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Diablo 2: Resurrected build guides for each class

The best builds we could find for Amazon, Assassin, Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Paladin, and Sorceress

Diablo 2: Resurrected Amazon Mummy Battle art Image: Blizzard Entertainment

There are seven playable classes in Diablo 2: Resurrected, and offers flexible play styles. As you level up, you must choose skills. Depending on what talents you select, you can have completely different experiences with each class.

Polygon’s Diablo 2: Resurrected class build guide explores several of the most popular builds that veterans across the internet recommend for each class. We’ve also included one uncommon build for each character to switch things up.

Our Diablo 2 guide lets you explore your options for the Amazon, Assassin, Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Paladin, and Sorceress. We’ll briefly explain what each build offers and link to a more in-depth guide that fully explores how to set up, tune, and use each build.

Table of contents

Amazon builds

The Amazon in Diablo 2: Resurrected can either focus on their bow or their javelin. While seasoned players favor the javelin for its raw power and strength against single targets, the bow is also a viable build for players who prefer attacking multiple enemies at once.

Here are some popular Amazon builds.

Bow Amazon build

The Archer Amazon build, also known as the Bow Amazon build, focuses on this class’s strengths in multi-target damage. The two main skills that this build uses are Multiple Shot and Strafe. Both attacks magically split your arrows into multiple projectiles with each attack. This is a great Amazon build for mowing down waves of enemies at once. See for more detail.

You can see this build in action on Diablo’s official YouTube account.

Poison Javelin Amazon Build

The Poison Javelin Amazon build focuses on damage over time. This build uses both Poison Javelin and Plague Javelin, which apply poison to your enemies. Once infected, enemies receive a percentage of damage over time based on your level. If you like the idea of hit-and-run tactics in combat, try this build, and see for more detail.

Lightning Javalin Amazon build

The Lightning Amazon build is all about high damage output, mainly through the use of two different abilities. Charged Strike deals heavy lightning damage to single targets while Lightning Fury is the attack of choice for groups of enemies. Pick this build if you want straightforward and powerful Amazon, and read for more detail.

Passive Amazon build

If you aren’t sure which weapons or skills to master with this class, you can try the Passive Amazon build. This setup is gear agnostic and makes use of several abilities that support Amazons no matter how they choose to fight. Skills like Penetrate boost attack power while Avoid and Evade increase your chance of dodging attacks. You can also summon a Decoy to confuse your enemies while also calling upon a Valkyrie to fight for you. Learn more about this build on the Diablo wiki.

Assassin builds

Assassins in Diablo 2: Resurrected deal damage in a variety of ways. They can attack crowds of enemies with elemental finishing moves, or they can use traps that attack enemies for them. This class can also go toe-to-toe with larger enemies while boosting their attack strength.

Check out these popular Assassin builds.

Elemental Assassin build

The Elemental Assassin build or Phoenix Strike build makes use of the ability Phoenix Strike. This attack lets Assassins unleash waves of different elemental attacks while dealing melee damage. This build merges both single-target melee attacks with screen-filling area of effect (AOE) attacks. Choose this build if you want to cover the screen with damaging abilities. See for more detail.

Trap Assassin build

The Trap Assassin build is a powerful hands-off build that focuses on the trap skill tree. Each of the Assassin’s traps can be placed on the battlefield and when enemies come near, the traps will attack enemies for you. Traps like Death Sentry and Wake of Fire will passively deal elemental damage to nearby enemies without your input. This is a great build for players who like the idea of having contraptions that fight for them. If that’s you, see for details.

The official Diablo YouTube account has a breakdown of this build.

Dragon Talon Assassin build

The Dragon Talon Assassin build makes use of the fighter’s close-range abilities and is a powerful single-target killer. This build uses a range of finishing moves like Dragon Talon which deal heavy damage and boosts attack strength. Abilities like Venom also add damage over time to your weapons for even more power. This is a great build for going head-to-head with powerful enemies, and has the details.

Vampire Assassin

The Vampire Assassin build uses Cobra Strike to damage enemies and while stealing their lifeforce. Each hit of Cobra Strike generates charges that are eventually expended to grant the Assassin health and mana in return. Use this build to deal damage while also refilling your health at the same time. Check out the Diablo wiki to learn how to use this setup.

