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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Morning Comes Too Soon walkthrough

Regroup before heading out. You'll start the mission in Jensen's room. Be sure to loot everything around the room on the shelves and dressers. This will include ammunition and consumables. There are even some crafting items that will open the crafting tutorial. Check the floorboards next to the bed to reveal a hidden stash of items that include the J.C. Welcome Package and the Triangle Code. Put on Jensen's coat by the door to start the next part of the mission.

Once outside, there is a locked room that can be hacked to gain access. Hacking these early rooms is good practice for the future. Search the room to find crafting parts and some ammunition. If you're playing for stealth, you won't need the ammunition, but it can always be sold for credits.

Continue making your way down the stairs. You can raid the other apartments along the way. The people living in them don't care. Just don't kill them or knock them out or it will send everyone else into a panic.

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