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Disney Plus’ take on Black Beauty is the ultimate horse girl movie

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Featuring the voice of Kate Winslet as Black Beauty

Horse girls — this one’s for you.

The Disney Plus adaptation of Black Beauty has little to do with Anna Sewell’s 1877 novel of the same name. Sewell’s book followed one singular horse throughout his life, giving an unflinching look at the cruel conditions that horses endured during the time period.

This movie adaptation, however, takes place in the modern day, following teenage Jo Green (Mackenzie Foy) who moves to her uncle’s ranch out west after an unspecified separation from her family. It’s there where she encounters a wild, untamable horse (now a female horse voiced by Kate Winslet) with no name. They form a deep bond, as is the way of horse girl movies, and she dubs the mare “Black Beauty.” But when the horse is sold, Jo is determined to reunite with Beauty no matter what. Beauty, meanwhile, changes different hands and owners, her bond with Jo keeping her steady throughout.

Black Beauty premieres on Disney Plus on Nov. 27.