Barbarian builds

Barbarians in Diablo 2: Resurrected are powerful melee attackers. Some of their best builds make use of abilities that keep them in the heat of the battle. Their damage output and survivability make them one the most durable and powerful fighters in the game.

Here are some of the internet’s favorite Barbarian builds.

Berserker Barbarian build

The Berserker Barbarian build makes use of the Berserker skill, which greatly increases your attack but drastically lowers your defense at the same time. This build is offset by other skills that increase your health and defense, like Battle Orders and Shout. Choose the Berserker build if you want to rush down large enemies with a burst of strength, and see for the details.

Whirlwind Barbarian build

The Whirlwind Barbarian build turns your character into a pinwheel of death by focusing on the Whirlwind skill. Along with choosing a Weapon Mastery, which boosts the strength of your favorite weapon, this build can mow down waves of enemies like a deadly top. This is a good build for entering the fray while spinning and slashing through enemies. If that sounds interesting to you, read for more.

Frenzy Barbarian build

The Frenzy Barbarian build can tear down large enemies, thanks to the Frenzy ability which lets you swing two weapons. Frenzy also boosts your Barbarian’s speed with each successful hit, which makes this build deadlier the longer it stays in combat. Choose this build if you like the idea of becoming faster and deadlier the more you fight, and read to learn more.

The official Diablo YouTube account has a video about the Frenzy Barbarian.

Singer Barbarian build

Unlike other Barbarian setups that focus on the class being the main damage dealer, the Singer Barbarian build takes on more of a support role. Skills like War Cry will damage and stun enemies, leaving them vulnerable to your teammates. You can also support your partners by casting Battle Orders and Shout which buff health and defense respectively. Read the Diablo wiki for more details on this build.

Druid builds

Druids in Diablo 2: Resurrected use powerful magic to either summon powerful allies in battle, hurl elemental magic at enemies, or transform into destructive beasts. This class can be deadly at any range as long as you create the right build.

Here are some popular builds for the Druid.

Summoner Druid build

The Summoner Druid build relies on calling forth companions to help you in battle. The Druid can bring in a handful of different creatures to fight alongside them such as a Raven, Dire Wolf, Grizzly, and even deadly Carrion Vines. Pick this build if you want to rush into battle with a small army. See for build details.

Elemental Wind Druid build

The Elemental Wind Druid build lets this character tear through enemies with the power of the wind. Skills like Twister, Tornado, and Hurricane let you hurl deadly gusts of wind at your enemies from a distance. Create this build if you want to toss enemies around with bursts of magical wind. Read for the details.

If you want to see what the Elemental Wind Druid build looks like, here’s a video from the official Diablo YouTube account.

Fury Druid build

The Fury Druid build is a powerful melee build that lets you tear your enemies apart by turning into a werewolf. The shapeshifting ability Werewolf will transform you into a beast, and skills like Fury will let you attack multiple enemies at once or a single target several times. Choose this build if you want to rampage as a big bad wolf. See for more.

Elemental Fire Druid Build

The Elemental Fire Druid Build calls upon all of the flaming abilities in the Druid’s toolkit. While some of the talents in this setup require prerequisite skills from the Druid’s Wind abilities, the Elemental Fire Druid build can eventually stand on its own only using fire-based attacks like Firestorm, Molten Boulder, and Armageddon. You can learn more about this build on the Diablo wiki.

Necromancer builds

The Necromancer in Diablo 2: Resurrected can use dark magic to summon allies that will fight for them. If you’d rather do the fighting yourself, you can cripple enemies with poison or lock them down with deadly bone attacks.

Here are some popular Necromancer builds.

Poison Nova Necromancer build

The Poison Nova Necromancer build is a deadly build that infects enemies in multiple ways. Poison Dagger adds poison to your close-range attacks. Poison Explosion lets you create poisonous bombs from the corpses of dead enemies. Finally, Poison Nova threatens all enemies who surround you with a burst of poison. Choose this build if you want to cripple multiple attackers at once. See for more.

Summoner Necromancer build

The Summoner Necromancer build lets you create an undead army. Raise Skeleton summons boney companions to attack enemies, while Clay Golem lets you bring a tougher partner into battle. This is a great build for players who rather let their minions do their dirty work, and has the details.

