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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided The Rucker Extraction walkthrough

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Go to Sokol's Apartment

Head down the alleys toward the waypoint. You'll be scanned by police as usual. There are cops pretty much everywhere. Reach the apartment to trigger a cutscene conversation. Speak to the woman to get more information on the target. Use the Focus dialog choice to lower her heart rate. If you have the Social Enhancer augmentation (we recommend you get it), the woman will respond best to the Alpha interruption dialog choice. Urge her to spill more information and she will.

If you turn around after the conversation, there's a button under the counter that reveals a hidden laptop that can be hacked. The laptop belongs to Tibor (the person you just had the conversation about). Hack it and read the emails. Then head to the messenger section to have a conversation with Oldblueeye. You'll be able to impersonate Tibor to get some more information. Answer "Yes," "I was delayed by the police, they were asking questions" and "they were asking me about ARC and the bombing in Prague." This will cause Oldblueeye to reveal that there is a secret path to get to a meeting spot. Hacking into the computer will open more dialog when you finally speak to Tibor.

Find Tibor in the Narrows

Head out of the apartment and to the next waypoint in the Narrows. When you get there, an officer will stop you and tell you you aren't allowed to enter. Bribing him with 1000 credits will grant you access. Head inside to speak to Tibor.

After speaking to Tibor, he'll tell you about his brother Dusan and his stolen keycard. Dusan is also being held in one of the cells. Tibor's keycard is on one of the police officers patrolling the marketplace outside. Getting the keycard and finding Dusan are both secondary objectives. There are now two ways to get inside ARC territory. You can speak to Gallois who will send you on a mission to steal some of his goods from police lockup. Or you can complete the two optional missions from Tibor. Here's how to complete them.

Path 1: Complete the two optional missions from Tibor

Stealthily search for locked doors in the room to the right of the detention entrance. Eventually you'll find one that is security level 2. Hack it open, and you'll find a vent on the inside of the room. The vent will take you to a room where you can drop down and find Dusan. He'll ask you to neutralize the four patrolling police outside the room he's being held. This is where it gets tricky.

One of those guards is heavily armored and requires a decent amount of energy to take down without using lethal methods. The best way to go about it is to be seen by them one at a time. That will lure them into the room where Dusan is being held. Knock them out and stash their bodies in a corner. That will leave the last armored enemy.

You won't be able to take down the armored officer with a stealth takedown. It looks like he'll just shrug off tranq ammunition, but he'll fall if you land three headshots. The best part: He won't even react to the first two. Stay hidden, and land three good headshots to put him down without killing him. Speak to Dusan to launch a conversation.

"When you rob a man of everything, you lose your power over him." Remember that line. It's the code phrase for the elevator up to ARC territory.

Sadly, none of the four cops you took out have the keycard. Head back outside. On the second floor of the market, there is a bald police officer with no helmet. That's your man with the keycard. He'll walk back into a room where nobody can see you take him out. Eliminate him and take the keycard.

Once you complete the two secondary objectives, speak to Lubos by the service elevator. Tell him the same statement of wisdom Dusan told you to tell him. That will grant you access to the elevator. Ride it up to the top to enter ARC Territory, and to trigger the next cutscene.

Path 2: Speak with with Gallios

Speak to the shopkeep Gallois who can help you get into ARC territory undetected. He can help you, but for a price. The police have some of Gallois goods. You have to get into restricted areas to get it back. Once the conversation is over, you can take a look at his goods. He only sells guns and ammunition.

There are two supply crates that Gallois needs you to retrieve. They are both in adjacent locked rooms. Head to the waypoint and hack your way into the middle room. Pick up the supply crate, which is sitting in a box. The second locked gate has too high of a security system for you to hack. Instead, climb onto the locked rooms and drop into the one that is locked. Pick up the second supply crate once you're in and anything else that might be useful. Return to Gallois with the supply crates.

Enter ARC Territory

After you finish that cutscene make your way to the waypoint. On the way, don't walk through the laser grid. It will quickly kill you. Instead, throw something through it to detonate the trip mines.

Once you walk through the door, you'll need to get past some simple platforming. Walk off the ledge straight ahead and head to your left. There's an overturned container that you can climb through. Climb to the top of it and climb the ladder to reach a balcony. Walk onto the balcony. There is a control panel that controls the platform. Send it up and walk across the yellow bridge that leads to the new path. Keep following the walkway until you reach another platform that can be raised. Ride it up and you're now on the same level as the waypoint. Head to it.

Now you're in ARC Territory. That means it's a restricted zone. Watch your step. Don't worry. There aren't any guards in the first area. You'll trigger a cutscene before you hit any guards.

Head into the room to the left to speak to Sokal, then make your way through the living quarters. There are a handful of guards patrolling the place. Use the Glass-Shield cloaking wisely to make your way through. There's no grand shortcut. Just take cover behind boxes and boards to get up to the second floor. Then make your way to the waypoint and drop down by it. You'll find that the waypoint is blocked by a laser grid. Don't go through it. There's a vent just to the right of the laser grid. Head through it to bypass the lasers.

