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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Getting in Top Shape Again walkthrough

Once out of the apartment complex, head to the waypoint on the minimap marked "M3." Each mission is numbered as you progress. Upon reaching the waypoint, a guard will tell you the location is off limits. You'll have to find another way inside the gate. Find a lift that is out of the hallway and to the left of the guard if you're looking at him. Jump from that to the rooftop, then to a junction box and eventually to a balcony with an unlocked door. The room will have a hackable laptop with some emails to read and a vent. Climb through the vent to enter the restricted area.

Follow the rooftops and junction boxes to stay out of view of the guards. Once you jump to a higher ledge, you'll see other window ledges under an open window across the alley. That's where you need to go. You can climb some scaffolding to get to those ledges. If you can do that without being seen, good work. If you fall, take cover to stay out of sight and enter the window on the ground floor. Crouch around counters and boxes to stay hidden until you find a storage closet. That closet has a vent that will grant you access to the second floor.

You'll come out of the vent inside a bathroom. Close the door so nobody outside sees you and then loot the place. Closing doors is a good habit to get into. Guards won't react to opening and closing doors and they aren't able to see through them. The lockers will have a biocell and some ammunition in them. Once outside the bathroom, crouch around the guards to stay hidden. Throw something to the other side of the room to draw them away from the door and continue to make your way to the waypoint. You should be able to make it to the waypoint without being spotted, but you can always knock out a guard if you can't get him out of your path.

Once inside the room with the waypoint, pull the highlighted book on the shelf to reveal a secret passage. Make your way down the elevator and into the secret room to trigger the cutscene.

Speak to Vaclav Koller about your augs. You'll have some dialog choices about the procedure. They are just questions to ask about it and don't alter any outcomes. Eventually Jensen will get in the chair to get his augments fixed.

This cutscene will explain the augmentation system in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. You can activate experimental augmentations and deactivate ones you aren't using. This allows you to juggle different augmentations while you favor ones you use and deactivate ones you don't. The next cutscene will be about Jensen having the ability to unlock all of his abilities. This will open the side mission called The Calibrator. It will also complete the mission.

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