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Hear WandaVision’s retro TV theme song, written by the duo behind Frozen

Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez deliver Marvel’s first earworms

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Marvel’s first Disney Plus TV series, WandaVision, is set to shake-up the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a reality-bending escapade that draws from Scarlet Witch and The Vision’s own comic history. But in a meta-wink, creator Jac Schaeffer has threaded the saga through the history of television itself.

A new TV spot for the series hints at how, with a mild-mannered Wanda Maximoff watching daytime TV one second, and zapping back in time in the next. The series appears to parody everything from Dick van Dyke, Bewitched, and Step By Step. And true to the spirit of those retro shows, the in-world universes will have their own theme songs. The spot reveals an original theme song written by Frozen’s Oscar-winning songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, who penned several new tunes for WandaVision.

WandaVision is such a cool, strange, one-of-a-kind project,” says Lopez in a news release. “When the director, Matt Shakman — an old friend from my college days — pitched it to us, we didn’t have to think about it. We loved the bright feeling of American sitcoms mixed with the deep sense of unease the story had, and it was a really inviting challenge to help set that tone.”

“I grew up in the ’80s watching shows from every decade on the networks all day long,” Anderson-Lopez added. “Episodes from I Love Lucy, Brady Bunch and Family Ties shaped who I am and how I move through the world. So this project was a dream come true.”

Watch (and listen to) the new spot above. WandaVision premieres on Disney Plus on Jan. 15.

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