The official Diablo YouTube account has a breakdown of the Summoner Necromancer build.

Bone Spear Necromancer build

The Bone Spear Necromancer build relies on locking down your enemies and piercing them with Bone Spear. Abilities like Bone Prison and Bone Wall stop your enemies, making them easier to attack. Create this build if you want to give your enemies no place to run. See for more detail.

Corpse Explosion Necromancer build

The Corpse Explosion Necromancer build is a great setup to use when playing with others. To use Corpse Explosion, you must cast the ability on an enemy that another player has defeated. The corpse of the fallen monster will explode, dealing a large portion of its life as damage to anything around it. Learn more about this build on the Diablo wiki.

Paladin builds

Paladins in Diablo 2: Resurrected have very easy to understand and powerful builds. They can survive hordes of enemies with strong and focused attacks and several defensive auras that help them stay alive.

Here are a handful of popular Paladin builds.

Hammer Paladin build

The Hammer Paladin build is a straightforward setup that takes advantage of the powerful Blessed Hammer skill that tears through enemies. It’s a devastating build, especially against undead enemies as the ability does increased damage to that enemy type. Pick this build if you want a barebones but strong toolkit. Read for the details.

Here’s a video detailing the build from the official Diablo YouTube account.

Smite Paladin build

The Smite Paladin build uses its shield as its greatest weapon. The Smite ability bashes enemies and stuns them at the same time. Skills like Fanatacism boosts damage while Holy Shield will make your shield even stronger. Choose this build if want to straddle the line between defense and offense. Check out to learn more.

Zeal Paladin build

The Zeal Paladin build uses Zeal to attack multiple enemies at once. While it’s still a melee-focused build, this setup lets Paladins tear through mobs of enemies. Damage boosting skills like Fanatacism and Sacrifice support the Zeal Paladin. Choose this build if you want a simple play style that is still effective in combat. Head over to for more.

Aura Paladin builds

Aura Paladins are a style of Paladin builds that use Offensive Auras for combat, as opposed to specific attacks. These skills passively deal damage. For instance, Holy Shock is an aura that periodically zaps enemies with lightning, while Holy Fire deals fire damage to opponents near you. You can create builds that rely just on those auras or stack multiple abilities together to passively destroy enemies with different elemental attacks. Read up on Aura Paladin builds on the Diablo Wiki.

Sorceress builds

The Sorceress in Diablo 2: Resurrected is a devastating long-range attacker who destroys enemies with elemental magic. Three popular builds for the class use either lightning, ice, or fire to defeat waves of enemies.

Here are some well-known Sorceress builds.

Chain Lightning Sorceress build

The Chain Lighting Sorceress build makes use of the character’s multiple lightning attacks to damage enemies from afar. The build’s main ability is Chain Lightning, which creates arcs of energy that travel between multiple targets. Other abilities like Lightning and Nova will also zap hordes with powerful magic. Make this build if you want to burst through enemies like a living lightning bolt, and check out for the details.

You can see what the Chain Lighting Sorceress build does through this video from the official Diablo YouTube account.

Frozen Orb Sorceress build

The Frozen Orb build cuts through enemies with devastating ice magic. The Frozen Orb skill shoots out a ball of ice that shoots ice bolts as it travels. You can also freeze your enemies by using Frost Nova and Glacial Spike while shooting Frost Bolts at them. Create this build if you want to immobilize and stab your enemies with icy magic, and read for more.

Fire Ball Sorceress build

The Fire Ball Sorceress build lets you engulf your enemies in flames. The build’s main offensive tool is Fire Ball which creates an orb of fire that explodes and damages enemies. You can also summon a flaming ball from the heavens with Meteor and Fire Bolt, which shoots fiery magic missiles at monsters. Pick this build if you want to scorch your enemies with fire magic, and head over to for more detail.

Melee Sorceress build

One of the most uncommon setups for this class is the Melee Sorceress build. Instead of attacking enemies with long-range attacks, you’ll use spells that increase the armor and physical attacks of this magic-user. This build uses cold spells like Frozen Armor and Shiver Armor to protect the caster, while abilities like Static Field and Thunder Storm passively deal damage. You’ll also Enchant your weapon with fire to deal damage directly. You can learn more about this odd build on the Diablo wiki.

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