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Where to find all the Purveyors of Curiosity in Diablo 4

Here’s where you can spend your Murmuring Obols

A Barbarian talks to a Purveyor of Curiosity in a Diablo 4 tavern Image: Blizzard Entertainment via Polygon
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Diablo 4 has done away with the gambling currency of Diablo 3 — Blood Shards — and replaced it with a different currency that you can get from the new World Events: Murmuring Obols. The ability to gamble for gear is a crucial part of gearing up in the late game, so you’ll want to collect Murmuring Obols whenever you can. But you can only spend them with one vendor: the creepy Purveyors of Curiosity.

In this Diablo 4 guide, we’ll show you where to find all of the Purveyors of Curiosity in Sanctuary.

Our interactive map can give you a bird’s-eye view of the locations for all eight Purveyors of Curiosities in Sanctuary, allowing you to quickly scan the continent and find where you need to go.

Note: In season 2, Blizzard moved each Purveyor of Curiosities to more convenient locations. Instead of being in dark alleys or other thematically appropriate areas for shady vendors, they’re now operating out in the open near other locations. We’ve included a description for each Purveyor of Curiosity’s new location.

Who are the Purveyors of Curiosity

Purveyors of Curiosity are vendors who trade Murmuring Obols for loot. You can find them in a variety of cities in Diablo 4.

Fractured Peaks — Purveyor of Curiosities

There are two Purveyor’s of Curiosity in the Fractured Peaks. You’ll find the first in the region’s capital, Kyovashad. The second is in the town of Yelesna, which is in the southeast part of Fractured Peaks.

The Kyovashad Purveyor — Lizveth — is sitting in a nook in the tavern north of the Waypoint.

The Yelesna Purveyor — Rodyar — is in the tavern on the east side of town, near the Stash.

Scosglen — Purveyor of Curiosities

There is only one Purveyor of Curiosities in Scosglen. You can find them in Cerrigar, the region’s capital.

The Cerrigar Purveyor — Fideg — is south of the town Waypoint, sitting against a tent.

Dry Steppes — Purveyor of Curiosities

There are two different Purveyors of Curiosities in the Dry Steppes region. The first is in Ked Bardu, the capital of Dry Steppes. The second is in Jirandai, which is in the southern part of the region.

The Ked Bardu Purveyors — Elbek — is east of the Waypoint, near the Jeweler.

The Jirandai Purveyor — Aldai — is still pretty far from the Waypoint, and is located south of the Jeweler.

Kehjistan — Purveyor of Curiosities

There is only one Purveyor of Curiosity in the Kehjistan region, and you can find them in Gae Kul, the capital.

The Gae Kul Purveyor — Ostaf — is next to the Waypoint on a docked ship.

Hawezar — Purveyor of Curiosities

There are two Purveyors of Curiosity in Hawezar, the jungle region. The first is in Zarbinzet, the capital city of Hawezar. The second Purveyor is in Backwater, the coastal city to the east.

The Zarbinzet Purveyor — Evenja — is located in the same inn as the Wardrobe and the Stash, west of the Waypoint.

The Backwater Purveyor — Seni — is on the dock east of the Waypoint, near the Stash.

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