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Dishonored 2 collectibles level 1: A Long Day in Dunwall

There are four types of collectibles in Dishonored 2runes, bone charms, paintings and blueprints — but only one type is hiding in the first level. There's more to find in the weird space between the first and second levels, and we've included those here, too.

Table of contents

A Long Day in Dunwall

Painting: Curtis, Morgan and the Postulate Child

After you escape the Tower during the game's early scenes, you'll find yourself in a hallway that takes a left turn. Immediately after the turn, you'll see these fine gentlemen staring at you from your right.

Painting: The Obtuse Arguments of Lady Boyle

When you make it down to street level and clear (or get clear of) the four guards patrolling there, look for a large red door on your left at the bottom of the very first set of stairs.

Get inside, take out the guard and find the second painting on the back wall. Conveniently, the combination to the safe in the room is written on the frame behind the painting because even the people of Dunwall have trouble remembering their passwords.

The void world

There is a brief — but important — interstitial level between the first and second proper levels where you'll find a few more collectibles. They're kind of the point of the scene, so they're really hard to miss.

Here you'll pick up the heart and your first two runes, which you use to upgrade your abilities.

The ship

Bonecharms: Duelist's Luck and Void Favor

When you wake up from your trip, grab the two bonecharms in your room, Duelist's Luck and Void Favor.


Before you talk to the dread pirate Meagan, use the heart to find another rune in the water — just make sure you have some health to survive the bitey fish you'll encounter.


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