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Moana and Tiana get their own musical Disney Plus shows

Along with a Baymax show and a Zootopia one

Walt Disney Studios

Disney Princesses Tiana and Moana — of Princes and the Frog and Moana fame — will be getting their own Disney Plus original series premiering in the next few years. Both will be longform musical comedies.

Tiana's show will focus on her stepping into the role of a princess of a new country, as well as explore more of the richly animated New Orleans seen in The Princess and the Frog. Meanwhile, the Moana show will dive into the mythology of the Pacific Islands. Tiana is set to hit Disney Plus in 2022, with Moana on the way in 2023.

These shows are not the only series based on Disney animated movies to get shows. A Baymax show based on the Big Hero 6 character is also set to debut in 2022, as well as an anthology featuring the animals of Zootopia called Zootopia Plus (...get it... like Disney Plus?)

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