There's one guard sitting in the next area. Knock him out and hide the body. There are two more down the hall from there. You'll have to distract the guards by throwing something or use the Glass-Shield cloak to sneak by them. Tranquilizing them is the best strategy once they are separated. Jump up to the platform above the two tranqued guards and into the vent that you'll find up there. That will take you one step closer to the waypoint.

The next area is crawling with guards, and the walls have numerous cameras to dodge. Here's the best path to take.

Head through the closest door to the vent you just came out of. Stay crouched the entire time. Hug the two desks that are in that room to stay out of sight of the camera that is panning the room. You can crouch behind the desk to stay out of its sight.

One guard that will walk in and out of the room. Knock her out if she gets too close.

At the end of that room, hang a right and open the window once you reach the dead end.

Climb out the window, which will land you on a walkway that leads to the other end of the room. Stay on that level, and there will be a locked room with a security level 2 door. Hack it, and walk through that room. That will get you past the laser grid that makes things difficult for you.

On the other side of that room, turn right and keep walking until you can't go any further. There's a guard in the room you're about to walk into. Take her out, and then open the window just behind her. This will bring you so very close to the waypoint.

There's a turret panning the end of that hallway. Just move forward when it isn't looking. Then you're home free. Head inside the elevator and ride it to the top. Head inside to confront Talos Rucker. Here are the best dialog choices for a peaceful outcome if you have the dialog augment:

  • Alpha
  • Omega
  • Beta
  • Alpha

As it turns out, none of that matters. Rucker's augs go haywire, causing him to suddenly die. Use the keycard he gave you and loot his private room. There's a level five safe that can be hacked on the wall. It's not an easy hack, but there's a Praxis kit and a triangle code in there if you can pull it off. Now it's time to get out of there.

Head through the window from the private room and out onto the balcony. Walk along it until you come to a locked door with a security level of 4. Hack it to gain access and head through the vent cover that you'll find behind a box. This will bring you into another area of balconies and guards.

This section actually isn't that difficult. Guards pretty much only patrol one person at a time. Your biggest concern is one drone. Just make sure you stay out of its sight. It will lock onto you fairly quickly.

There's a locked door to the left. Hack it, and make your way through the room. Open a window on the far end of that room. This will bypass the two guards and the drone. Keep crouching your way toward the waypoint. This will take you down a few levels. Each level has its own guard, so take them out until you reach the waypoint. This will take you to a cutscene and will mark the end of the mission.

The mission begins on a plane that's about to send Jensen into the thick of the action. You'll be prompted to choose a strategy to carry out the mission. Since this is a stealth guide, choose the non-lethal and the distance approach. This will give you the long-range tranquilizer rifle.

This is a fairly straightforward mission that eases you into stealth and augs. Walk, run and crouch your way into the building. The game will teach you how to do so.

The first room with a puzzle requires Jensen to restore power to a locked door. Jump up to a catwalk above you and crouch into the adjacent room. Restore power using the power switch. Head back out to the main room and open the door. You'll have to hack it first. The game will give a tutorial on how to approach that.

A quick guide to hacking

Find the path to the green sphere. Each folder has a percentage. The higher the percentage means there's a higher chance of being nabbed by the anti-hacking software. Get to the green sphere before you're detected or before time runs out. Being detected starts a timer. Just press the abort button before the timer hits zero to avoid triggering any alarms.

The next room has two guards with their backs to you. We suggest completing the offered stealth tutorial at this time. It allows you to play out the next scenario without the worry of messing up.

Wait until the guards finish their conversation and separate. Knock them out one at a time and stash the bodies in a corner.

The next room also has two guards. Crouch under the scaffolding to the left. Wait until they're separated and looking away from each other, and then knock them both out. Save your tranq ammo for later.

There's a hackable gate next to the waypoint in the elevator. Hack into it and grab the ammo and consumables in the lockers and then head to the elevator.

The next room has another pair of guards who both have their backs to you. Take them out quietly. You don't even have to worry about hiding their bodies. No other guards patrol this area. Find the high vent in the next room. Take it to the next area.

Stay on the path you come to right out of the vent. There are two guards walking around up there. They are easy to take down one by one. Keep walking straight toward the waypoint. Don't bother checking out the first room to the right. The communications booster (secondary mission) isn't in there. Walk until you can't walk any farther. There's a gap between you and a walkway at the same level.

You can jump the gap and quietly take down the guard waiting over there, or jump down, cloak and climb a ladder. The jumping approach is easier. Just make sure you take the guard out quickly as he may hear you land.

The com booster is in the next door on the right. There are two more guards in there. Make sure they're out of sight from one another and take them out quietly. Deactivate the booster and crouch to the waypoint taking another guard out by the door. Hack the door by the waypoint to trigger the next cutscene.

The final part of the mission requires some speed and a lot of saved aug energy. The sandstorm everyone has been talking about finally hits at a bad time. You'll need to use Jensen's vision aug to see through it. It will automatically highlight any enemies in red.

Tranq them quickly with headshots. Taking them out with hand-to-hand combat will drain your energy, which you need for your vision aug. Make your tranq shots count. Take the enemies out at the bottom level first. They're gunning for Singh. If you take them out in time, you can stop them from killing him. Then rush to the chopper and remove the battery. You'll still complete the mission still even if Singh dies and the chopper gets away, so no pressure.

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