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How to find Crushed Beast Bones in Diablo 4

Upgrade your potion to a Light Healing Potion

A Barbarian upgrades his potions at the Alchemist in Diablo 4 Image: Blizzard Entertainment via Polygon
Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

Early on in Diablo 4, the game will teach you how to upgrade your health potions, increasing their total healing to help keep you alive on your adventure. The fourth level of healing potion — the Light Healing Potion, unlocked at level 30 — will require a very difficult to find resource: Crushed Beast Bones.

In this Diablo 4 guide, we’ll tell you how you easily get all the Crushed Beast Bones you need and quickly level up your potion.

How to find Crushed Beast Bones in Diablo 4

A map in Scosglen in Diablo 4, where a pin is leading the player to a farming spot for Crushed Beast Bones Image: Blizzard Entertainment via Polygon

If you hover over the tooltip in the menu, you’ll see that Crushed Beast Bones typically come from “killing beasts and animals, as well as werecreatures.” But what the game doesn’t tell you is that there is also a boss that is A) easy to fight and B) drops five Crushed Beast Bones every time you kill it.

Note that you can’t upgrade your potion until you hit level 30. By the time you’ve hit that rank, you should’ve made your way to Scosglen and made headway in Act II of the story. In the Highland Wilds area of Scosglen, to the east, you’ll find a Waypoint called “Under the Fat Goose Inn.” Either teleport there or go discover it for yourself.

A Barbarian attacks an NPC named Gaspar Stillbian in Diablo 4 Image: Blizzard Entertainment via Polygon

Following our pin on the map above, head east into the Highland Wilds, being careful not to accidentally travel into The Shrouded Moors further north. (If you have the Whispering Pines dungeon unlocked on your map, you’re heading just west of there). You’re looking for an area of the map called “The Scar,” where the ground will turn black like a volcano. When you reach The Scar, push against the northern wall and walk/ride until you find actual volcanic rock and some lava. There you’ll discover Gaspar Stillbian, the boss we’re looking for.

Gaspar will be at least level 35, but scales with your level like the rest of the game. However, Gaspar doesn’t actually attack you back, even when you attack him. Still, the enemies in this area can be difficult to kill if you’re only level 30, so be careful (there’s a demonic shaman mini-event that spawns nearby and can be a huge pain).

Attack and kill Gaspar, who will drop five Crushed Beast Bones when he dies. This is perfect if you’re trying to upgrade your potion, but the best part is that Gaspar will drop five Crushed Beast Bones every time you kill him. (He does take a few minutes to respawn, so if he isn’t there when you arrive just be patient.)

How to farm Crushed Beast Bones

A Barbarian in Diablo 4 looks at his resource inventory at the Crushed Beast Bones tooltip Image: Blizzard Entertainment via Polygon

Going after Gaspar might sound like too much work for one crafting resource — and we’ll give you that it’s certainly the hardest we’ve had to work to upgrade a potion. But if you’re thinking of waiting to upgrade your potion until you naturally collect five Crushed Beast Bones: don’t. We spent many hours hoping to get Crushed Beast Bone drops naturally as we played through the campaign and ended up with only two by the time credits rolled.

However, you can go to a beast-heavy area (primarily in Scosglen and the Dry Steppes) and kill hordes of them to collect Crushed Beast Bones. This is a great way to kill two birds with one stone if you’re also farming Grim Favors for the Tree of Whispers in one of these areas. But you should keep this to a passive farm, something you’re only doing if you don’t actively need Crushed Beast Bones for something right now. The drop rate is very low from beasts, and killing Gaspar is the only guaranteed drop we’ve seen so far.

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