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Dishonored 2 collectibles level 9: Death to the Empress

The final mission of the game has several distinct sections, each with their own set of collectibles. If your heart shows you a collectible before you pass through a loading screen-triggering door, you have to get it before continuing to the next area — it won't show up on the other side. We learned this the hard way.

Table of contents

Dishonored 2 guide

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  • Death to the Empress

    The Dreadful Wale

  • Blueprint 1: Dual-layered Galvani Weave
  • Bonecharm 1 and Bonecharm 2
  • Dunwall Streets

  • Rune 1
  • Rune 2 and Rune 3
  • Bonecharm 3
  • Blueprint 2: Counter-blast Inversion
  • Tower Front Yard

  • Bonecharm 4
  • Rune 4
  • Painting 1: Luca, His Eyes Upon Me
  • Bonecharm 5
  • Tower Interior

  • Bonecharm 6 and Bonecharm 7
  • Rune 5
  • Bonecharm 8
  • Bonecharm 9
  • The Dreadful Wale

    The first few collectibles have to be grabbed before you even leave the ship to start the mission.

    Blueprint 1: Dual-layered Galvani Weave

    Head into the workshop behind Anton and pick up the Dual-layered Galvani Weave blueprint.

    Bonecharm 1 and Bonecharm 2

    Head topside and pickpocket the dread pirate Meagan's room key. Follow the heart to her quarters and pick up the two bonecharms inside. Now you're ready to head to shore.

    Dunwall Streets

    Rune 1

    The black market is located inside one of the first buildings on your right as you start exploring the streets of Dunwall (again). The sign for it is easy to miss, so follow your heart if you've having trouble. The first rune can be purchased or stolen from the black market shop like you've done before. This is also your last chance to cash in on those blueprints you've been picking up all along.

    Rune 2 and Rune 3

    As you make your way farther into Dunwall, watch for a break in the carriage track above you. When you see it, look for a collapsed building to your left. Climb up through it, taking care of the witch along the way, then cross to the other side of the street from the top. Enter the apartment on your right. Take out the two thugs inside, then use the fake barometer on the wall to access to the hidden room. Inside, you'll find two runes on your final Outsider Shrine.

    Bonecharm 3

    This one is easy to miss because it's a long way away from the main path. Head back outside to the balcony of the Outsider Shrine apartment and turn right. Follow the pipes along until you can turn right and onto the rooftops. Keep climbing, then climb some more. All the way at the top, you'll find a makeshift apartment. There is a black bonecharm near a mattress on some pipes above your head.

    Blueprint 2: Counter-blast Inversion

    As you backtrack toward the main path, you may recognize where you are — this is the way you fled the tower in the first mission. When you get back to ground level, instead of turning right toward the tower, turn left. Head back to Galvani's apartment where you stole your first painting — it'll be on your left, but those bright red doors have faded a little in the intervening months. You'll find the Counter-blast Inversion blueprint on the table near the safe.

    Tower Front Yard

    Bonecharm 4

    Past the City Guard Checkpoint, as you walk up the path toward the tower, you'll hear some witches reciting a creepy rhyme. Climb up to the window on your right to get into the greenhouse (or Green House, apparently). Handle the witches as you see fit, then grab the bonecharm from a basket in the left corner.

    Rune 4

    Turn right at the big bonfire and follow the heart toward another rune. Turn left at the base of the wooden ramps and go through the door to find a couple witches working on Delilah's secret arts and crafts project.

    Make your way to the right-hand wall. There's an alcove where you can drop below the walkway near a noticeable grayish pipe. Crawl along under the walkway to pick up your next rune.

    Painting 1: Luca, His Eyes Upon Me

    Back at the bonfire, head down the stairs and toward the building standing on its own of to your left. Deal with the witches and gravehounds you encounter. Halfway across the bridge, turn to your right. Hop down and make your way over to pick up the game's final painting. If you've been following along with this guide, this should earn you the Art Collector achievement.

    Bonecharm 5

    Take the stairs on your left up to the side of the building. Hop over the railing and follow the pipes along to the back. Handle the witches, then collect the bonecharm from the box on your left.

    Tower Interior

    Bonecharm 6 and Bonecharm 7

    Shortly after making your way into the tower proper, you'll see two bonecharms — one corrupt, the other normal — on the High Overseer's body. These are a trap — you'll get jumped by a bunch of witches and gravehounds if you just walk up to him — so use caution.

    Rune 5

    The next rune is in the Security Room — where you need to go anyway to reactivate the elevator. The entrance is in the back right corner of the tower. The rune is on the pipes above your head on the left side of the room.

    Bonecharm 8

    Near the center of the tower, you'll find some stairs. Make your way up on the left side and take the hallway on the left. Handle the two gravehounds and the witch you find there. Take another left and make your way to the back of the hall. Go into the room on the — you guessed it — left to find another witch and another bonecharm.

    Bonecharm 9

    On the other side of the stairwell, you'll find a room that's blocked off. To the left of the door, in the hallway toward the stairs, you can climb up onto a ledge. Head to the right and drop into the room. Pick up the bonecharm from the counter.


  • Full Dishonored 2 collectibles guide table of contents
  • Previous: The Grand Palace
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