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Disney Plus’ Toy Story 4 prequel explores what happened to Bo Peep

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Bo Peep has seen some shit, man

After 20 years, Bo Peep returned to the Toy Story franchise in last summer’s Toy Story 4. Early on in the Oscar-nominated Pixar movie, Bo meets up with Woody and the gang after living a life as a vagabond who’s in charge of her own destiny. But what happened since the last time we saw her?

A brief prologue scene in the movie revealed that Andy’s sister Bonnie had donated Bo and her lamp to charity, but surely the time between that fateful rainy night and her reunion with Woody must’ve been fraught with adventure.

Never fear, Bo Peep stans (Bo Peeps? Bo Peepers? Bo People? Bo Flock?) — a new Pixar short will fill in the gaps between Bo Peep’s appearances.

The trailer for said short reveals a song of fire and ice. Like, literally, she gets caught on fire and snow blows in from a window. Looks like the life of a lamp is more exciting than we give it credit for.

The short, entitled Lamp Life, comes out on Disney Plus on Jan. 31.