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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Tracking Down the Real Terrorists walkthrough

Meet Smiley in his office

Head back to HQ to speak with Smiley. A brief conversation with Smiley will tell you to find Nomad Stanek. Head to the next waypoint. It's an apartment complex, and it looks like Stanek's has been broken into. Search the apartment for evidence. Stanek's bedroom has a bunch of clocks on the wall. Interact with the one closest to his desk to open a secret room.

Hacking the computer will activate a death trap. The windows and doors will lock, and you need to find a way out fast. Look under the desk within the secret room. Throw the boxes out of the way to reveal a vent.

Head through the vent. The vent system will take you back out into the main room of the apartment. Head out of the complex and toward the next waypoint to confront the man who you think set the trap. The man will tell you about his daughter who may be behind the terrorist attack.

The mission begins on a plane that's about to send Jensen into the thick of the action. You'll be prompted to choose a strategy to carry out the mission. Since this is a stealth guide, choose the non-lethal and the distance approach. This will give you the long-range tranquilizer rifle.

This is a fairly straightforward mission that eases you into stealth and augs. Walk, run and crouch your way into the building. The game will teach you how to do so.

The first room with a puzzle requires Jensen to restore power to a locked door. Jump up to a catwalk above you and crouch into the adjacent room. Restore power using the power switch. Head back out to the main room and open the door. You'll have to hack it first. The game will give a tutorial on how to approach that.

A quick guide to hacking

Find the path to the green sphere. Each folder has a percentage. The higher the percentage means there's a higher chance of being nabbed by the anti-hacking software. Get to the green sphere before you're detected or before time runs out. Being detected starts a timer. Just press the abort button before the timer hits zero to avoid triggering any alarms.

The next room has two guards with their backs to you. We suggest completing the offered stealth tutorial at this time. It allows you to play out the next scenario without the worry of messing up.

Wait until the guards finish their conversation and separate. Knock them out one at a time and stash the bodies in a corner.

The next room also has two guards. Crouch under the scaffolding to the left. Wait until they're separated and looking away from each other, and then knock them both out. Save your tranq ammo for later.

There's a hackable gate next to the waypoint in the elevator. Hack into it and grab the ammo and consumables in the lockers and then head to the elevator.

The next room has another pair of guards who both have their backs to you. Take them out quietly. You don't even have to worry about hiding their bodies. No other guards patrol this area. Find the high vent in the next room. Take it to the next area.

Stay on the path you come to right out of the vent. There are two guards walking around up there. They are easy to take down one by one. Keep walking straight toward the waypoint. Don't bother checking out the first room to the right. The communications booster (secondary mission) isn't in there. Walk until you can't walk any farther. There's a gap between you and a walkway at the same level.

You can jump the gap and quietly take down the guard waiting over there, or jump down, cloak and climb a ladder. The jumping approach is easier. Just make sure you take the guard out quickly as he may hear you land.

The com booster is in the next door on the right. There are two more guards in there. Make sure they're out of sight from one another and take them out quietly. Deactivate the booster and crouch to the waypoint taking another guard out by the door. Hack the door by the waypoint to trigger the next cutscene.

The final part of the mission requires some speed and a lot of saved aug energy. The sandstorm everyone has been talking about finally hits at a bad time. You'll need to use Jensen's vision aug to see through it. It will automatically highlight any enemies in red.

Tranq them quickly with headshots. Taking them out with hand-to-hand combat will drain your energy, which you need for your vision aug. Make your tranq shots count. Take the enemies out at the bottom level first. They're gunning for Singh. If you take them out in time, you can stop them from killing him. Then rush to the chopper and remove the battery. You'll still complete the mission still even if Singh dies and the chopper gets away, so no pressure.

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