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Diablo 3 Necromancer guide: Corpse skills

Manipulating corpses

Blizzard Entertainment/Activision Blizzard
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When enemies die around the Necromancer, they drop corpses on the ground. You manipulate these corpses with your magic, transforming them into deadly weapons. These Corpse skills do not cost Essence, instead consuming the corpses of an area in Diablo 3: The Rise of the Necromancer.

Corpse Explosion

Blizzard Entertainment/Activision Blizzard

Target a small area on the ground. Any corpses in the area then explode, dealing massive damage to all enemies around the explosion.


  • Bloody Mess: The explosion covers a larger area.
  • Close Quarters: Explodes corpses close to you for additional damage. Does poison damage.
  • Shrapnel: Explosions now fire in a cone away from you. Does poison damage.
  • Dead Cold: All enemies hit by the explosion are frozen. Does cold damage.
  • Final Embrace: Corpses turn into spiders and drag themselves toward your enemies before they explode. Corpses now cost part of your health to use.

Corpse Lance

Blizzard Entertainment/Activision Blizzard

Gain the ability to target an enemy, causing nearby corpses to fire bone projectiles toward them.


  • Shredding Splinters: Targets hit are slowed and deal reduced damage. Does poison damage.
  • Brittle Touch: Enemies hit will become brittle. You are more likely to land a critical hit when striking a brittle enemy. Deals cold damage.
  • Ricochet: There is a small chance that an additional corpse lance will fire out of an enemy hit, striking an additional target. Does poison damage.
  • Visceral Impact: Targets hit are stunned.
  • Blood Lance: Blood Lance costs health to cast, but adds a second lance to every shot.


Blizzard Entertainment/Activision Blizzard

Eat all corpses around you, gaining a small amount of essence for every corpse devoured.


  • Satiated: Each corpse consumed increases your maximum amount of health for a small amount of time.
  • Ruthless: Consumes all of you minions as well, gaining a small amount of essence for each minion devoured.
  • Devouring Aura: Can no longer cast Devour. Devour will instead instantly consume all corpses within a small radius.
  • Voracious: Essence costs for all abilities are reduced for a short period of time for each corpse consumed.
  • Cannibalize: Each corpse also restores a small amount of health.


Blizzard Entertainment/Activision Blizzard

Select an area around you. Up to 10 of the corpses in this area will resurrect themselves, fighting by your side for about 20 seconds.


  • Personal Army: For each corpse that you Revive, you take less damage.
  • Horrific Return: Causes enemies to run in fear if you Revive a corpse close to them. Minions deal poison damage.
  • Purgatory: Minions become corpses again once they time-out.
  • Recklessness: Minions deal more damage but lass for a few seconds less. Minions deal cold damage.
  • Oblation: Damage increased significantly, but each Revive now costs a small amount of life.

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