medallion

Site 6 is past the Archon Forge. Head inside the building, and follow the tunnels past the Archon Forge. Eventually, you'll reach Site 6. The medallion is in the first room as soon as the area name pops up on screen. Take out the enemies waiting there and claim the medallion in the upper level of the room, back in the corner.

Forgotten Pass Medallion

Return from where you came from. Get back outside by leaving the entrance of Archon's Forge. Get back on the main path and continue to the Forgotten Pass. This Medallion is right in the center of the road. Follow the path until you run into it.

4. Talk to Tyra

"As survivors of the Last City, we must always seek a peace. But we must also appreciate beauty in destruction." — Tyra Karn

After you collect all seven medallions, head to the Iron Temple and speak with Tyra Karn to unlock the next part of the quest.

5. A Symbol of Honor Quest Step

"There was a campaign to call it Lysander's Folly, but I don't want people even remembering his name." — Ikora Rey

The mission begins in the Crucible map Bannerfall. Head to the first waypoint and scan the map. Then you'll get another waypoint to scan. Head there. Then there's yet another thing to scan. Head to the third object and scan it as well.

You'll finally be faced with some opposition. Take out the Fallen forces along the way to the next waypoint. It's one more thing to scan. After that's scanned, you'll have to protect two bombs while your ghost inspects it. It works like a Warsat Public Event. You'll have to stay in the circle while the counter reaches 100.

Iliksis boss fight

More Fallen soldiers will drop periodically. Target them first and take them out quickly. Then focus on the boss. You'll have a good amount of one-on-one time with him once the other Fallen enemies are dealt with.

6. Talk to Tyra

"When the Iron Lords spoke, the wolf packs listened. So it was in the days before the Vanguard." —Tyra Karn

Return to the Iron Temple and speak with Tyra.

7. Collect Dormant SIVA Quest Step

"This stuff has to be good for something, right?" — Shiro-4

Much like the medallions, you'll be sent on another fetch quest. This one is more more challenging than the last. There's one Dormant SIVA piece in particular that calls for some high-level platforming skills. There are 15 total pieces in the game, but you will only need to get five. Here's where you can find them five pieces of Dormant SIVA.

The Iron Temple

This is the a frustrating platforming section that takes place right in the Iron Temple. Head to the rocks overlooking the Iron Temple where you found the first Medallion. Now you're going to have to climb rocks. Be sure to max out your character's agility so you can jump higher. That will come in handy. You'll start out jumping gaps, and then you'll have to climb tiny ledges to scale the mountain one small step at a time. Keep climbing until you reach a large bonfire. The SIVA will be right next to it. You're going to fall many times. There's no penalty in death. Just compose yourself and keep jumping.

The Walls Come Down

The rest of the SIVA pieces are easy to find. Here are four that can be found in the Walls Come Down mission. The first in the mission can be found in the huge Fallen warship at the start of the level. Board the ship and head to the upper level after you take out the enemies. The piece can be found on the left side along the wall.

The Walls Come Down 2

The next piece is just across from the warship. It's under the low catwalk in the snow just before you reach the entrance of the structure. Crouch to get under it, and look for the glowing red of the SIVA.

The Walls Come Down 3

Head all the way through the building until you reach Cosmodrome. You're going to pass the very first SIVA that you had to scan all the way back in the first mission. Walk straight out into the Cosmodrome until you see a downed tank. Approach it and find the glowing red item.

The Walls Come Down 4

The fifth piece is still along that path in The Walls Come Down. Turn left at the tank and make your way into the building. Take out the first fallen enemies you see. The last piece is on the far wall behind what looks like a vent.

8. Talk to Saladin

"Who will stand with me? Who will bear this weapon and honor the dead with every battle?" —Lord Saladin

Return to the Iron Temple and speak to Lord Saladin.

9. Beauty in Delivery

"The Fallen will never understand. In the war for Earth, they have already lost. We have but to finish the slaughter." — Lord Saladin

The game throws a slew of enemies at you. Most of them are common, but there are a few captains in the mix. Those captains have scorch cannons, so if you have an offense-based super, save it for them. Then pick up the cannon and save ammo for if the situation gets dire. If you have a Titan in your team, shield the team with a bubble shield super. That ability really comes in handy in this mission. Stay in the same room as the ghost for cover. The ghost has a counter that has to reach 100, but each second for the ghost is about two real life seconds, so it takes awhile. During our playthrough, the enemies stopped respawning at about 70. It starts out stressful, but then things slow down at the end.

Once the meter reaches 100, claim what is rightfully yours. Use it on the two walkers to destroy them fairly easily. There are numerous respawning chests of heavy ammo, so let the rockets rip. Once you destroy the walkers, you're the proud owner of a Year Three Gjallarhorn.

10. Talk to Saladin

"The Wolf Pack round was a statement. And it said all the Iron Lords would ever need to say on the battlefield." — Crux

Return to Lord Saladin and complete the quest.

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