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Find The Smith in the Barracks – Diablo 2: Resurrected

Complete “Tools of the Trade” quest

Diablo 2: Resurrected Lord Of Terror art Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo 2: Resurrected’s “Tools of the Trade” quest has you seeking out the The Smith in the Monastery Barracks. Diablo 2’s map in every area (though not the connections between Diablo 2 maps) is different during every play session, which makes finding pretty much anything difficult.

In this Diablo 2: Resurrected guide, we’ll tell you how to reach the Barracks in the Monastery to find the Horadic Malus as part of the “Tools of the Trade” quest.

The Smith > Barracks map location

You’ll find the Smith — and the Horadic Malus he holds — in the Barracks area of the Monastery.

Exit the Rogue Encampment and:

  1. Pass through the Blood Moor. You’ll must have completed the “Den of Evil” quest before you can progress.
  2. Pass through the Cold Plains, Stony Fields, Underground Passage, Dark Wood, Black Marsh, and Tamoe Highland on your way to the Monastery. Make sure to use the Waypoint in the Black Marsh.
  3. In the Monastery, pass through the Monastery Gate and Outer Cloister to reach the Barracks.

You’ll find The Smith there. Defeat him to claim the Horadic Malus to complete “Tools of the Trade.”

Every Act 1 area map and connection

Diablo 2: Resurrected act maps, world order, and connections guide Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin

Diablo 2 Act 1 world order map

Area Name Waypoint Quest NPCs or Unique Enemies Optional dungeon(s)
Area Name Waypoint Quest NPCs or Unique Enemies Optional dungeon(s)
Rogue Encampment Yes - Akara, Charsi, Gheed, Kashya, and Warriv -
Blood Moor No Den of Evil Flavie -
Cold Plains Yes Sisters' Burial Grounds - Caves
Burial Grounds No Sisters' Burial Grounds Blood Raven The Mausoleum, The Crypt
Stony Field Yes Search for Cain - -
Underground Passage No Search for Cain - Second floor
Dark Wood Yes Search for Cain Treehead Woodfist -
Black Marsh Yes Forgotten Tower - -
Tamoe Highland No Tools of the Trade - The Pit
Monastery Gate No Tools of the Trade - -
Outer Cloister Yes Tools of the Trade - -
Barracks No Tools of the Trade The Smith -
Jail Yes Sisters to the Slaughter -
Inner Cloister Yes Sisters to the Slaughter Bone Ash -
Cathedral No Sisters to the Slaughter -
Catecombs Yes Sisters to the Slaughter Andariel -

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